16 Mar 2017

Maslins was a favorite beach of mine for a few summers a meeting with a runner i especially remember...she was brown and blonde but quite lean and athletic of course id seen her once or twice before but this time i wanted to fuck her and taste her aroused now writing about it thinking of her the fluid style she used was what caught my eye and then her body ...i got off my towell and jogged down to the waters edge and then jogged south after her ...running through the cool small waves in a few inches of water the splashing igniting my generous cock my eyes watching her legs back and buttocks glide over the sand she was fifty metres away now and speeding up as she neared gull rock i kept my pace and watched her stop and get her breath maintaining my breath rate padding up to her and smiling as i waded into the water to cool my now hot cock ....i dropped backwards into a metre or so of water and splashed around and getting up said hi what a day huh....she had to reply ole sol so warm and the water so clear. ..yeh isnt it or something she said ...i asked her how long shed been running and asked her if she was a swimmer too ...sure love it ...i stared at her mouth and fantasised of her sucking me and said fancy a swim around the rock ...she hesitated just for a moment and laughed sure why not so i just took off and aussie crawled towards the rock i let her catch me and she moved slightly ahead her legs dappling in the rippled sunlight her back snaking across the surface her lips and mound slipping open and closed her breasts stretching and rolling with her arms ...i was starting to notice my conning tower causing some serious drag and moved ahead of her swinging to my left as i rounded the point and swimming into a tiny bay only twenty metres across and perching up on the sand...she was fucking magnificent coming out of the water the droplets running off her face breasts and body diamond droplets in her pussy hair...she laughed and sat beside me i slowly flipped around in front of her open legs mouth to her and said please dont stop me ...she was beautifull wet ....delicious slippery sweet i took my time untill she started coming and then sucked her clit as round as my pinky finger as hard as myself as she peaked again i reached under her buttock and guided her onto the fat head of my cock she bit my chest and nipples growling like a bear cub i swear she clawed my butt and pushed one her fingers in to my anus ...i plunged into her reaching for her gee place and then her cervix my piercing setting me on fire her orgasm gripping me her legs wrapping me biting my neck and slapping my arse like a horse ....i could feel the sand on her butt cheeks now her head was thrown back and she was gazing at the cliff verticle above us ...i rode my cock along her lips the last spurts of my orgasm sliding on her brown belly .......sandra ...well met ????