11 May 2017

Last Thursday night I was invited over, by myself, to this new guys home for a few hours. I've actually been seeing him for three months now. He's a really solid fuck, and probably my favorite, these days.

We had ourselves a really great night, with three great fucking sessions and his deliveries of three equally wonderful and very hot, loads of cum into me. (Well the last one might have been a bit weak but who cares).

I don't use condoms with him, as I know he's sexy and safe, plus I loathe the rubber tasting things anyway (what girl doesn't love, skin on skin!).

It's always a very hot time when I open my legs for him, plus I get to fuck his newer cock "bareback" My husband is always fucking excited too, because he knows that my cunt, it'll be good, hot and thickly juicy when I get home.

This one time, when I got back a little early, I decided to play around with my husband and have some sexy fun. When I came in, I dragged him to our bed. I pushed him back, to have him lay back on the bed. I stripped right down naked, except for my lace bra and crawled on top of him. At first I acted like I was going to fully straddle his face, he loves that after I come home from a date, well fucked (especially when I see this one guy). I placed my knees on either side of his head and put my panty gussett over to his face and pressed down, so he could see, taste and smell that I had definitely been well fucked.

I made sure to let him know that it was fucking HOT sex too!

I teased him, "the fucking it was awesome" I told him I had cum numerous times while I was over there being pounded. I told my husband, as my panty gusett mashed his face, my pussy had been fucked completely bareback, just the way both of us liked and my new man had driven three scalding hot, thick cum loads inside of me... inside that same, well fucked pussy, right now, riding on his face.

Then smoothly, I climbed off his face and moved back down his body, moving my hips toward his groin. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips, I whispered in his ear that I wouldn't be fucking him tonight. I whispered to him "I was already filled with plenty of cum and that's all I will need tonight" I was so dirty and naughty, haha! I thought to myself..

I slipped my gooey and wet gussetted panties off.

I eased my open, drooling pussy down on his hard and erect, cock length and started rubbing my slippery slot up and down, along his shaft length, not inside of me at all. I was sat upright, but momentarilly leaned into him and whispered again that another mans cum was leaking out of me right now, I was wet with cum, riding and dribbling my saved cum onto his cock. I told him that I would get him off, not by taking his cock into my used pussy, But using only another mans cum for lube, I would ride him with my flogged pussy lips. I would slowly grind and roll my cunt along him, letting the slippery wetness of my fuck juices, rub all over his cock. My husband tried to slide inside me, he moaned and pushed against my cunt lips, but settled as I denied him entry, he relented and relaxed enjoying the slippery vaginal sensation, along his cock, as we rubbed our sexual organs together.

I knew he wouldn't last long. It really only took me minutes, I spoke constantly, reminding him that it wasn't my wetness he was feeling. It was the heavy loads of cum from another mans balls, leaking out of my well used pussy. My dirty cunt was fucking full of cum and very soon all of it seemed like it was all flowing out onto his cock and balls... I could see, feel and smell cum, it was every fucking where.

I rode him like a bitch on heat, but no way was his aching, throbbing and very veiny cock going into my cunt, I called out "I was a prick tease, he wouldn't be getting inside my pussy... because someone else already fucked me up, well and truely" earlier...

I truely gooed up my mans cock, rode all over his fat shaft, teased the fuck out of him with my pornographic afternoon tryst, and holy fuck, did my man cum, he lathered his belly so gooood!