Written by 2into2

26 Feb 2011

There she is, so serious, yet so beautiful, womanly.

Those lips, ohhh those lips, so busy speaking to colleagues but so kissable.

I allow myself a moment of intense imagining of our lips meeting - that electric thrill of warm tingles and sexual connection.

Oh she is walking down towards the me. As she crosses the meeting room I can see her legs, great sexy legs and the WAY she walks! So fluid and graceful with an extra little sway of her pelvis.

I feel that unmistakable mini surge travel through my whole body as my crazy imagination takes an x-ray snapshot of her body underneath her sober business clothes ... breasts, nipples, tummy, delicious bum and those long legs mmmmm.

She laughs and unconsciously flips her hair. I am totally fixated now. The flood gates of desire and raw lust are opening. Is it possible? Can we? Again? Should we have ever?

How long been?

A week….. a month……. a year?

The memory so fresh in my mind it feels like last night.

The moment, that one moment, her eyes have locked with mine, after a slight flick away, the connection is made, the flush of recognition, of remembrance shows on her face.

I watch the familiar flush of her skin, her chest red with sudden desire. Her cheeks burning red……..

Can anyone else in the room see the connection; feel the heat travelling across the room.

My hand slides up my leg as I feel the familiar twinge of desire start in my loins. Her eyes move down my body as I stand to cross the room to her.

As we get closer my mind races, oh that night, one night, it is all it took to make me want more of her. The smell of her skin, the look in her eyes, the feel of her touch, her mouth……….. is she thinking the same as me……… does she too lay awake at night next to another remembering the uninhibited passion and lust we shared.

Suddenly the velvety hot wet embrace of her sweet pussy around my bursting cock leaps into my mind - just for a thrilling second - sense memory - so powerful. I know with all my being that I WANT to go there again, but this time it will be even wilder and more carnal than that first time.

As we move to the board table I choose a seat directly opposite her. God that hair over her shoulders looks so good, so sexy. For another naughty moment I let my mind imagine my fingers running through her hair, kissing it, even wrapping it around my hard cock in a moment of intense passion. Only for a moment can I let that imagination rule.

A fleeting but overwhelming moment.

The meeting begins and I hear her womanly, sensual voice talking project details like the professional she is. So clever! I stretch out my legs without thinking and suddenly our feet, or shoes really, touch.

I look up and our eyes meet for a beat. A beat that is enough to convey a million messages of desire and deep aching want.

Is it possible nobody else notices? Or is it all so subtle we are in the clear.

I move my eyes off her long enough to survey the table of colleagues and long enough for her to slide her foot up my leg... oh god!

God how I love those heels, I remember watching her leave the hotel room in those same heels, the ones travelling up my inner thigh right now; are the same ones I felt dog into my thighs as her legs wrapped around me, with her body hard against the wall at the entrance to the hotel room, barley closing the door behind us; that night not so long ago……………… when we burst into that room, both filled with lustful need and want for each other?

How I want her now as I wanted her then, I am watching her breathing, I see her chest rise and fall, I watch it quicken as my hand reaches for her foot……. I remove her shoe……… my fingers feeling her feet, her body trembles I can feel and see it…….. OH my God can any one else? I don’t’ care………….

She looks at her watch…… I know there are other people in the room, I hear my name, I hear it again, and I shake my head………… “ummmm………ooo…….yeah pardon?”

“Are you coming for a break!” I hear my boss ask, “Umm, no I need to go to my office and ask a few calls”.

I look in her direction she is gone, I feel for her shoe, her foot, she is gone. .. .. .. .. ..

As I walk into my office and close the door behind me, still dazed from my desire, and stupidness for letting my mind wonder in that meeting………..

I feel her hand on my arm, I smell her, and I hear her, now she says, “please now………”

I turn and she is so close, her face now diffused with such patent desire and yes overt lust. It instantly jolts through me like a high voltage feed.

Our lips meet without another word but no soft kissing. No, this is full on mad passion as my hands urgently explores her body, her face, her hair, her legs, squeeze and massage her lovely breasts through her top, familiarising myself with all of her.

Our breathing is fierce and almost panting. How does she have this effect on me?

Ohhh those delicious lips as our tongues dance and slide and grip.

My hands have a will of their own. I feel my fingers lift her skirt and slide along her inner thighs as she opens her legs as much as she can with that tight skirt.

God I want her with such lust and urgency. I know this is so dangerous here in my office but who cares? Suddenly, one of my fingers finds the swell, the heat, the sheer womanly centre of her hot pussy lips and yes even some wetness through the fabric. My god!!!! I press and tease and the transformation in both of us is amazing. My cock in a second is raging in my pants bursting to get out. Now lust is in charge nothing outside this office matters right now.

Her neck, my mouth ravishes it, I taste her, her hands unbutton my shirt with urgency, they slid to my zip, she pauses, looks me in the eye…. I stop……… oh those eyes…… I want to fill her so badly……….. does she want to stop? ……..no…….. the look is telling me to take her now……… she slowly unzips me………… I lift her skirt, so tight, to her waist……. I can smell her sex, I can feel how wet she is as I move my fingers along the soft folds of her pussy.

Her lips at my ear, her breath hot, her words sensual and inviting, ‘take me now’, I have ached to feel you’ ... with that I slide my hard throbbing cock inside her. Our bodies relax; they meld together, with heat and passion. Our mouths lock as I hold her hard against the door, driving deeper and deeper……… like there is no end…………end, I don’t want this to end, but I can feel her tight pussy gripping me, feeling it pulsating, ‘cum with me’ she whispers through panting breaths........ Those words tip me over the edge, I can’t hold back.

I feel her cum, the wetness smothering my cock with juice, as I explode inside her………… My cock, pulsating every last muscle is alive inside her…………

Her lips press to mine, still holding her we know this has to stop here now……… but we both ache for more, so much more……………