Written by grrrum

30 Dec 2014

While I have been a member of this site since separating from my partner I have never actually met up with anyone from online until about6 months ago. I was feeling very horny recently and it had been a loooong time since I had been with anyone so I thought why not have a look around online - soon enough I was chatting with Maria (not real name) and we seemed to be getting along really well and so we decided to meet up for a drink about 30mins north of where I was based. We exchanged contact details and decided on a day to meet. I was as nervous as anything not having met any one from online before and having heard many stories about people meeting others online. Maria was exactly as she had described herself and dressed casually but very smart in a blouse and skirt with her black hair dropping sexily over one eye and down the side of her face. She was of asian background and seemed to be confident dressed in high heels and black patterned stockings. Maria had a slim to medium sexy body with breasts that just peeked out from the top of her blouse. I was able to recognise her immediately as I walked into the gaming lounge adjacent the bar. I am sure she could tell I was nervous but I approached her and introduced myself and then bought drinks for each of us. We chatted for a while and we really seemed to click having a few laughs and sharing a few things in common. We sat to one side in the corner and at times I felt Maria brush her legs against mine.

We continued to chat and laugh for a while and I thought things were going really well. Maria excused herself for a few minutes and then came back after about 10mins carrying a couple of drinks. When she sat back down she sat beside me on the bench seat near the wall and placed her hand on my thigh. In a soft voice she then told me that her boyfriend was sitting across from us and then asked if I felt comfortable in a threesome. I was already feeling very very hard from when Maria placed her hand on my thigh and I am sure my cock had grown another inch when I realised that we had been being watched and that someone's girlfriend was sitting next to me with her hand on my thigh. I blushed and was feeling very nervous again and she reassured me it would be a lot of fun and then gave me a kiss on the side of the face. She said that her boyfriend didn't think she would go through with it but that this was making her very hot and horny. She then grabbed my hand and placed it under her skirt on her wet pussy. I just about cum immediately realising that she was not wearing anything under her skirt. My fingers felt a very hot wet pussy that was silky smooth except for a little tuft of hair at the top. I looked towards the boyfriend and he winked and raised his glass - the nod of approval that I think I was needing. Maria then grabbed my cock through my jeans and then let out a soft moan as I continued to lightly brush my fingers across her clit. This was really turning out a little differently to how I had envisaged things. We continued to gently tease each other and chat for a little while before Maria waved for her boyfriend to come over. As he came over he said to stay seated as we shook hands and introduced each other. Matt (not real name) was much taller then me and well built. He asked what I was drinking and then said he would grab another round of drinks for each of us. I was soon to learn that when Maria had excused herself earlier she had met her boyfriend at the bathroom to see if it was ok to go ahead (I am glad they did because it was a night to remember).

When Matt arrived with the drinks he positioned himself on the other side of Maria and we chatted for a while as we teased each other under the table. It wasn't long before Maria grabbed both cocks through our jeans and gave a good hard squeeze while saying that its about time she got to go home and play with a couple of hard cocks. We finished our drinks and then grabbed a taxi back to Matt and Maria's house. As Maria got into the Taxi she deliberately bent over in my direction, teasing me with that beautiful ass and wet dripping pussy. The taxi ride even though only 10mins long felt like about 30mins. When we arrived Maria grabbed some drinks for all of us and then said she would be back shortly as she needed to change. We had a couple of drinks and Matt put some porn on the tv as we chatted. I think I was hard since I first met Maria so was really busting to get out of my jeans in anticipation of what might happen. It wasn't long before Maria arrived back with the most amazing red lingerie and high heels and then looking at us she said that we looked a little over dressed. She then sat in a chair across from us and said that she was in charge tonight and that we needed to ensure that she was truly satisfied and that we listen to her instructions. She then directed both of us to take off all our clothes except for our underwear. Once we had done this she asked us to sit back down and to lightly stroke our cocks through our underwear. As she was doing this she was also rubbing her pussy through her underwear and gently squeezing her nipple. She then had us remove our underwear as she removed her g string and then she demanded that we stroke our cocks at the same speed she was rubbing her pussy ensuring that we did not come. She would go fast and then slow right down making sure we kept up with her. By this stage I was rock hard. I noticed that Matt's cock was also rock hard with pre-cum also glistening on the end. While Matt's cock was not as long as mine it was extremely thick with his hand barely fitting around it. I had never watched another male stroking their cock and between Maria rubbing her pussy and Matt stroking his cock - I was really needing some relief. Maria then moved closer to us and sat in the middle of us asking Matt to suck her nipples and for me to play with her pussy. I started to rub her pussy and placed one then two fingers in her pussy. Every time I went a little faster she asked me to slow down saying that no one is cumming until she says so. While I was doing this she had a hand on Matt's cock and a hand on my cock - all the time whispering and moaning about needing to be satisfied with two cocks. She then took my hand and placed it on Matts cock and I just about jumped as I had never felt another mans cock. She said that I need to get used to feeling another mans cock because soon both cocks will be rubbing against each other as they fuck her. I found it quite exciting stroking Matt's cock and soon I felt Matt's hand on my cock - this was really a night for firsts. Matt's cock was really really thick and I really wanted to see that inside of Maria.

After a little while of hands. mouths and tongues going everywhere Maria changed position kneeling in front of me and then taking my cock deep inside her mouth - it was really getting too much for me and I said to her that I was close to coming. She said to sit back and enjoy as she has plans for us tonight. Matt then moved beside Maria and gave Maria a huge kiss while both their hands were on my cock. I then felt Matts mouth on my cock and nearly came immediately. Maria and Matt shared my cock (for a very short time) with their moths and hands before I let them know I was about to come. Maria looked at me and said that she wanted me to cum in her mouth now - she put her mouth over my cock and sucked so hard I came immediately spurting months of cum into her mouth. When I was finished she looked up at me and said now its my turn to cum! She then directed me to lie on the floor in front of the couch and then proceeded to position her pussy over my face and told me to suck and lick her pussy until she came. Meanwhile she asked Matt to stand in front of her so she could suck his cock. Maria's pussy tasted so good that I did not want to stop and I could again feel my cock starting to come back to life. Within about 5 mins Maria pressed down real hard and started to orgasm and yelling for me to keep sucking her clit. She then rolled forward to a 69 position exhausted and I then saw Matt kneeling behind her as I was still gently licking and fingering her pussy. I then removed my finger and continued to lick her clit as he gently placed his cock in her pussy - it was an amazing sight being so close to such a thick cock going into such a beautiful pussy. After a few strokes Matt then removed his cock and placed it at my lips - I opened my mouth without thinking about it and took his think cock into my mouth tasting Marias pussy juices all over it. This was a night that I was never going to forget in a long time! I took as much of Matt's cock as I could into my mouth and then he withdrew it and placed it back into Marias glistening pussy. By this stage my cock was hard again and Maria was now sucking on it again. After about 3 or 4 more strokes Matt yelled that he was coming and I could see the cum dripping out of Maria's pussy. Maria at the same time was yelling for Matt not to come yet but obviously this was too late. As Matt pulled out of Maria she then moved to the floor beside me and told Matt that she wanted him to wait and that he will need to watch for a while now as punishment. Maria then grabbed my cock with one hand and tounge kissed me at the same time. She looked at Matt and then said to me that she wanted to feel my cock deep inside her pussy tonight and then began to lower her pussy on to my cock reverse cowboy style facing Matt who was now sitting in the chair watching us and stroking his flacid cock. Maria was so hot and wet and her tight pussy slipped all the way down the shaft of my cock. Even though I had cum once, I thought it wouldn't be too long before she milks me dry again. We continued to fuck like this for a while before she summoned Matt over to us. By this stage Matt was hard again. She then said that she wants to feel both cocks in her at once and that neither of us are to cum until she is ready. Maria laid back on top of me and then I felt Matt kneeling between my legs as he slowly guided his cock into Maria's pussy beside mine. It was an amazing feeling and it wasn't long before Maria was screaming with pleasure not wanting this moment to ever stop. I know I didn't want this moment to ever stop. Maria had turned her head and I was kissing her while Matt was sucking on her gorgeous breasts. She then said that she wanted us to fuck her hard and to fill her with cum now. I moved my hips and tried to get in time with Matt who was pounding her pussy and rubbing the shaft of my cock with his cock with each stroke. It wasn't long before Matt came then Maria and myself coming together. What a night this was - not what I had envisaged but it was not going to be over just yet.

We all sat up exhausted and while Matt went and grabbed more drinks, Maria said that we should go clean up a little. We went downstairs to the rumpus room to where she had the spa bubbling away. We both got in the spa and soon Matt arrived with drinks and we chatted for a while and teased with our feet and hands. It wasn't long before I was hard again and really wanting to taste that beautiful pussy of Maria's. I knew Matt was hard as well as I could feel his cock with my foot and I could feel Maria's pussy with my fingers. Maria said that she wanted to be teased until she came and said that she will be the centre of attention. We moved to the bed in the rumpus room and Maria laid down while I took up a position where I could suck and lick her pussy, however, instead of just diving straight in I licked and teased her with my fingers and tongue only ever going near her pussy - never actually touching it with my fingers or tongue. Meanwhile, Matt was on the bed beside her head stroking his big thick cock while he watched. I brushed over her breasts with my tongue and trailed all the way down to the top of her pussy stopping and lifting my mouth just breathing hot air above her pussy and continuing down her thighs. This was driving her crazy with lust and she was writhing and wanting me to lick her pussy. She even tried to move her hand to her pussy but Matt sensing what was happened grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock. She then turned her head to the side and started to suck Matt's cock while I teased her. After some time I then gently licked her clit which surprised her and she came within minutes of me licking and sucking her clit. Maria then rolled over and asked me to fuck her from behind while she continued to suck Matt's thick cock. I fucked her from behind holding her beautiful hips as she drove her pussy back hard on my cock. It wasn't long before the 3 of us were all cuming again. We laid there exhausted for some time before Maria said that this night is about her and she wasn't finished yet. It ended up being an amazing night where we were an entanglement of bodies licking, sucking, kissing, teasing and fucking until the early hours only to wake up and continue again.

I met with Maria and Matt regularly for the next 6 mths (until they moved interstate) and each meeting was as good as the first. This is definitely one memory that I will not forget and I was so glad that I went online and started chatting with others. Here's hoping that Maria and Matt move back this way one day or we cross paths in my travel interstate.