16 May 2019

I set up our DVR camera so Shona would be videoed tomorrow and then when I got home, we planned we could play it back together. I set up the DVR for her and her tomorrow friend, but it was by then late, so we crashed (Shona sucked me off, that helped me sleep). We got up next morning and I got ready for work, I had a “semi” from thinking about my beautiful wife Shona fucking and sucking another man today, but I had to go, I kissed her goodbye and went off.

All day long I stayed excited and I couldn’t wait to get home to see Shona and the movie, Shona fucking and sucking Brent. I left work a tad early and I keenly headed home, I walked into our house and Shona was sitting on the couch in only a little pair of panties. She came over to me and gave me a kiss. I instantly could smell and taste the heady aroma of cum on her breath and lips, she told me that Brent had only just left and that she had really enjoyed spending her day sucking, being eaten and then being fucked by his randy cock.

Shona also reminded me that I had previously agreed to re-do every dirty act to her that Brent had done to her during their day. I had waited all day for my chance, I was certainly ready to take her, I wanted Shona so badly myself. I was bursting to know everything about her day. “What could Brent have done for her, too her? I couldn't wait for Shona to tell me everything. We were quickly into the bedroom and I could immediately smell the strong scent of sex in the warm bedroom, Brent had really only just left, I was impressed by his staying power. I was so horny by now and my cock was aching to be part of the days action.

Shona went over and pushed the play button, I stripped and we laid together and watched the TV. The first scene was Shona pulling off his clothes, and then she was immediately sucking his cock. I must admit, he had a decent cock, some cm’s bigger than mine and larger around too. Then he flipped Shona onto our bed and went down on her, sucking on her pussy, after that he chucked on a condom, mounted and fucked her. To my surprise he fucked Shona on her hands and knees, his first penetration was in her arsehole.

I was amazed Shona could take him analy so quickly. The sounds of her moaning and groaning with his cock up her arse, I’m talking balls deep anal sex. I watched him pound her bum so hard and Shona eagerly pushed back and took it all. His cock swelled up and he started pumping, grunting into my wife’s arsehole, he pulled his cock out, ripped off the condom and speared Shona’s cunt, one thrust! With vigorous thrusting, he came, he must have pumped five or six heavy bolts of cum deep into her pussy. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing sexier than Shona’s arse full of cum, but it was still fantastic watching him drill her cunt. After he was done, he laid down on his back and my wife dirty squatted down over his face, spread her pussy lips with two fingers and then sat firmly on his face. I knew his cum was leaking out of her pussy into his mouth and Shona built a steady rhythm riding. I am sure she orgasmed on his tongue.

As Shona collapsed forward, I could clearly see on the video Shona’s pussy was filled to the brim with cum, her stretched labia was fully exposed as she leant forward. In her collapsed forward state, pussy exposed, she would tighten up her pussy and the deeper cum would flow out of her. He lapped up every drop of rolling cum, it was so horny. After a little break, Shona sat back up on his face and he gently, softly, sucked and licked her sloppy pussy. I was impressed with the man’s style.

I always eat cum from Shona’s pussy. But I guess, after watching this video, I would be eating a lot more of her from now on. I turned the TV off and could not hold back. I literally tore off her lace undies and I fucked Shona; I jammed my cock in, I was so excited to be in her used pussy that I didn’t last long. I shot off my own load of cum, grunting, pumping and screwing myself deep into her joyously hammered slot.

I rested for just a little. Then moving lower, I lifted and held her legs high up in the air. I went straight down to her cum glistening clit. I started sucking all our sperm right out of her hole. Shona tasted so good and I worked hard and I am sure I diligently sucked every drop out of her.

I was so crazy horny that I crawled back on top of her and jacked another load of cum down onto her chest and ate that too. I have shared my wife with dozens of men, and I have sucked and swallowed gallons of cum out of her screwed hole. My wife Shona calls her pussy a “little cum dump” and I am always on the prowl for the loads within. Sometimes I miss and the cum drips down onto our sheets, but I always get in there, scoop it up, spread it back onto Shona’s skin and then lick it off her.

Our newer thing is group sex. Shona has learned she loves being “airtight” That is, fucked in all three of her holes at the same time. I love laying underneath, to be sucking the cum and fluids out of her pussy whilst a big cock is fucking her arsehole, throat and/or pussy from behind. After anyone cums I am always ready to trade places. As a bonus, I of course get to enjoy, after all the action, her slops with my cock and tongue, after everyone has gone.

Shona will lay a man down on the bed and my wife will crawl on top of him, insert a cock up into herself and ride like a demon. If men blow on her sexy arse, I will get up behind her and spread the fresh cum around on her big round arse cheeks. This action and many other fantastic positions will be utilised for some hours. Shona is a stayer and will go on, over and over, till she has drained every millilitre of cum out of every man. Sometimes Shona will suck my cock while everybody else fucks her arse and pussy, her holes will be fully inseminated with cum from a whole bunch of horny cocks before I take a turn.

I just love to watch other men fuck her arse and cunt. Stretching her holes and filling her body with length, girth and semen. One time, after a heavy session, I went down on her and took a straw (saw this in an online video). I licked the cum off of her arse and used the straw to suck the deep cum out of her pussy, now that’s what I call a horny cum shake. We both love to setup the camera and film us in action. Shona loves to perform and she loves the taste of cum. Sometimes after a man or men have cum in her pussy, she kneels or stands up, placing her hand, cupped under her cunt and as the guy withdraws, she catches the cum running out of her.

And looking deep into the camera, she smiles while licking and sucking her palm and fingers clean of his warm cum. My wife Shona would make a good adult film star. Her love for kinky sex really shows in the home videos we have. One time she was fucking three guys in our bed, I sat back and was watching them fuck all of her holes till she was flooded full and painted with sperm. I am such a pervert, (Saw it in an online video) I grabbed a spoon from our kitchen, inserted it vaginally and scraped Shona’s pussy walls scooping the cum as it was leaking out of her cunt. I fed her the spoonful of cum and Shona, she licked the spoon clean.

All the guys thought that was intense and sexy and it turned a couple of them on again. They were more than happy to fill her holes with cum again, some did, some didn’t. Shona was more than keen to keep sucking horny fluid down her throat for anyone who still had the chance of an erection.

After the last man had emptied his last load, I drove my own cock into her mouth. Shona sucked my cock till I also came in her mouth, then kissing me hard, she fed it back into my mouth so we could share our final thick and warm treat.

That is one seriously sexy, very horny woman...Glad she is all mine...

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