1 May 2019

Our BnB place.

Many of you would not know that Shona and I have a weekender. When we found it, we wanted a cabin that gave us room for guests and we also wanted to be able to take advantage of Airbnb to help fund it.

The cabin we found was perfect for us. It is a nice cabin, on the Hawkesbury, with great views. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 main bedroom as well as 2 guest bedrooms.

My wife does not need to work. This allows her to visit the gym, shop and work on her bits and pieces during the week. She was also able to be there to take care of any Airbnb people, etc.

We had been in the cabin for almost three years and set up the 2 rooms for guests and Airbnb. We advertise and are renting about once or twice every month. The extra income is great and we meet some really cool people.

Just recently, we had a couple rent a room for 5 days. They explored the mountains and the river. They were in their mid-forties. We invited them for a meal the first evening, to get to know them a little and had them ask questions about the area. The rest of the time, they were pretty much on their own, coming and going.

On their second last evening, they left a note asking for some extra towels that we both forgot about it until we were going to bed. Shona said she would take care of it and for me to go to bed. I did some bits and got into our bed and dozed off for a while, when I awoke, Shona was not back.

As I approached the guest room. The door was open and Shona was on the bed between them both. Dillon was behind Shona with his arm around her body and reaching down. From the way his arm was moving, my view was that he had one hand deep down in the front of Shona's sexy shorts and was vigorously squeezing her pussy mound. The other hand was massaging a breast. His wife, Julie, was laying beside Shona and Julie was kissing Shona very passionately.

I was very keen to remain voyeuristic-ally quiet and interested to see where this sexy scene would end...It was so unexpected...

Shona was moving gently and I could hear her making the little sounds she normally makes during our foreplay. The bed was right in front of the bedroom door so it was like I was almost standing at the foot of the bed watching, but I was completely out of sight.

I watched as Shona’s body writhed and wriggled between them. I watched Shona's hips as she moved them in a gentle humping motion. She moved her legs, parting them slightly, allowing me to see that Dillon's hand was totally down the front of her shorts and he really was clearly rubbing her pussy. Shona parted her legs even more and Dillon began working his hand even deeper into her cute shorts.

His wife was still kissing Shona and Julie's hands were also massaging Shona’s breasts through her open shirt. Shona seemed to not be able to decide if she wanted to hump Dillon's exploring hand or push her breasts into the girl’s. Shona was obviously excited.

Dillon paused and pulled his hand out and quickly worked to unbutton Shona's shorts. He then unzipped them and slipped his hand back into her shorts and down straight into her pussy. In just a few seconds, Shona let out a loud gasp and groaned as his fingers found her opening. Her legs opened further and her hips thrust as he boldly explored her excited crevice.

Things started to escalate now, Julie pushed Shona’s shirt off and exposed her breasts. Her hands were now on Shona's bare skin. My wife’s nipples are sensitive and Shona loves having them played with. My wife, put up a weak effort to stop them, she would reach up and try to pull her shirt down or reach down to pull Dillon's hand out, every now and then, but Dillon and Julie were committed and they just continued on.

I had all of the feelings that you might imagine I was having about her playing up and what they were doing to her, but at the same time, it was a crazy, horny and very erotic sight. I had an erection watching them do things too and teasing my wife. Shona was continuing making weak attempts to get them to stop but the pair of them still just ignored her.

Shona was now moaning almost constantly and moving her body as they played and toyed with her. Dillon stopped fingering her long enough to push her shorts and panties down over her arse and her legs. Shona reached down and grabbed for her shorts and even weakly groaned for him to stop, but he was easily able to push them down past her knees.

He pulled her legs apart, and I was able to watch him run his hand along her pussy and then insert an index finger right up into her, beginning to really finger fuck her. She moaned at the invasion and her hips started to roll as she humped his hand.

Julie now had her hands and mouth on my wife's breasts and nipples. Shona’s hands were now in Julie’s hair as Julie feasted on her nipples. Shona was now practically on her back, her eyes closed, her legs splayed apart. Her pussy was wet and swollen. It was incredibly exciting. Shona gets flirted with all the time and yet, there she was, taking full advantage.

Dillon was now pushing his shorts down. His cock was erect, veins bulging and bigger than I expected. The head was shining with precum and quite impressive. He stopped fingering Shona and lifted her leg as he moved in closer and positioned himself to enter her.

He got her into the position he wanted, he placed his erection right at the entrance of her inviting pussy. He lifted her closer leg up, giving him full access. I was watching, mesmerised as his cock was touching my wife’s pussy. I do not think she cared what was about to happen or who’s cock it was!

As I mentioned, it was easy to see Shona was really wet and swollen, her pussy lips were parted so that when he pushed his hips, the head of his cock just slipped straight between her open lips and he slid in. Shona obviously felt him and groaned and pushed down her hips up, greedily helping him fuck her. Julie reached down and started rubbing my wife's clit as she sucked her nipples.

He was about halfway in when Shona sort of realised what was happening, and she looked at Julie and croaked that she couldn’t do this that they both had to stop. Julie gave her a kiss and soothed her it was all OK. Shona shook her head with effort, but said, "Holy Fuck!" as Dillon's cock buried into her, to its full depth.

Then Dillon fucked her. Shona groaned and moved her hips and opened her legs further but her little shorts stopped her. Julie teased Shona it was way too late to stop him and to just lay back and enjoy. Then she kissed Shona until Shona stopped trying to talk.

Shona was just moaning and moving on her back to fuck him back. They had her and they knew it. Julie continued to play with my wife’s pussy and clit, then sucking on her nipples as her husband fucked Shona. Shona didn’t know which way was up. Her little shorts and panties were finally pulled off and Shona was able to open up, spreading her legs wide.

Shona had a number of orgasms while Dillon and Julie fucked her. Her senses were overloaded. Shona was glowing pink, and her nipples were harder than I had ever seen. Shona would look down and watch Dillon's cock going in and out, then switch back to Julie. Shona would groan and her head would drop back. I could see Shona's inner pussy lips clutching at Dillon's cock when he stroked in and out.

After what seemed like ages, Dillon started moving faster and grabbed Shona, he pulled her legs tight against him and I could see he was going to cum.

That alarmed me, as he was fucking her bareback. Shona's eyes immediately widened but we both knew it was happening.

She groaned out for him not to cum inside of her, but he ignored her and drove himself as deep as possible. His arse tightened and hips ground, he started shooting, cumming deep inside of my wife. Shona's body convulsed as she lay back, him firing, hotly filling her. Shona squealed in an orgasm with him. She pulled her knees up toward her chest, intently trying to get him in even deeper during her orgasm.

He was grunting and saying how hot her pussy felt. Then I heard him say something like, "that’s it, baby, take my cum. I love breeding married women" When he finally started relaxing, his insemination of my wife done, he let go of her and lay her back, allowing his softening cock to audibly “pop” from my wife’s pussy, leaving her panting, sweating and her pussy sexily gaping.

After a few minutes, everybody got their breath back. It was incredible. Julie had not stopped kissing and sucking Shona’s nipples or playing with her pussy. In her horny and intensely aroused state, Shona continued to respond and soon her hips begin to move again.

Julie was talking to Shona now, telling her how much she enjoyed watching Dillon fuck her. Julie asked her if Shona enjoyed his cock and my wife giggled “yes” Julie had removed her own lacy panties while Shona was being fucked. Julie was now lying nude next to my wife. Shona’s shirt had disappeared as well.

Julie moved, kissing Shona and rubbing her pussy; then Julie moved and climbed on top of Shona and placed her pussy against Shona’s pussy and started to grind and hump. Julie was really enjoying my wife as she girl fucked her. Shona started to respond and even hump back. Dillon was watching them and stroking his cock which was soon stiff again.

Julie was very excited, and her movement became more and more frenzied as she was soon pushing on Shona for an orgasm. Parting Shona's legs and pressing down on my wife's pussy, she had her hands on Shona’s breasts and was holding them and squeezing them as Julie fucked Shona. Julie finally orgasmed and then slowed down, continuing to kiss and play with Shona's body. Julie slowed and then moved down until she was laid between Shona’s legs. Julie put her mouth to Shona's creamed pussy and ate her out. It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

Shona was already close but now went into overdrive being eaten out by Julie. Dillon moved behind his wife and thrust his cock into her pussy from behind. He started fucking Julie. Julie eagerly pressed her arse up to meet him, arching her back and telling him to “fuck on” Dillon fucked Julie as Julie ate Shona. Julie started getting distracted by Dillon's cock and slowed eating Shona until Julie orgasmed and then Julie hungrily returned to Shona’s pussy

Dillon pulled out of his wife and whispered in her ear. She moved, and he took Julie's place, but not just to eat Shona. He moved up between Shona's legs. First, he sucked her clit a few seconds, then he kissed his way up to her body until he reached her breasts. She was watching him all the way, Shona was panting in anticipation!

As he stopped at her breast and took a nipple between his lips, she begged him to stop. Shona told him she was worried I would catch them. He told her not to worry as he pressed his cockhead against her pussy. She looked down and saw his erection closing in on her pussy. He said, "My cock is bigger than Ric's, isn’t it?" She looked up at him without answering.

He said he could tell and asked her again. She just looked at him and said they should stop. He said, "I know you enjoyed my cock," and cheekily, he told her to “put it in” Shona shook her head and he gave her a deep French kiss as he reached down and pushed two fingers inside of her, exploring and fingering her. Shona started moving her hips and groaned.

He was watching her face and said, "I am going to fuck you again." She looked up into his eyes. "And you’re going to let me, even help me" he continued as he fingered her. Shona was panting and excited. Julie told her to relax and enjoy.

My wife said, "Please, my husband..."

Dillon said, "He is not here, but I am. And I am going to fuck you one more time" He pulled his finger from her pussy and slipped his cock in front of her pussy.

He told Shona to open her legs, for her to reach down and put his cock into her own pussy. He pushed his hips forward, pressing the head of his cock against her pussy lips. She was still swollen, excited, and her pussy was parted open. The head of his cock separated her lips and started to enter her. He said, "See? You want me so bad, I don’t even need your help."

And she said, "Please!..." as he continued to slip inside. I was looking up between her legs and could see that he was totally correct, the head of his cock disappeared and she held herself wide and open for him.

He told her to spread more and she parted them further. He told her, "Further," she did and then he plunged into her hard. Shona yelped and gasped as he attacked her with his cock. He wasted no time and quickly was fucking her brutally hard.

She started having mini orgasms as he pounded her, holding her legs up with his hands behind her knees. I was watching his cock piston in and out of her pussy. Her screwed pussy clutched at his cock as he fucked her and their sex juices were mixed and drooling out of her pussy, even down her arse.

He let go of her legs and dropped himself, he lay flat on top of her and started kissing her as he continued fucking her. Shona locked her ankles behind his arse and was fucking him back, pulling him in and pushing up to greet his long strokes. She was groaning and grunting as he told her to “take his cock” and how good her “pussy felt”

He wanted to cum inside of her again and she shook her head. He said it again and she grunted, "Please, don’t!" but he kept on and she was certainly grinding. He told her he was going to flood her again...

She shook her head “no”, but he said, "Get ready for my load baby, spread wide!" He was moving faster and driving deeper, he was ready and told her so again, she grabbed him tight and fucked him back faster. Then he was cumming, filling her with his creamy seed again and she was having another orgasm as he filled her with more slick juices. I watched as she clamped down on his cock, her pussy swallowing the lot.

Her face was strained and her eyes closed tight, and then she grunted out, "OM, fucking, God, YES! Fuck me, Dillon! Cum, cum, cum in me, oh, fuck, yes, yes, yes, fuck!" And he fucking well did!

They were slowing down, Dillon was laying on top of her, telling Shona what a good fuck she was and how he knew as he fucked her, that she wanted him to fill her pussy with his cum. He finished by kissing her with deep kiss. I watched as he pulled his cock from her pussy. He was still quite hard, Shona's pussy was soaked, swollen and puffy red, his second cum load was leaking out of her pussy. Shona's legs were still spread, I watched her pussy opening and closing, still pulsing in the aftermath of the drilling.

He left Shona laying there panting, an exhausted mess. Dillon mounted his own wife. He started fucking Julie, right next to Shona. As they now fucked, they both talked about my Shona as if she was not there. They didn’t last very long before Julie and he shared an intense joint orgasm and then the three of them lay there kissing and caressing each other, their fluids drooling everywhere. The bed was soaked with so many wet sex stains.

It was a while before everybody calmed down, it was all so hot and everyone was sweating and recovering. Then Dillon helped the two girls off the bed (I ducked away and stayed out if site) The three of them went into the bathroom and shared a shower. They had been in there for a little while when I heard my wife moaning. I didn’t go look but it was horny that Dillon and his wife were both probably fucking my wife again.

I went back to our bedroom and got into bed before Shona came back. Shona came in about 15 mins later, Shona was totally naked. Shona climbed into bed and lay in my arms. She smelt beautiful. Shona fell asleep in like, one minute.

A Shona slept, I jacked off onto her belly...