Written by hairyfckr

21 Feb 2013

I went for a ride with my bicycle, as I have done so many other afternoons/evenings. I usually ride following the cycle-path that runs along the coastline heading to East point.

Normally it is quite hot during the cyclone season, so as soon as I pass the botanical gardens I take my singlet off, that by then it will be drench in sweat.

I am quite hairy on my chest and back, so i get some looks every now and then, sometimes it feels good, some other times I feel people are looking at me like an animal or something like it.

I used to trim or shave, but for the time it takes to do the job and put up with the itches and stubble once the hair starts growing, I don't think is worth the effort. I decided that if people don't like what they see, then I am not the right person for them.

Anyway, this evening ride was no much different from other previous rides, I'll cruise around enjoying the views of the gardens and the coastline. But this time, as I was passing by the recreational park Lake Alexander, I noticed that there was a couple that was loading their 4W grey truck with a kayak and some other equipment. It looks like they just have finished their exercise routine for the day, because they both were in their swimmers and still wet while they were packing up all the gear.

I decided to slow down my speed so I could get a good look at them.

She was on the petite side, a small curvaceous body only covered by a tiny bikini. I manage to get a quick glimpse of her still erected nipples, that were each concealed by a small triangle of fabric that barely fit in her rather large breast, if you were to compare them with the rest of her body.

Her little bubble but was a perfect mound, two rock melons hold by another, rather small, triangle piece of fabric. Her stomach was flat, with hardly a gram of fat around it, sliding down to her rather hidden pussy, again covered by another tiny triangle of fabric. Her legs were fit and firm and it showed that the exercise has paid off well. She has a well toned figure proper of an athlete.

Even though I have slowed down on the cycling speed, I thought that I am not going to have enough time to contemplate such a sweet delight, so I stopped to have a sip from my bottle of water. I still was at a safe distance on the other side of the road without being very obvious.

She proceeded to undo her pony tail and let her hair loose to let it dry. It was then when I believe she noticed me. I took a sip from my bottle looking away and pretending I was looking at the scenery.

She continued freeing her hair and then started to re-arrange her swimsuit. She grab the fabric covering her bum and stretch it out to slightly, only to uncover a bit more of flesh. Then she turn around a bit so I could get a reasonable front view. She continued arranging her lower side, this time she was lifting the fabric by the strings either side of her hips, outlining the perfect shape of her pussy. I got a bit of a tingle on my cock then, i don't think i could appreciate the lips of her pussy from where I was, but my brain has already magnified her pussy and my cock has already started to think for itself. She proceeded to adjust her top side, by then I definitely knew she was showing off for me. She pull the string running from the underside of her breasts, outlining the shape of them and emphasizing the lump of her big nipples.

She looked at me in the eye, realizing that I have been caught once more, this time it was obvious to her.

She turn her head around and spoke something to her husband. He looked over at me. It was clear they were talking about me. My cock went down and I thought it was time to resume my cycling.

I started to pedal to pass them, as I was giving quick glances at them. It was then when I noticed the guy properly.

He wasn't very tall, 5' 6" or so, he had a bit of stubble and had very short medium brown hair. He was well built, nice solid body on the muscular side. It was hard to tell the size of his muscles because of the abundance of body hair. A thick carpet of curly dark hairs covered his solid chest, with well defined pects, by the way the fur will get darker in the middle of the chest and under the pectorals.

He has a bit of belly but I still could see the definition of the six pack. He has a reasonable bulge between his legs, but i guess it looked small because of the sheer size of his thighs. They were like two trunks, thick and muscular like a rugby player, and massive calves too. He also have arms that made mine look like sticks in comparison. His forearms were the size of my calves at least. the guys looked like was working on the marines or the defense forcers. He was average looking but I guess the overall size and looks of his body made him attractive.

Anyway, I felt kind of intimidated when he was looking at me and I don't think I wanted to mess around with him, so i guess it was time to move on.

I kept on going, looking back a couple times and noticing they both were looking at me. I eventually turn and lost them out of sight.

It was no more than ten minutes when I noticed the 4W pass me by with the kayak on top. I recognised the guy driving... it was them! I thought it was strange to drive that way because there is only one way to go in and out of the park, and the way out was on the opposite direction.

I kept cycling and I noticed that the 4W is parked in one of small car parks in the area. It was the only car there.

As I pass by, a bit nervous now, I noticed that they were kissing and the guy was grabbing her breast. I could not stop looking as I was passing by, and I am sure they wanted me to know what they were doing, as the windows were all down.

I continued cycling until they disappear from my sight.. it was then when I stopped, locked my bicycle and hide behind the bushes to watch them.

I was so nervous. He was kissing her deeply while his hand will massage her breasts. Long wet kisses went along and by now, the guy has removed her top and her breast are now fully exposed, as he continues to rub her tities over and over, occasionally, the guy will pinch her nipples' nob and she will release a small moan. I was there, front line view, soaking on the view, without being noticed. Or so i thought.

The guy by now has started to lick her engorded nipples, nibbling on them every now and then, and she was letting herself moan as he nibbles on her nipples. I was fixated on the action, my cock now fully erect and wanting to get out my pants. This was so hot!

I then noticed that the lady was looking on my direction, I froze. I didn't know what to do. If I retreat they might hear me and cut off the action. My heart was pounding very fast.

She looked at me again and let another moan scape. I could see her face of satisfaction. she knew somehow i was there..watching.

Her husband was chewing on her nipple and with the other hand he proceed to slip a couple of his fingers under her tiny bikini and started playing with her pussy.

One of her hands reached to the guy's hairy back, which it was filled with dark curly hairs. She will run her hand up and down feeling the texture of the fur covering his shoulders. With her other hand, she grabbed her big fat nipple and started giving it short squeezes and looking at me at the same time. By now the guy was fingering her slowly. Everytime he pushed a knuckle in, she will let a small moan go. I was hypnotized with the view.

It was then when I took my already fat cock out of my pants, I was so horned up, I wasn't even thinking whether she could see me or not, I didn't care, anyhow. It was clear to me she knew i was there. this was too much, I was totally hard and I could not get enough of the action. After a few strokes on my hard cock, I kicked my shorts out, standing there totally naked except for my sandals.

The girl then open her side of the car's door, I freaked out! What was the next move? I started looking for my shorts just in case i have to run. Nothing happen for a minute or two.

She turn around in her seat and let her legs out on the edge of the 4w's. I thought she is going to step out. Instead, she reclined herself leaning her head on her husband thighs. She then put her feet to rest on the edge of the step of the door, and pull her legs apart, giving me a full view of her exposed pussy, all red and wet from the fingering her husband has been giving her. While the husband work her nipples by pinching, twisting and pulling them, she start playing with her pussy, opening it up for me to see the large fluffy lips of her cunt, sliding a finger or two in her dripping pussy and even gently pulling her clit for me to see. After a couple of these moves, my cock was now throbbing and dripping cum. I was holding myself and try not to touch my dick on the fear that I might cum. Yet, hard as a rock, i gave a gentle pull to my balls and stretch them out a bit, it seems somehow, that this relieves the pressure on my already aching balls.

Meanwhile, the lady kept fingering herself while the husband was tweaking her nipples real good by now, she started to moan more frequently and for longer.

All of the sudden, the husband looked at me straight in the eye. Oh fuck!! now i'm so fucked!!

He signaled me with his fingers to come over. I froze again!! Is this guy calling me?

He kept looking at me. He signaled again to come around, I oblige and start walking towards the open door, he looked at me with content. I realised that i was totally naked in front of them, that didn't bring my cock down though.

So, you like my wife's pussy, hu? I didn't say a word. I guess by the look of your cock you do, so why don't you get down there and give her a good tongue workout.

She was perfectly positioned, it was like heaven.

I drop to my knees and started licking her pussy lightly, it was dripping fresh pussy juice.. and i didn't wanted to miss a drop.

Some of the juice has slipped down her pussy to the crack of her ass. I put my tongue down her anus orifice and started licking upwards. Her anus reacted to this by contracting and I know she was loving it. As I repeated this action is stuck my nose on her pussy, getting a good sniff out of it. After a couple more times doing this I left the area clean and i was ready now for the main course.

In the mean time I was keeping an eye on the guy and kept confirming that everything was good, and I think he was having a good time too as his wife was sucking on his fat cock and by the look on his face she was doing a pretty good job too.

He was talking softly, kind of moaning too, and I could see his massive chest heaving deeply. His big nipples will poke through the thick carpet of hair. Yep!, he was definitely having a good time too.

With one less thing to worry about i went back to business and continued eating her pussy. I will try to reach with my tongue deep inside and taste all the flavors it has to offer.

She was enjoying my tongue workout for sure as I could hear her moans getting louder and louder.

I was so turned on by the whole situation. Me eating pussy, with her husband right next to me and me completely naked in a car park.

I was so into it that I didn't realized that the guy was now ready to shoot... and sure he did, He dumped a huge load all over his hairy chest and belly, his wife catched what she could in her mouth, but she had to led her husband's dick go as she was cumming too and needed the air to breathe, disengaging from his husband's cock.

The sight was so intense that I shoot my load too. I was exhausted by then. We all rest there for a few minutes until our breathing have recovered. I thank them for the fun and they thank me too. The guy told me that he was so turned on to see his wife's pussy eaten, that he would like me to do it again. I could not believe what I was hearing, fuck, that was awesome, sure i wanted to do it again.

I kind of play cool and said, Sure!!!

we agreed to meet a week later at the same spot.

But that is another story for some other day.