Written by Lobby

28 Feb 2018

It was late one afternoon, I had chatted to Ned about setting up a birthday surprise for his lady. I was horny and he needed someone to make the birthday present a reality in a public place. I nominated a warehouse location on the southside that had plenty of gardens for cover. My instructions were that he would bring his lady there blindfolded, I was to be the stranger, she didnt know what was going to take place but we did. I was not going to speak and she would not know my name.

The time came, they arrived in their white sports car, she was wet with anticipation apparentl,y so when I finally saw her ( blindfolded) , I was pleasantly surprised as she was very slim and stunning, long black hair and a great arse, wow I was hard already!! Hubby laid down a large square blanket on the ground in a space between the bushes so we had plenty of privacy, he would keep a look out and we would play. I embraced her closely , she felt great as she worked out in a gym and was very toned and sooo hot. She complimented me that I felt strong and muscly, we embraced and passionately kissed, she soon knelt down and sucked my rock hard cock like there was no tomorrow and she was amazing, almost completely swallowed one of my huge balls which was a first for me, this hot lady was moaning in ecstasy already!! She was very turned on and horny.

Not too long after that she turned around, lifted up her denim mini skirt to reveal her naked beautiful tight wet pussy and got on her hands and knees in front of me to reveal one of the most amazing sights Ive ever seen. I eagerly knelt behind her and slipped my rock hard cock so smoothly into her tight wet pussy as she let out a deep moaning almost scream. . I was in total pleasure heaven.

I pounded that stunning lady like never before, it was so dam good, she was loving the excitement of the blindfolded adventure and we were both about to cum, we both came pretty much together and wow I filled her up with a huge load of my hot cum. We moaned together as the thrusting slowed down from a frantic pace to a relaxed, satisfied pace until we collapsed together and enjoyed the moment.

This was one of the best fucks i had had for a long time and the anonymity and the unknown made it even better.

It was like winning lotto, we kissed and hugged before she left with hubby, hardly a word said. Very hot, couldnt wait until the next surprise for her.