7 May 2019

So, this is the follow on from the time I met with Mrs P and Mr B at Maslin's Beach.

I stayed in regular contact with Mrs P and we arranged for a meet a few weeks after our initial meet. It was hard to arrange at first because of family issues / children / work etc, but we eventually worked out a day that suited. The original plan was arranged that both Mrs P and Mr B would be there, but due to unexpected work matters, Mr B couldn't be there. I checked with them both that it was ok with Mr B for just Mrs P and I to meet and I was assured it was all ok.

So the day came. I made my way to the front door of their house. It was a nice, older style house in the suburbs. Well presented and fitting for the couple I had met on the beach. The house was in good order and neat, which showed that I was not meeting a professional couple who took pride not only in themselves, but where they live. I was welcomed inside by Mrs P and shown through to the back room, where we sat on the large couch. Before long, we were kissing, fondling and groping at each other like horny school children. It didn't take long for me to have Mrs P topless, tits waving in my face, sucking one her nipples, getting them all hard. I then slowly worked my way down, unbuttoning her jeans and removing them to reveal her black lace knickers. Her juices were already flowing threw the lace and I buried my face into it, licking and nibbling at her pussy and clit through them.

Her pussy was soaking through her panties before I removed them to reveal her wet pussy. It was glistening from my saliva and her pussy juices all being combined together. I dived head first into her pussy, admiring how small and tight it looked. Her clit was small and the pussy looked untouched, which I knew it wasn't. This was my first proper look I got at it, and wow, was I super impressed. I licked, fingered, sucked and flicked that pussy, clit and the occasional rim job, feeling the clit getting bigger and redder, making Mrs P orgasm time after time after time. It seemed like the orgasms just kept rolling into each other and she just wanted more and more of them.

Eventually, It was time to swap positions. Mrs P sat me on the couch and she got up. I noticed a big wet spot on the couch where she had been. She knelt down between my legs, pulling my pants off to reveal my hard cock. Without hesitation, she took my cock deep into her mouth, bobbing up and down on it like a lollipop, mixing it up between the balls, perineum and returning the favour of the rim job. She kept this up till I felt like I was about to explode. I warned her about the impending eruption of my love juices, but she just worked faster, sucking deeper and before I knew it, I blew my entire load into her mouth. She did not stop there, no, she swallowed the whole lot without hesitation and licked up every last drop. I thought I was impressed before, now I was envious of Mr B. What a lucky guy to have Mrs P, such a horny and willing participant.

After a kiss and a few cuddles, we made our way to the bedroom. The bed was all set up for sex. It had towels over the top to keep the juices of love making off of the main bed. Mrs P had condoms and lube at the ready, not that we needed any lube. Before long, we were back at it, like rabbits. I was between her legs, chewing and sucking away at her clit, fingering her pussy with 1, 2, 3 then 4 fingers. I lost count of how many orgasms she had. Before long, I was hard again and deep inside her pussy (with a condom of course - safe sex is important). We tried nearly every position we could, missionary, doggy, cow girl, 69'er, reverse cow girl etc. I came deep in her pussy this time, as she orgasmed at the same time I did. We collapsed into a sweaty, heaving, tangled mass of 2 bodies, kissing each other deeply and passionately.

We lay for a while on the bed, chatting and telling each other wild stories. We continued to lightly touch each other and before we knew it, I was back, face deep into her pussy. The orgasms were coming quick and fast, loud and long. I wondered if anyone, maybe the neighbours might hear us, but I didn't really care. She took me in her mouth, getting me hard again, ready for round 3. I slipped on another condom and without hesitation, I slipped back into that wet warm pussy with ease. The moan of pleasure as I entered her was great to hear. We fucked like jack rabbits, there was flesh going every which way, vibrators in the action, slapping sounds of skin hitting skin etc. I was pounding Mrs P hard from behind in doggy position, hearing and feeling her cumming hard with a vibrator pushed hard against her clit. I thrust away, slamming my hips into her bum cheeks until I blew my load again, whilst I was deep inside of her. We once again, feel into a sweaty heaving mess on the bed, panting away and laughing at the great sexy time we just had.

We lay there chatting for a bit more, before Mrs P led me to a shower to bring me back down to earth. I got dressed, said my goodbyes with a deep passionate kiss and left. Once again, I walked away with a great big smile on my face, having had one of the best days of my life, all in all, being with a married woman.

Stay tuned for our next adventure