21 Jan 2018

"Turn on the lights. Can you see better now. Now, look here and see. Now watch. You ready? " Watch as my throbbing thick cock pushes its head between your wanton, wet pussy lips. I lift and spread your ankles, bringing your pussy up higher and closer to my hard and heavy cock as I stand in front of you on the bed. I lift you higher, our hips align and my shaft rests between your legs. I can feel the heat from your pussy, and your wetness from your arousal. I lower you slightly, allowing my throbbing head to find your opening and pull you back into me, forcing my cock head into your tight wet pussy, ur lips sliding around the fat tip of my head and gripping it hungrily. As my shaft starts to enter you, I hear you gasp and look down to see you close your eyes and roll your head to the side as you bite your bottom lip. I pause, then lower your hips back onto the bed.

Your eyes look at me, questioningly. I tell you to move as I slide you, forcefully, further onto the bed allowing me to kneel between your legs and slide one arm beneath your waist. I lift your waist, your thighs now resting on top of mine and your legs naturally wrapping around my body. Using the mickyjuice already lubricating my head, I slowly slide my knob up and down your slit mixing your mickyjuice with my oozing pre cum all over your sweet smoothly shaven pussy. You reach for my cock and push it hard against your clit, thrusting and bucking your hips against my cock while trying to pull me in closer by tightening your grip with your legs. I can sense you getting hotter and wetter, as you whisk your pussy with my throbbing slippery cock and again your eyes close and head rolls as you bite your lips and mutter "Fuck me. Fuck me now." I move my hips back and my shaft slides back down your lips, my head nestling at your entrance "Yessssss" you hiss "FUUUUUUCKMEEEE" as I thrust my hips forward in one slow, long deliberate push and my throbbing heavy cock enters with a wet squelching squeeze. You lift your head to see. Veins bulging and thick creamy mickyjuice cover my cock as I slide 2 inches out. Again, you grab my veiny thumping cock and pull it hard inside you. I thrust forward again. This time I feed into you till my balls rest against your ass, you grunt and groan as your hand moves to your mouth and taste our juices combined. "Mmmmmmmmm" you whimper as your free hand grabs a handful of breast, fingers pinching your nipple hard. Your head rolls again to the side as the pleasure builds inside.

I pull back slowly, then BANG, slam back in hard, my balls smacking your ass. then again, and again. I grab both your ankles from behind me, and push them apart and back till your knees are on either side of your head. Your pussy is now pointing towards the ceiling and still impaled on my stiff hard cock. There's mickyjuice all over my dick, my balls and all around your sopping wet cunt and making a trail down your ass crack. I now answer your screams to fuck you hard, and dip my dick in and out, banging balls deep and hard with every thrust as you frantically rub your button. I see your eyes start to roll and your head turns to the side, so I target my thrusts to your sweet spot inside. Your climax leaves me holding on, unable to keep fucking you as you buck and kick and thrash wildly beneath me.

In a flash, you jump from beneath me and kneel in front of me, your sexy ass inviting me and you telling me, "Now Fuck Me Hard". I don't need telling twice as I'm already getting in position. I push the small of your back down, raising your pussy lips higher in the process, till my purple tip finds its home and pushes against your doorway. I grab my shaft and guide it as your mickyjuice makes it a slippery slide back into your tightness. As soon as my thick tip nudges in your opening, you push back, hard, swallowing my throbbing manhood into your hungry pussy in one sweet swift move. "That's it!" you growl "That's how to fuck me. Just like that. Now FUCK. Show me you best boy". Placing one hand on each hip, I use them as a handle and pull you off and on me, thrusting in time with the momentum of your hips, getting faster, deeper and harder with each connection. Slapping hard against your pussy, my balls start to ache at the violence of each smack, but I don't back down. I don't dare slow down. This performance must be satisfactory to all. Your mouth mutters dirty talk, encouraging me, pushing me, demanding me to fuck you harder. I slide one hand under you to play with your clit, the mickyjuice I feel is frothy and thick. Your hand meets mine as you take over rubbing our juice all over our union; my balls, your clit, and my shaft in your pussy all excited by the extra sensation, so I leave that to you and return to fucking you hard, enjoying the squelch of each push and the view of your tight lips gripping my shaft each time I withdraw. Your ass is puckered and pushing out and sucking back in, with each thrust of my cock. Using the mickyjuice left on my hand, I rub my fingers over your butt, smearing your juices over your hole and probing inside, lubricating your back door. You growl to me "Yessss. Finger my arse. I wanna feel u in both holes. Come on. Fill me up". I slide in my index finger. Just enough so I can feel veins on my cock through the skin divide in your ass. "Yessss" you scream and you buck back even harder. I take my finger out and replace it with my thumb. I feel your muscles tighten up on my thumb and cock with the larger intrusion, before gradually relaxing and loosening up as the fast hard fucking resumes. Feeling your enjoyment and the excitement of playing dirty and feeling my cock from inside your ass brings my orgasm quickly closer. I feel my balls begin to tighten and the cum starting to rise in my cock. You sense my climax and beg for its release. "Cum for me baby. Fuck me hard till you cum. I want you to cum all over me. Cum on my tits. I wanna see you cum on my tits".

With your approval, I hold back no more. Another 6 thrusts and I pull my thumb and cock out of your orifices. You spin around and grab my slippery cock and engulf the tip while you wank my shaft into your mouth. 20 seconds of sucking and 3 final pulls and your pull my cock out and aim it towards your tits. My knees go weak and my body convulses as your tits surround and slide up and down my shaft. I cum, with a huge force of built up pleasure and fire my load, first shot on your chest, the 2nd shooting up onto your face and the 3rd and 4th all over your tits before you take me back in your mouth and suck every last drop I can muster. As I catch my breath, and stop seeing stars, you spread my seed over your tits, flicking your nipples with my sensitive withering cock head with a wicked smile and a look of satisfaction, you turn to your side again and say, "Well, did you enjoy that". Your husband has tissues all over his lap. With another, he wipes his cum off his hands and beads of sweat from his head before lowering the video camera and smiling. "That was such a turn on. I've never seen anything so sexy and I can tell my wife fuckin loved every second of it too, but.....", and he paused. "But what? " we replied in unison. "But.... you'll have to do it all over again. I forgot to hit record"

Mick.. ....

Hope u enjoyed.


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