16 Nov 2016

Sexy Techniques.

I absolutely love being a highly sexual wife. One of the best things for me is driving my man insane with lust for me. Giving him just the right amount of teasing, pleasing and reassurance. Not only am I given the freedom and the option of choosing my own sexual partners, but I also get a sexy man that constantly burns with horny desire for me.

Here are some naughty techniques, I use, that I’ve found we and our partners can use to make their extramarital encounters extra fun for their men and for themselves.

When your man is watching you with another.

Definitely make eye contact* - Nothing arouses and teases your man like strong eye contact with him. Eye contact says, “Look at me, baby!” It makes it impossible for either of you to ignore or miss what’s going on. Eye contact can be gentle or strong, depending on your mood and, of course, the message I'm trying to send. I prefer to lock eyes for a long time, then wink, moan or smile, as I look away. I like to lock eyes with my husband while I blow any lover's cock. My man always knows he will be next.

Smile often* - Smiling can be both a sexy tease and a reassurance. It says, "baby, look how much fun I’m having!” and “Everything is just fantastic.” My favourite is to smile at my man when I’m riding and grinding on a cock, "cowgirl" style.

Say naughty stuff* - You don’t have to blabber away, but it’s sexy fun to say things, out load, now and then. I love dirty sexual talk, as I fuck, while my man is watching. I also like to engage with him, calling out, asking, “Keep that cock hard for me?” or “Don’t you wish you were doing me, right now?” "You're next you know!" I also urge a lover to talk about how good everything feels as he uses me, how much fun he’s having with my body. Moaning, groaning, laughing, giggling, etc. are all sexy things I like to do. It’s also real cute to call out to your man, using the terms of endearment you would normally use, like honey, sweetheart, baby, etc. As you’re being well and truly fucked by another man.

Dress the part* - High heel shoes, see thru lingerie, hair, nails, and perfume all say, “I’m putting real slutty effort into looking fucking hot for tonight, I am really getting into it!” Your man will be aroused by your sexy appearance and even quietly jealous of the effort you will have taken to look good for another guy.

When your husband is listening from another room

Fuck hard and go nuts* - Scream out, cry out, moan, groan, laugh, beg, talk filth, giggle, and slurp loudly. Encourage your new friend to slap your arse. These sounds will ring through the closed door and straight to your man’s ears, driving him even more horny and wild with intense desire and secret jealousy.

Emerge, then disappear* - Taking a break from the fucking. Go into the room where your man is, (probably stroking his cock, haha!": Your hair a complete mess, makeup smeared all over. Drink a glass of water. Kiss him deeply, say a very sexy hello! Then leave, go back to the fucking bedroom. Close the fucking door, locking it loudly!

Make a video* - Set up prior and video your intense bedroom fucking. Set the camera up in your room to the record the entire sexy event.

When your man can not be around.

Call him up* - It’s so much fun to call your man and put the phone on "loud speaker" Have it right next to you, as you’re being hard railed. Then, you sexy man can listen " live!" Even more fun (for you, haha!) is to have your new guy call from his phone. It’s always more of a surprise!

Text messages* - Same as above, but text really dirty filthy messages. What you’re doing, the intensity, the positions, even, how many orgasms, etc. Have your new fuck send your man, dirty fucking, dirty cock sucking, pictures of you in full action.

A little surprise* - I love having my man walk in on me, during or just after a hot fuck session. I often have not told him I will be busy and he’s not expecting anything. Just make sure that you know he will be OK with this situation first, and, I suppose, that your current fuck is also OK with this situation. Can you believe it? Some people just don’t like surprises.

Leave plenty of evidence* - Your stained lingerie laying around the bedroom floor, wet panties in the bedroom doorway, glistening sex toys on the side table, the smell of dried cum on your skin or a full condom (or more!) in the rubbish bin, all tell your man, what you are capable of, in his absence. He, no doubt, will require a full recounting of your sexual adventure as he pounds into your pussy, himself.

Make a Movie (pt. 2)* - If ever my man has missed out on my afternoon interlude altogether, I leave the video recording on the bedside table for him, or text the video to his phone during our evening.

There you go guys, that should spice things up, so from me - stay sexy, fuck often and play hard, it's so worth it!