30 Dec 2015

I love what I am treated to at home, but sometimes a girl just wants to have fun.

Sometimes, us girls, we just don't want to miss an opportunity...

I am so lucky that my sexy partner loves my adventures...

Sometimes, us girls, we just cannot say no, to the sexy cock on offer!

You know by instinct girls, just allow yourself the freedom...

...I let out a low hiss that turned into a moan as he penetrated deep inside me, a long, slow, hard, thrusting.

I needed this so badly. My body, needed it so badly. I felt his bare, fat cock, bottom out, buried inside me, his hot balls tight against my pussy. I nearly came right then, already. I half laughed, half panted, I pressed back against him, trying to get his cock even deeper inside me.

He stayed in that position for a few seconds, luxuriating in my now sweating body, before he sat up, grabbed me by the hips, and started to really fuck me, and I mean really fuck me!

I was his fucktoy now and he used me for his own pure lusting pleasure. He’d never been with a woman like me, one who got off on just being a fuck hole, my opinion of the "pinnacle of bliss" was feeling a sexy guy emptying his hot loaded balls into my sweet, well fucked pussy.

He was not a man about to argue, when he found me a sure thing.

With long thrusts, my man leaned back and fucked me with his rigid cock , brutally using my sweating, sweet body. He watched intently, my cunt lips, as he would pull nearly all the way out, his cock and heavy balls glistening with my excited wetness, then slam himself deep with a wet slap. He could only keep it up for a few minutes more, he knew, but he also knew I didn’t care. The more selfish he was, the harder he pounded, the more he just concentrated on his own needs, he just knew, the harder I would cum, my pussy was gripping his cock like a vice, aching for sperm, with each groaning pulse of my rolling orgasm.

I felt he was getting close, I felt his veiny organ expand with his impending orgasm, I urged him on, begged him to fuck me like a whore. With a groaning shout he let loose, gripping my waist so tightly I felt him shooting cum, I couldn’t move, even if I had wanted to. I felt his cock thickening and pulsing inside me as he pumped ribbon after ribbon of his thick seed inside me.

My own fucking orgasm, forcing me to bear down on him, my raging body instinctively milking ever jet of creamy cum from his balls, My body wanted every last drop...

He pulled out, his cock still pulsing, his heartbeat fast as he tried to catch his breath. I for my part stayed in my fuck position, my ass high, as I dreamily enjoyed the aftershocks of my intense, mind blowing climax. I knew that his cum would be leaking out of me all day, a delicious reminder of what a little slut I was. I pulled his groin to my face and lapped at the last remnants of our sexual release, slick on his cock.

I take my sexual duties very seriously, including making sure my men get what they need to get through their day...