15 Feb 2018

My wife had been telling me for a few weeks now, her new personal trainer has been flirting and hitting on her. She says he is always asking her if she is up for a private session or two.

Well today I am home and my wife comes to me grinning from ear to ear. She leads me to the quiet of our bedroom and tells me she finally caved in and had him come by the house, after I left for work ,of course.

She teased me, she said she had been curious about how it would be with his cock, as he had quite a bulge. She said, “When he arrived at home here, I greeted him topless, so both of us knew immediately what kind of workout would be on our agenda. She continued on, “We chatted and flirted for a little while. He moved closer and began exploring my exposed breasts and I certainly let him know, that I was into his touching. I was so turned on, there was no way I was going to tell him to stop!

(I think it is so hot that my wife loves getting satisfied when she needs it, what’s not to like about that?)

Without saying any words, he bent me over the kitchen counter, pulled down my shorts and stuck his tongue in my pussy. My wife then said, a bit coyly, “I was really in need myself, I couldn’t wait for him, I pushed him back, leading him into our lounge. I pulled out his cock and it was pretty impressive. He was hardening up and I dropped on my knees and started working his cock and I actually sucked him off, he came in my mouth and on my face!

He obviously couldn’t wait either, he pulled me off his cock, amazingly he was still hard, he picked me up and laid me on the couch and started eating my pussy again, fuck I was so wet, my cunt was definitely on the hunt! I was so horny, I came right way! He spread my legs and positioned himself to enter me. When he slid himself inside me, my knees quivered as he slid in, my legs even started to spasm.

It didn’t take long for him to get every inch of his erect cock inside me. I was so horny and wetly ready, he shoved his big cock inside me in a single stroke. He started slowly, but then he really started fucking me. He pounded my pussy for ages, he worked me so well, really tapping my G-spot. He came three times, one load in my mouth and two deliveries in my pussy. I have no idea how often I came, I can’t describe how I came so easily, again and again”

“It was all a sexy, sweet and sinfully hot, fuck session” she said as she smiled up at me.

As my wife had been speaking, telling me what had happened, she had undressed herself, now only clad in her lace undies she was laid back on our bed…

“Baby, my pussy is still tingling, put your hands between my legs, I especially for you, didn’t wash myself, his cum is still oozing out of my pussy, but I am so fucked sore.”

(I tell you all, right here, Fuck, Shona, she was so right. Her pussy and inner thighs were wet as fuck with cum.)

She dragged me onto our bed and gave me a really decent hand job while she told me even more of what had happened.

As she stroked me, working my cock, she told me that she wants to keep fucking him.

As soon as she said that, I erupted spunk and squirted all over her hands, thighs and belly!