2 Apr 2019

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a picked up a date with a new, very keen, online man tonight, I am anxious, but as she tells me he is taking her out for drinks and a “very naughty” evening. This is what we both want, but it's always out of my hands and I am always both nervous and excited in equal parts, every single time.

I arrive home to find Shona starting to get ready for this new date. I watch, laid out from our bed, as Shona showers herself, trims her pussy all tidy, does her legs and dresses up sexy for this date. It is so hot to watch her prepare herself, firstly in the bathroom and then the bedroom. Strutting about in sexy lace undies, finding and choosing a short sexy dress or skirt, the obligatory heels, lipstick, makeup - the full works. All before the his car pulls up at the allotted time, and in a whirl of sexy scent and a hot kiss, she's gone out. I try not to look out, enjoying not knowing.

Sitting at home for some time, my cock hard, edging myself, making serious effort not to stroke my cock to orgasm, my phone finally beeps, a text from my sexy Shona. The screen lights up with the words: "Dinner finished, heading to his place for drinks, I'm so turned on, my knickers are damp" Thirty minutes later, another next text comes in, "OMG" his cock is huge... wish me luck!"

No more texts, 4 tortuous hours later a car drops her and she rocks in home.

Dozing in bed, it's after midnight now, I hear the code typed into our front door, she's home and I am excited. Shona comes directly into our bedroom, the heady smell of her perfume mixed with aftershave, a strong scent of heavy sweat and steamy sex follows her. Within seconds, she pulls her balled up knickers from her small handbag and throws them to me, she strips her dress and bra off, giddy with excitement herself, she's jumps in bed next to me. I kiss and hold her and she excitedly tells me how her night went, from beginning to end. How he used her, fucked her, treated her like a real slut, how she did things for his big cock that she swears she has never done. By now my cock is straining, hard as rock, dribbling pre-cum and twitching. Her legs have been open to me the whole story time. I am feeling up her pussy, it is swollen, puffy lipped and pounded red, she is wonderfully oozing so much fluid.

Then the bombshell, she says that Steve said "I bet your husband will want to lick you out and suck my cum from your pussy when you get home" - "is that true?" Shona asks me, with a wicked grin.

I don't deny it to my sexy wife, that sensuous idea has turned me on for years, and here is my sexy (now slutty) wife, with a cum filled pussy, offering me the opportunity I have lusted after for so long. "He's right" I tell her, "I do want to eat yout" my eyes bright in excitement as she laughs.

"Well, go ahead, eat up" says Shona. Shona lays herself out, pushes a pillow under her arse and spreading her legs wider that I have ever seen her do before, fully opens herself to me. I crawl between her legs for my warm and tasty meal, the odorous pungent smell of the sex hits me, am I really going to do this I ask myself. I never want any opportunity to pass me by, but in the 5 seconds it took me to admire and consider my meal, Shona was already ready, "get to it" says Shona. I extend my tongue and tentatively push it into her gaping, ruined cunt, the trickling cum makes contact with my tongue is warm, thick, tastes slightly bitter and quite salty, but really delicious. I bury my face deep. Shona grips my head with both hand and pushes my face full into her dripping cunt, like she cannot get enough. I can hardly breath as I lap up his cum and her juices, there is so much fluid. All the while my cock is bouncing and I'm nearly cumming myself as I clean up her sticky messy cum filled pussy.

Once her pussy is all attended, tidy, she has orgasmed and the proceeds are deep in my own belly, I need to fuck her, so bad. I climb up ready to penetrate my wife, but she says "oh no, sorry, I’m way to sore…

Let me help you out… Shona sees my look, "OK she says, picking up her cum and juice filled knickers from the sheets, I will work your cock, I’ll use these" Shona takes the sodden knickers and wraps them around my throbbing shaft, they feel gooey, but cool and damp, using them, without hand contact, the slowly jerks my cock as she recalls to me how Steve fucked her twice, used and abused her, tied her hands while he fucked her. Within 60 seconds, my cock pumps what feels like a gallon of steaming hot seed six inches into the air and all over Shona. My hot cum splashing onto her neck, chest and dribbling down onto Shona’s thighs. She still has her hand and panties around my cock. She then uses the same panties to wipe down her cum sprayed body.

When she finishes smearing the cum off herself and the panties are soaked she passes them to me, “a souvenir” she says.

My god, "will you see him again" I ask, "maybe darling, do you want me to....?" asks Shona.

What a question!