23 Nov 2016

Well, when Mike suggested that he suck his cock to see how big his cock gets, Rick was right, i had a little shudder as an orgasm ripped through me. Mike came over and stood above me. His cock was level with Dave's face and Dave just took it into his mouth. I couldn't believe this was happening. A long lived fantasy was actually going to happen! I absentmindedly reached down and just started stroking Daves cock. He responded by looking down at me and told me to have fun and enjoy myself.

Rick, Sue and Roger moved into the tent as they saw what we were doing. Within minutes Mike and Daves cocks were rock hard. I think they enjoyed the thrill of being watched and caught out in public. Dave kept looking around as did Mike. They both had absolutely gorgeous cocks. Around the 8-9 inches mark, but thick, oh so thick. I was rubbing my clit madly as I watched Dave try to deep throat Mikes cock. He gagged a little and I decided to join him. Mikes knees almost buckled as Dave and I worked on his cock relentlessly. He suggested we move to the tent to allow for a little more privacy.

When we walked in, the sight before us made my clit tingle a bit more than it already was. Sue was in a 69 with Roger and Rick seemed to be fucking her doggy, but as I got closer, I could see Ricks cock sliding in and out of Rogers mouth. Roger grinned at me and slid Ricks hard cock back inside Sue, she moaned loudly as she swallowed Rogers cock. Mike layed down and instructed me to slide down reverse cowboy. I felt so exposed, my legs open towards the entrance of the tent and Mikes hard cock sliding in and out of me. Then Dave started licking my clit and Mikes cock as it pistoned into me. I couldnt help myself and came....again. The boys didnt stop. Dave pulled Mikes cock from my pussy, sucked my juices from it and then slid it back inside me.

What happened next is be concluded in Part 3