Written by willann

3 Jan 2012

Its hot so what else is there to do but go down to maslins, after being there awhile we noticed a sexy hot couple sitting close by after a little while will noticed another woman giving her husband a head job Will pointed this out to me and we both started to enjoy the show, as things started to hot up I started to play with Wills cock, at first Will was shy and kept telling me to stop as people, mainly men were walking past and were looking, as my hand moved slowly up and down his cock he soon became very hard and we noticed the other couple who we had seen first were also starting to play around with each other, with Wills cock getting harder it was just to much I had to go down and start sucking and licking his very hard cock we were both getting pretty aroused and my pussy was getting wetter as wills cock got harder, sudenly we looked up to notice a group of men standing around playing with their own hard cocks this startled us both and we decided to go for a walk.as we walked past the sexy couple we had noticed before we stopped to say hi, they invited us to join them on the blanket after some small talk and some flirting they started to fondle each other whilst we watched this got us really aroused and I started to suck wills hard cock, we were both so horny watching the other couple whilst we enjoyed each others hot and horny bodies, whilst we were all enjoying what was going on a group of men started to come around us all of them had their cocks out and were rubbing them whilst they watched us all play with each others bodies. Will started to fuck me from behind as we watched to other couple lick and suck their partners bodies, will was very hard and began to fuck me harder and deaper until he blew we watched the other couple for awhile until they had satisfied each other we shared a laugh as the crowd of guys dwindled away and then all packed up and went our seperate ways. This is a true story