20 Nov 2016

We had organised to meet with the permission of our partners. The day came and we sent our usual daily text. Mine consisted of a picture of my raging morning hard on and you responded with a picture of your open mouth. I showered, shaved and got myself ready, as I walked out the door, my darling wife, Jenny gave me the rules....."Don't get arrested and dont ring me from hospital!!"

I pulled up outside your apartment and you were there waiting for me, dressed as requested, nice short summer dress, no panties and you proved it when you saw me. As I approached, you told me you had to show me something inside, as soon as I closed the door behind me, you had your hand on my hardening cock and your tongue down my throat. You dragged me to the bedroom, peeling your dress off as we walked.

Laying on the bed, you opened your legs and instructed me to eat my breakfast like a good man, and I did with pleasure. You were soaked already, and your clit was so engorged. It didn't take me long to have you writhing as your first orgasm of the day rippled through you. You pushed me back and started to pull my rock hard cock from my pants........"Time for my brekky" as you slid the entire length down your throat in one go. Suffice to say, I didn't last long and you swallowed my load without missing a beat.

We dressed and headed out the door. In the car, you absentmindedly lifted your skirt and leg to allow yourself access to your pussy, while giving me a good view. You gasped as we pulled up beside a tour bus and some of the bored husbands got a view of you playing. You clenched your legs together as another little orgasm pulsed through your clit.

We arrived at our destination for the day and as I got everything out of the boot, you just stood there, telling me how fucking horny you were and how much fun we were going to have. We walked down to the beach and looked for somewhere to set up. As we walked, we saw a few guys laying naked by themselves. We deliberately stopped and made it look like we were looking at the waves, when you were actually checking out the guys and their packages and wondering if they were the guys I had organised to meet us there.

Once we had their attention, we moved further down the beach, you grabbed my hand in anticipation as you turned to see 2 well hung guys packing up and following us. Eventually we got to the spot I had in mind and the couple I had been talking to were there. The grin on your face told me how pleased and excited you were. You had no idea what I had planned for the day and you were loving where it was heading.

Sue and Dave waved us over, they had everything already laid out, a nice private tent and all the gear, solar panel charging phones, esky with cold drinks, big beach umbrella......lots of room to stretch out and relax. You and I quickly stripped off and Sue and Dave offered to put some sunblock on us. You giggled as you saw Daves massive cock and couldn't get the words out of your mouth properly. Sue grinned at me and we both watched you and Dave as he rubbed the sunblock into your skin.

It wasn't long until the 2 well hung guys caught up to us and made their way over. They introduced themselves as Roger and Mike, and yes, they were the guys I had planned to join us. We all relaxed and had a few drinks and the conversation flowed as did the juices from your knew what was going to happen and the sexual tension was building with each passing moment.

Then out of nowhere, Dave turned to Mike and asked just straight out......." big does that cock of yours get mate?"

Mikes response was as straight forward as they come from a bunch of swingers......."Put it in your mouth and lets find out!"

Your jaw hit the of your fantasies was about to come true. 2 ladies and 4 guys...all bi and ready to fuck. I swear the Mikes response alone made you cum........

What happens next will be in her words in Part 2