26 Dec 2019

Arriving home late from Xmas drinks, our bedroom was softly lit. I said "Hi" to Shona, I leant in and kissed her. The kiss back from her was very intense. I got her message and quickly stripped and climbed into bed. Shona pressed up tightly against me, literally pulling me onto her body. Shona seemed to be in a very cheeky mood and was very bubbly. She quickly grabbed hold of my cock and left me no doubt she was feeling very frisky.

Shona was a little tipsy, giggling and asking about my night, but all the while she was busy working my cock into a full blown erection. I reached under the soft pale green material of her nighty and fondled her full breasts and played with her nipples.

As I mashed her breasts I could feel the back of my hand, wrist and even my forearm was quickly quite wet. Without releasing Shona's breast, using my free hand, I pulled the sheet back. Shona's nighty was painted in dark, semi dried, long runs of something wet. From her coy, cheeky smile I immediately knew she had had a visitor and at the conclusion of their activities he had sat stop her thighs and painted her soft green nightwear with some mighty powerful blasts of his cum. The ribbons of cum spatter clearly patterned her nighty and fanned out in a dark wet triangular shape. The wet cum stains reached up from her belly button and spread out and up and over her breasts.

My eyes must have been wide with excitement as I surveyed the sexy scene. I looked up into Shona's eyes, she smiled a huge smile and simply stated "You like it, you really like it. I knew you would"

Shona was madly jacking my cock at this stage, I pulled her legs apart, climbed between, split her sticky pussy lips open with a couple of fingers and aimed my cock.

I buried my cock deep and fucked the living shit out of her. Her sticky, stained, partly dried, cummy nighty was between us and the heady odour of the seminal scent of the visitor filled my nostrils as I fucked her vigourously. Shona recited moments from her evening into my ear as I pummeled her worked pussy. I quickly reached a point of no return and Shona also instantly knew I was cumming. Shona wrapped her legs tight around my waist, stuck her tongue in my ear and urged me on "reclaim me baby, reclaim me, take me back"

Those words blew my mind and I savagely blew my balls. I fucking filled her cunt with a litre of my spunk. I reckon I nearly blacked out my orgasm was that fucking intense.

When I finally finished on top of Shona I rolled off to her side.

Shona followed me, rolling onto her side and snuggled into my shoulder. "I knew you would like it" Shona whispered into my ear as she softly bit my lobe.

"Rob left over an hour ago and I couldn't wait for you to get home. I promised him I would text him tomorrow and let him know how we went"

"I think I will tell him you liked it" she giggled.

I was too fucked to even answer, I just smiled and kissed her.

I lay there recovering, Shona softly toyed with my sticky soft cock as she shared all her evenings finer details.

She is such a great girl.

(Hoping Shona will collect some more donations and really get the nighty super skank and thickly crusty)