18 May 2017 opportunity arose to meet my favorite sexy couple once again. Once again it was in Parramatta and once again we had some filthy fun, but, this time it was all captured on film. Yes you naughty perves and pervettes, I'm now officially a porn actor......or is it a stunt cock???

It was planned to be a late afternoon meet, circumstances led it to happen in Parramatta and we had a room at The Meriton, I say we, I mean they and I gatecrashed it!

But, Sydney traffic dealt its cruel hand and it was a late start so when we all managed to meet up it was later than hoped and we were all gagging for some filthy fun. I was welcomed by the Director/Producer/Lead Cameraman (aka hubby) and led up to the film set...okay, their room, come on, start to get into this!

Due to the delays she was still getting dressed after a rushed shower, she does like to impress and has an array of costumes to meet all scenes. As she was getting ready me and hubby, oops, the Director chatted about the poor traffic, their plans for the weekend and other small talk whilst we awaited her grand entrance.....and then...she made it. A sexy vision of a naughty secretary in mini skirt pin striped suit, white halter blouse and stockings and heels. I had to kiss her (always turns us both on) and took the opportunity to feel her pussy through her expensive Honey Birdette panties, finding her pussy lips and slipping under her panties to feel just how wet she was getting. As we kissed she felt me getting hard and pulled my dick out of my pants, moving away to look at it she knew what to do and was down on her knees sucking my dick. Then the first 'click' happened, hubby became lead cameraman and started taking pics as she looked at him whilst sucking and licking my hard dick, she had no choice, I told her to do that. I had been waiting for a good fuck session for weeks and pulled her up and made her lean over the armchair in the hotel room living area, lining up my hard dick I took aim at her wet pussy and slid in...all the way....every inch.

I made sure her skirt was bunched up around her waist and her stockinged legs showing well as my cock slid in and out of her wet pussy, pausing to let the camera get some good shots of her taking it all. As usual, my verbal appraisal of her slutty abilities came to the fore, spurring her on to her first orgasm of the evening. The camera was now in video mode and capturing our fucking, me urging her to look at the camera and tell us how much of a cock loving slut she is. This turns her on so much and really gets her into the mood for filth.

Of course, this is all well and good but I still had my trousers and boxers around my knees and didn't make for good porn, so we unsheathed and finished undressing, well, I did, she stayed dressed sexy, then went through to the bedroom where the camera was set up. That, is where we stayed for over an hour as she was filmed riding cock, sucking cock, sucking two cocks at the same time, and then the finale as she got in the spoon position and lubed up to take some naughty anal fun. Patience is the name of the game here, even though we have done this many times, and the camera zoomed in as she slowly started to take it all, even then she started to suck hubby as she got more and more used to it. Then that moment came, when you know that its in properly, its in comfortably, and she pushes back to take more. I kept talking naughty to her, "Look at you, dressed her like a slut, sucking your hubbys big dick while you let me fuck your tight married arse." She was now in the zone, teasing her clit as she enjoyed every inch in both her arse and pussy, the tell tale signs of her orgasms starting to pulse through her body. It was all too much for hubby....the camera was discarded as he pumped a huge load of cum all over her big tits, as he did so I carried on with my filthy commentary as I sped up and pounded even deeper into her arse. After her third anal orgasm she uttered those immortal words, "Cum in my arse, I want you to shoot a big load of your hot cum deep in my arse". I got ready, encouraged her to repeat what she wanted me to do so hubby could hear, as I got harder and faster, making her cum again as I came, emptying a good full weeks worth of cum deep inside her as we all enjoyed the whole scene.

That was it, that was a wrap, its in the can, cut, no more action. We all calmed down and used warm flannels to soothe our hot cum covered bodies and orifices. Relaxing I reviewed the pics and video with the Director...yes....very good...very good indeed....and the winner of this years Best Movie for a filthy swinging session goes to......La La Land!! Yeah, they fucking got it wrong AGAIN!!!!