Written by willingtopleazeu

31 Jan 2011

As you opened the door your beautiful smile welcomed me and your beautiful firm body caught my eye, as you led me inside your bathrobe parted ever so slightly as I caught a glimpse of your clean shaven tight pussy, you caught me gazing and smiled as you shut the door behind me. As you walked past me I could smell your sweet perfume which aroused my curiosity even more, your eyes cheekily saw my cock begin to bulge and asked if I wanted a drink or something, as you walked away I grabbed you from behind and pulled you against my chest, I kissed the back of your neck gently and whispered, I am thirsty, and would love to taste what you have to offer. As I kissed the back of your neck your nipples became hard instantly and your hips began to push against my now throbbing cock. I gently kiss your ears and neck while slowly undoing your bathrobe, your breathing gets heavier as I open your robe and glide my hand over your breasts, I begin to pinch and pull your nipples gently. I slowly pull your robe down over your shoulders, kissing them as I slowly reveal them, your breathing has got heavier and I know you are enjoying it. Your robe now falls to the floor revealing the most perfect little ass I have ever seen, I slowly bend you forward as to get a better look at gods gift to mankind, your ass is so tight and round and I just have to taste it. I kiss my way all down your back till I get to that sweet ass and begin to slide my tongue down your tailbone slowly between those perfect ass cheeks until I get to your sweet spot. Your ass smells so sweet and I slide my tongue gently around your ass, teasing it blowing on it gently, you body quivers and I lick that sweet ass for the first time. Ooooohhhh you moan as my tongue dances in and around your tight ass, your hips push hard against my face, that’s it eat that ass you moan, my tongue slips inside your ass as u squirm, mmmmm yes babe like that you say. You pull your ass cheeks apart for me so my tongue can go deeper, your ass juice begins to run down between your pussy lips, which are now glistening and wet. I slide one finger down between your wet pussy lips as your moaning gets louder. Your pussy is so wet by now, my finger glides over your throbbing clit which makes your body quiver. thats it babe, eat that pussy and ass for me you moan. I slide my tongue down from your ass to your tight wet pink pussy, and slip my tongue deep inside your hungry pussy. Your moaning turns to groaning and your hips begin to grind against my face, forcing my tongue deeper and deeper with every hip thrust. By now your rubbing your tits and tweaking your nipples, I slip one finger back into that now dripping wet pussy which drives you nuts. My finger goes deep inside you, and you moan im gonna cumm, don’t stop. My pace quickens as I begin to finger fuck your tight wet cunt, your groans turn to screams as you shout oooohhhh fffuuucccccckkkkkk im cuuummmmmiiinnnggg, as your whole body begins to shake I thrust another finger deep inside your tight ass, and begin to nibble on your now swollen clit, which drives you nuts as you pussy juices begin to gush all over my fingers and face. Ooooohhhhhhh ssshhhiiiiittttt u scream, as I lick every drop of your cunt juice. I turn you over and kiss your beautiful mouth, you can taste your excitement in my mouth, as I can see your hungry eyes wanting more. You pull me to my feet and begin to undo my pants. You can see my swollen cock is dying to get out, and you are ready to get acquainted with it. As you pull my pants down you reveal the throbbing , glistening wet head of my cock, and you lick it gently. Ooohhh ffuucckk it feels good I say as you begin to take every inch of my cock deep inside your hot mouth. You lips kissing and licking my swollen cock feels so fucken good. Your wet mouth begins to engulf my cock, gagging as you try to take it all, your eyes watering as you pull my hips harder and faster into you face, your mouth feels so good wrapped my cock I tell you, I put my hands around your head and begin to face fuck you cause it feels so fucken good. By now my throbbing wet cock is getting ready to explode, your hands wanking my cock as you lick and suck every inch of it. Ooohhh I moan im gonna cum soon I say as you go deeper and faster onto my cock. You look up at me and say I want you to cum deep inside my mouth, and with one last gulp of my throbbing cock, I begin to unload a fresh batch of sticky white cock juice deep into your mouth, moaning as you wank and suck every last drop I have to offer, it feels so fucken amazing your hot mouth covered with my hot sticky cumm, I pull you to you feet and kiss you, I can taste my cum still in your mouth as your tongue dances with mine. You lead me up the stairs to the bedroom, watching that perfect ass sway as you take every step gets my blood flowing back to my cock again, and I push you forward onto your knees, and tell you, im gonna fuck you right here. As you lean forward revealing that perfect tight pussy and ass again, I have to taste it again and begin to lick and slip my tongue deep into both holes again, your moans are music to my ears and you grind your pussy onto my face again. Your pussy tastes better the second time, and I lick and suck your ass aswell. My throbbing rock hard cock wants to play so I position myself doggystyle and begin to tease your dripping wet cunt. Sliding the head of my cock up and down those glistening wet cunt lips, parting them slightly as my head passes between them. Your moans get louder and I ease my cock gently inside you for the first time. Your pussy is so tight as my cock slips gently inside you, you moan ooooohhhhh that’s good, as u feel it enter you. I slowly begin to dip my rock hard cock deeper and deeper inside your dripping wet cunt, your moans get louder and louder with every thrust. My cock is now balls deep inside your hot wet cunt as you begin to fuck me, thrusting your cunt harder and deeper with every movement. Your screaming yes yes that’s it fuck that tight pink cunt for mr, right there yes. By cock diving deeper and deeper inside you, youir cunt feels fucken good wrapped around my throbbing wet cock. Your ass slapping hard against my hips, as by ball bags slap against your throbbing wet clit. I begin to squees and tease your nipples with one hand while im pinching and rubbing your clit with the other. Yes that’s it babe just like that, you moan fuck that cunt for me, make it cum again for me. I begin to quicken my pace, pile driving my cock as deep and as hard as I can inside you until your pussy engulfs every inch of my manhood deep inside you. Oohhh fuucckk im gonna cumm again you scream, which gets my juices flowing again too, yeah me too babe, I moan. As you grind your cunt and ass onto my cock again, I feel your knees begin to shake, and know your gonna explode all over my cock, you let out one last scream, immm cummminnnnggg, yeessss and I thrust my cock deep inside your gushing wet cunt again and again, as your body shakes and your groans get louder, I slip one finger deep inside your ass which makes you scream again, aaaarrrrrggggghhhh ffffuuuucccckkkk, my throbbing wet cock is ready to explode itself, as I yell im gonna cumm too, ready babe where do you want this load of hot cumm, your moaning still and scream inside me, fill that cunt with your hot cum babe, fill it up for me. With one last pump my swollen throbbing cock lets loose one more load of gooey hot cumm deep inside your exhausted swollen pussy, my cock juice gushing deep inside you as I moan oooohhhh fuck yes babe, my cum begins to run down your leg, dripping from your satisfied wet cunt. You fall onto the stairs exhausted, as I lay next to you, looking into those now satisfied beautiful eyes, I say thank you and kiss your beautiful mouth once more