Written by horny as hell

3 May 2013

The last 3 some with my wife and her new lover Joe went well, I was his first male fuck and he had enjoyed himself, so now after a few more weeks or him meeting my wife on his own we arranged another meet, I knew he ok with oral and anal and seeing her fist me, so not bad for his first bi meet, so I thought why not invite another mate over too

Joe is really well hung and Sue’s has got used to his size pleasing him each time they meet, when she comes home his cum is still wedged deep in her holes, and takes me some time to eat her out before she shots it out into my mouth, so it would be even better if we could give her a mmmf and some deep cum loads too,

Any way Saturday night Joe arrives and we got naked and started working on his manhood, I said nothing about another a another guy joining us, as we both played with Sues body, as he eased his big cock deep in her pussy I went under her licking her clit, always a good way to make her cum hard, seeing his cock, going so deep was great, her juices helping him ease in, before long he was slamming his cock home, still a few inch’s to go, but Sue was going ape, orgasm after orgasm, my face awash with juices, then the door bell rang, I went and Ron came in, I used the excuse he was just going by, any way cock in hand I went back under Sue while Ron got his cock sucked, then I said lets try some thing different, and laid under Sue, my cock in her pussy, Joe looked, I smiled and opened her arse for him, his cock was duly lubed and aimed at her butt, Ron watched in wonder as she took him in, his cock just about right in her mouth now as she fought to take us all, the feeling of his cock so tight in her was great, as we both picked up speed, my hands feeling behind her to see how much she had taken, not all yet but he was working her hard, slamming against her arse with a lot of force, but with my cock in her pussy things were very tight, I pushed in deep forcing Sue higher, Joe gave a sigh as his cock went right in Sue jumped but soon eased back onto us both, Ron’s cock now 3 inch’s shorter as she just about bit the end of, we fucked her hard my balls wanting to empty in her, but I wanted to wait, Joes face changed his cock swelled more and he gave out aloud yell as he cum deep in her butt, I waited then turned her over, slipping my cock in with his hot cum splashing out and fucked her hard, she probably didn’t feel my cock, but soon I topped her up with my seeds, Ron also took over filling her with his cum to within minutes, 3 loads of cum in one go mmmmmmmmm, as I slipped under her to lick the cum clean, Ron and Sue sucking my cock as I did,.

I introduced Ron to Joe and we chatted for awhile, Sue taking turns sucking our cocks for us, then I told Joe it was my turn once more, kneeling on the bed, he soon took my butt for himself, fucking me now with a eagerness that showed he wanted more, Ron gave Sue a fucking as we all played and then I told Ron to lay down, he did and I slipped his cock in my butt, Joe stood back but I told him to dp me, the look was precious, as his cock went in with Ron’s oh boy was it so tight, Joe did most of the fucking as Ron lay still Sue now sitting over his face giving him some thing to do, we changed around a few times, Joe still keen to fuck my arse, sharing me with Ron’s cock, more than once, then Ron gave a groan as his cum shot deep in me, Joe still pounding me seemed to enjoy this, but then it happened again, his cock grew his speed changed and my butt was flooded oh boy was it flooded, Sue held her hand under me seeing it fill with juices, before licking it clean then feeding me some too, then Joe went down licking my arse mmmmmm cleaning up the remainder of his and Ron’s cum, oh boy did I cum then.

We carried on for some time fucking Sue now making sure we filled her with more cum in each and ever hole she wanted us to cum in, not that they was much cum left,

Ron and I dp’d her arse, then Joe fucked it, I said I should try dp’ing her with Joe but the look of panic on Sue’s face told me she wasn’t quite ready for that much cock in one go

It was a good night Joe thanked us once more for a great night and for the mmmf saying he now looked forward to many more, kissing Sue and saying see you Wednesday night at the Hotel, and winked, what did he have in mind I thought.