29 Nov 2016

Then it happened, Mike lifted me and positioned his cock at the entrance to my tight asshole. I wanted it deep inside me and bit my lip as the head popped inside. Then I layed back and let my body weight do the rest, eventually I had all of Mikes cock deep inside my ass. We sat still for a second as we felt each other pulse and get used to it. Mike then lifted me up and let me slide back down. Dave moved over me and fed his big cock straight into my mouth.

The noises from Rick, Roger and Sue were making things all that more intense on my side of the tent. I looked over and saw Sue in a similar position to me, Roger deep in her ass, except Rick had moved over her and was sliding his rock hard cock into her pussy. The moan that escaped her when Rick pushed in made me tingle and I think she came....again.

I looked up at Dave and told him I want to be DP'd as well. Mike lifted me up and flipped me over. It was like I was a rag doll in his hands. I straddled him and grabbed his cock and fed it straight into my soaked pussy. I fucked him hard as I watched Sue getting fucked hard by Roger and Rick and rubbed my clit furiously as Dave moved in behind me and slowly fed his cock into my ass. The feeling was immense, I pushed back on Dave and he smacked my ass and grabbed me by the hair.........."Hang on and enjoy the ride babe"

I did as I was told and they very quickly got their rhythm right. As Dave slid out, Mike slammed in. Every now and then, they'd fuck it up and I'd be full of cock. I think they did it on purpose as the first time they did it, the feeling made me clench down on them and I had a little mini orgasm. We all got to a point where sweat was dripping from us and the sounds coming from our tent would of alerted ANYBODY nearby what we were doing.

I looked over at Rick and he was punishing Sues pussy and I could tell we were all getting close. I looked down at Mike and told him to cum....I wanted his and Daves cum now. It seemed to all happen at once. Suddenly Sue and I were on our knees and surrounded by cocks being stroked at a blurred pace. Mike was the first and he spurted his cum across mine and Sues face. I quickly clamped my mouth onto him and choked as he shot load after load of cum into me. This set off the other boys and within seconds there was too much cum for the two of us ladies to handle. I've never been into Bukakkae, but this was fucking hot. Cum dripped from our faces as Sue and I kissed. We both got up and ran down to the water with cum dribbling everywhere. The sea was so damned refreshing, my punished ass and pussy felt so much better. The boys joined us as we all frolicked naked in the ocean.

Once Sue and I had washed all the cum from us, we slowly walked up towards the tent hand in hand. Sue whispered...."Now its time for our show from the boys"

What followed was simply spectacular, watching these four delicious men ravish each other while Sue and I sat there and played with each others pussy. The rest of the day was filled with naked fun, frolicking and fucking. We were even joined by a few random guys who just happened to wander past.

At the end of the day Rick dropped me off to my husband with the most moist, used and abused, cum filled pussy and ass I have ever had. As my husband fucked me, he told me I was free to go out again with Rick whenever I liked. I came as he told me, because like me, Rick is a dirty little fucker.

And dirty little fuckers, sometimes have the best fun!!!