Written by squirtzlive

11 Oct 2010

A certain couple seeking mischief found it at a favourite dogging destination on a recent moonlit evening. ‘Twas a cast of thousands. At least that’s the way it felt to this dogging gal. Talk about being poked and prodded in all directions. Not that I’m complaining.

Present were two couples, several male participants and one or two eager onlookers. A rug, thoughtfully spread out on the grass, was taken as an invitation by us girls to become acquainted. Cocks in hand, the crowd gathered ‘round to take in the unfolding scene.

No sooner had I slipped the tongue into the honeyed snatch, was I feeling an anonymous finger slide into me. Followed by more fingers, one, two, three….pleasure causing me to lose count or care. More hands upon me, digits inside me, warm mouths tugging on my nipples….looking up to locate my partner, I was unable to see past a cock that was in my face. Taking the hint, I drew the member into my lips and began to suck, its owner groaning with delight. Another hovered above me, twitching for similar attention. I reached for it and slipped my hand up and down the shaft.

A bottle of olive oil was shared around, lubricating the idea of four, five fingers, and even whole hands to be introduced to the girls’ glistening gashes. Cocks were generously proffered for oral investigation on a continuous and often simultaneous basis.

Writhing around in olive oil smeared abandon, girl found girl, boys found girl, and boy found boy action in a way that, upon reflection, I think covered all de bases. Guess you just had to be there.