Written by trying new things

15 Apr 2013

we all do lots of things for the first time and sex is no differnt, the first time we swung was 2 weeks after we had married, went out for a drink, my wife went of with my mate in his car I took my wifes best friend with me, when we got home I fucked her hard and long feeling his cum in her pussy, many times after that she had guys fuck her during the day while I was at work, telling me about it when I got home, we would play, me licking her out and fucking her for hours, then one night out of the blue, we were visiting a couple we knew, talking and drinking, we ended up laying on the floor listening to music with just one candle burning, Dianne kissed me and held my cock, and of course, it was hard, she said, I better check with hubby to make sure its ok to finnish you off, when she turned over to ask, she then turned back and said must be ok hes already fucking your wife, as we fucked I saw my lovely wife being fucked for the first time by another guy, my cock wouldnt go soft all night, and we fucked for hours, and again when we got home, me licking his cum from her well used pussy, some months later a young guy i worked with, 17 and a virgin, was over , Lin was reading laying on the bean bag, we played noughs and crosses, when we run out of paper, I was a bit forward and pulled my wifes top up and we wrote on her body as we continued to play, then again running out of space I removed her top and then skirt and panties using all her body to write on, then as he was writing on her boobs she took my cock and sucked me, his eyes lit up never having had sex, then I went down and licked her clit as she pulled him over and sucked his cock, he nearly blew straight away but she held him off, I moved in and fucked her, not taking to long to seed her pussy with my juices, going up and letting her suck me dry, as I did she told him to fuck her too, oh boy he was smiling, his cock went in and he fucked her hard, but all to soon blew his wad in her, our first 3some,

some years later during a mfmf I had just fucked the lady and she went out I thought to get a drink, after awhile I went in search of her, finding her sucking Lins boobs and playing with her clit, my cock sprung up, my wifes first ff touch, we fucked for 5 hours, I worked with a lady who I knew would be up for sex, so one day she was over our place we got naked in the pool, I kissed her and then linda sucked my cock, she looked dased, but soon joined in, we had our first full on ffm, with the two woman doing every thing to one another and me, going from one pussy to another

then the day I had hoped for, we went to a orgy, the first few times around 6 couples, then at one around 25 couples, I was in a bedroom with a lady, and after we had finnished I walked out, looking for Linda, I found her, oh boy did I find her, on her knees, with around 15 of the guys all fucking and playing with her, cum running from her pussy and mouth as more guys blew in or over her, taking a quick divert I found out why the guys where all in with her, 15 or more ladies were having one big female session in another room, wow, I watched for awhile before going back to my wife, and joining in, sliding my cock in her juicy pussy, she had no idea it was me as guys continued to keep her mouth busy, I added my cum to the loads in her, sitting back once more to watch more and more guys use my lovely wife, before taking her towo or three times more during the cousre of the night before we left around 2 am, Lin only just able to walk, our first orgy was a blast,

then at one of our parties, i was fucking a lady and she turned and asked me to fuck her arse, wow hoh,, my first anal, she took my cock and my cum, after that I introduced my wife to anal, and away we went, her first mmf and dp soon followed, then mmmmmmf in which she kept us all busy for some 5 or 6 hours, then she introduced me to bi, giving me a guys cock to suck one night in a mmf, and then some weeks later sitting me on a guys cock, before he turned me over to fuck me doggy for some 30 mins and then seeding my butt, I was hooked my first anal,, then we progressed to more mmmmmmf gangbangs with the biguys fucking us both in any hole any way they wanted, it was great, then I met guys on my own, at first 1 at a time, then groups, going to one gangbang with 10 guys fucking me, another first, then I met a great guy who taught me anal orgasms, they are fantastic, he blew my mind so many times, and then he said he wanted to fist me and he did, another first,, then his fist and cock went in oh boy get any better I thought,,, well some months later another guy was fisting me and he put both fists in talk about mind blowing I nearly didnt walk after that,

I also used to meet guys who would dp me taking my arse and flooding it with cum time and time again,

then my wife also took to fisting my arse, then she brought a strapon and fucked me hard with vibs and dildos, my biggest now 12 inchs long and thick, but the longest is my 18 inch double we love that as she puts it all in me,, so many firsts,

for those who never try anything new or take years to try new things, dont waste time go for it, life is so good when you do, I have seen hundreds of guys fuck my wife and me now and sex is a big part of our life, I'm hoping I can find some more firsts to do