19 Jun 2018

Ric and I, we love multiple men, bareback sex. Ric leaves me free to be me. I have been shared and passed around at quite a few parties. I love to lay back on a bed in a motel or Swingers club for an hour or two and have, men and women, just come and fuck me. Even having just other couples lay down and fuck next to me, it seems to help them cum kinkier and harder.

Many men will come back, just to cum inside me again, some men up to two or three times, even after fucking other women, in between!

They save their loads for me.

As I ride, relishing their exquisite cock, I will lean down and whisper into their ear: “Cum inside me.” This statement, these three simple words. I feel their heart beat faster, our bodies writhe and quiver in excitement, agonising anticipation for our groaning finale.

I say again "I want your cum inside me, I NEED your cum inside me" "Give me CUM!" I will beg. These three, simple little words. They turn men on like nothing else...

Men can be so sweet and so sexy! You would not believe how many will eat my screwed pussy before and/or after they fuck me! I have taken more than 7 loads in my pussy over a couple hours, I love the feeling of all that cum slowly running out of me as I walk about, considering my next! If you have not done it, girls, it is the best feeling! I love men into eating their own cum, or other guys cum from my mouth and especially my creamed pussy!!! I say “them” because most know damn well, I love it.

I have never had men do anything other than kiss me willingly. Some hesitate for a second or two, but suddenly then they always get into it. That is everyone I have done it to and all the women witnesses so far say something like “That is so sweet!”

The men usually just smile, then fuck me or give me their cock to suck. I often have two or three guys attending to me at once! At parties they lie next to me, we will touch and pet a bit, then we eat each other, even after they have seen me taken multiple times, including even by them! They still go down on me most of the time before we fuck again. Many men, just like to finger fuck my cum filled pussy, just so they know how used my pussy is now or will be, later in the party after my fucked pussy has had plenty of use!

I love being free to enjoy, so much! Haha, I love my Ric and all my kinky open lovers!