17 Feb 2018

My husband has this fantasy about me being a slutty wife. I've come to really like the idea and I certainly do love the sex.

We had the night to ourselves. We had gone to this adult store before but wanted to check out the new viewing booths. Most of them had a cock hole on the side walls. We had been in there a while, watching movies together and touching each other while strangers peaked in and watched. Some had even put their cocks through the hole.

I've always been a very shy, sensible girl. And even though it turned me on I had never wanted to touch various cocks, until now. I have been so horny lately that I could not hold back my needs.

We started to watch a movie and I started to rub my husband. A man walked into the booth beside us, he watched us. So I squatted down and started to suck my husband's cock. The man was so turned on that, in anticipation, he slid his cock into the adjoining booth hole. My husband and I looked at each other, my husband really wanted me to grab this new cock. I eagerly did as he wanted and I started to stroke, all the while I vigorously sucked my husband. My husband stood up and brought his cock closer to the other new cock and I willingly sucked them both. I drove them both deep into my mouth. Both men were erect and very hard. The new man suddenly pulled back and I watched as he shot his cum load, it splattered the wall! I watched it roll down the wall of the booth, there was delicious gallons!. It was a really fucking hot to see. That fellow left, but I was still so horny, I wildly sucked my husband.

In the adjacent booth came another man and he also stood and watched me sucking. He then pushed his cock through the hole. I was horny as fuck by now, I grabbed his cock. I was rubbing him and stroking him. My husband lifted off my dress, the dirty bastard wanted to watch me squatting down naked in front of other men, whilst still sucking him off. My husband, he was so turned on that he stroked up a fat load and came all over my shoulders and breasts. I also finished off the other man over myself, adding his messy load, to my cum coated chest.

I seriously, urgently needed a proper fucking! Without washing any of my seminal decorations off myself, My husband and I raced home and we fucked like horny rabbits. The intoxicating smells of sex, sweat, men and gallons of semen, oozed and emanated from my pores, we fucked and fucked.

On another occasion. My husband took me to another sex store that neither of us had been to. It was quite a bit bigger than the first place. We walked about checking it all out. There were plenty of guys eyeing me. I was wearing this little red dress that my husband loves because I can pull it up and make it so short that you can see my big round arse. He made me wear it without underwear, knowing that all the guys would watch me and be turned on.

After a bit we headed over to their sex booths to check them out. They were more hi-tec than the others we had seen. They had a frosted window that you could press a button and it would go up so you could see the figure but the other booths remained frosted.

I stood by the door. I watched as several guys walked by, back and forth, looking over at me, I was getting really horny, wet and really excited.

I could not help myself...

I felt braver, I told him I wanted to go in all by myself, he went to the booth beside me to watch on. After a few seconds a man entered the booth on the other side of me. He watched me as I rubbed myself, my demanding pussy needed attention. I was really putting on a show for those looking on. Finally one man slid his cock through the slot in the wall. My husband was perving through the slot on his side and he watched me as I took the man's impressive cock in my hand and began to stroke him. This man’s cock was so thick and long. I was raging excited, sexually drawn to this magnificent cock, I couldn't help myself, I put him in my mouth and began to suck this stranger's cock. He was so hard and his cock so hot.

I was so turned on, I was sure, so was my husband, as he encouraged me, watching from another booth. I couldn't wait anymore. I stood up, pulled my dress off and put my arse to the hole in the wall. The man stepped out of the booth. I thought I'd scared him off. So, being desperate, I needily began to suck my husband's cock through his hole. But I was wrong. The stranger came back with a condom on his cock. He put himself through the hole again and waited for me to put my pussy up on offer again. I pulled away, off my husband's cock.

I again now offered up my pussy to the strangers hole in the wall. He entered me easily and I started to fuck the man's cock through the hole. My husband had pulled his cock back, probably wondering why I'd stopped, he peeked through. I am sure to his surprise, there was his tramp wife rocking back and forth, getting well and truly fucked by some stranger’s big hard cock. He could not help himself. He left his booth and dove into my booth. He was wild eyed and thrilled, he couldn't believe that his wife was such a sexy tramp. He dropped and lay down, under my pussy and watched upwards as the stranger's cock moved in and out of my pussy. My husbands cock was so hard, he was so turned on. The man continued to fuck me until he loudly groaned, swelled, I am sure to double his girth and jetted semen into me, impressively filling the condom, which I kept. He moved out of his booth, but another man had since walked into the booth where my husband had been and had watched me fucking. I now turned my pussy to the new guy. He put his cock through and my husband tried to stuff it in my pussy just like that, bareback bare. He didn't stay inside me very long but another man took his place, soon after. He started to finger my pussy so hard. It felt so hot the way he finger fucked me. I wanted another cock so bad. This new guy was black, I had seen him outside earlier. I was so hot and sweaty by now, since no man was giving me his cock I told my husband I wanted to go somewhere else and see if we could find some more cock.

So we left.

I walked out with my dress pulled up high enough for everyone to see my pounded pussy. A man offered my husband a hotel nearby but my husband turned him down and told him maybe next time. My husband got in the car and told me what they had spoken about. I was so horny I asked him why he didn't take me to the hotel. He said that if the man wanted to fuck me he could've had me right there.

We went on our way and ended up at another place. The one we had been to earlier in the week. We were both so horny already that we went straight to the booths. It was almost sunrise. A man came in to the adjacent booth and I played with and sucked his cock. My husband stripped me, taking my dress off and turned me, putting my pussy to the hole. The man through the hole, started touching me and fingering my pussy, I was so wet and eager to be fucked. So my husband asked me if I wanted cock. I said yes baby. He said tell him, tell him loudly you want cock, I started to moan and call the man, " I want your cock. Give me your cock. Fuck my needy pussy." He didn't end up pounding me like I really needed him to. The hole in that booth was not as easy to fuck through as the other place.

We ended up leaving after that.

We got home, and again, we fucked like rabbits. It was so hot.

We talked about the night we had, I waved the full condom, I had saved, in front of my husband. It was so sexy teasing him. We came together, one last time, I continually teased my husband, just how lucky he was to have a playful tramp like me, for his sexy wife.