2 Aug 2018

meetings or encounters of a sexual nature sometimes occur when we least expect it as was one Friday night me & a few it friends went out on the town doing a bit of a pub crawl slowly losing our mates along the way till only two of us remained drinking into the early hours of Saturday when we finally called a night there was only a handful of patrons drifting towards the exit and our load behaviour caused two girls to turn towards us only to smile as they propped against the door letting us draw even with them only to get the sloppiest kiss ever .Being perfect gentlemen we offered to help them get home which in our state was luckily a short cab ride . as they entered their unit they invited us in for coffee but my mate & girl attached to him did a b=line straight into the bedroom pausing just long enough to give us bedding to throw over the sofa, by the time I'd done this & turned round she was naked forcing me onto the sofa & straddling my face twisting round into 69 frantically stripping me as she ground her pussy into my face squeezing my balls with one hand as she ran her nails down my spine digging into my cheeks as her lips engulfed my shaft all the way to the balls before my ass felt fingers forcing their way in the I protested the harder she squeezed my balls in the end the whole area was numb with pain but was weird like my brain blocked feeling & sexuality took over because I only remember waking in the morning with her gone my crotch sticky with cum as well as a photo of her hand completely up to the wrist in my ass but no pain ,I didn't believe from a normal Friday session I'd end up with such a stimulating experience,just goes to show you never know when you might get laid