21 Nov 2015

Shona had lost all sense of values and morals that she had treasured all her life, finding herself aching and searching, to once again experience such a mind-shattering orgasm. Closing her eyes, Shona shuddered as she thought back to the day when she had gone to the office and requested some help at the end of the day, knowing that the new man was available, when heavy items needed to be moved.

That afternoon, alone in her office once again with the man who was to fuck her, it was obvious to the very happy man as to why he had been summoned to assist her. Pretending to bend over to fill a box near her desk, knowing her panties would be exposed from under her skirt, hearing him enter her office and closing the door behind him, Shona then got to experience that much sought after mind-shattering orgasm once again. This time, with her hands bracing herself against the edge of her desk with legs widespread, Shona had her panties pulled aside, a brutal entry and willingly, her cunt smashed hard, Shona was taken like a bitch in heat.

Fifteen minutes later, her body battered but well-sated, Shona panted heavily to regain her composure and began pulling her panties back into place, now alone in the privacy of the office. Her lacy white panties were caught at her heels, were widely stretched toward their breaking point. She needed the panties back in place, as oozing out of her well-fucked, sated cunt. Shona could feel the man's thick spunk slowly flowing, running thickly, down the insides of her thighs, But it didn't matter at all to Shona as she had soared to her much sought after orgasm. Pulling several tissues from her desk drawer, she then mopped the thick drooling spunk from her cunt and thighs.

Now Shona could recollect that sexy day so vividly, going home with her panties sopping wet with the stranger's thick cum and then greeting Ric with a kiss, when she had entered their home. Changing into her normal shorts and top before cooking dinner, she had purposely not changed her cum soaked panties, it was so naughty, feeling so wicked, to be sitting next to her husband at the dinner table with another man's viscous thick cum still drooling out of her sore cunt.

Some days later, Ric picked Shona up from work, Ric knocked on her office door.

Then he heard Shona’s voice call out "I’m Coming ………….be right there!" A moment later, hearing the clicking sounds of his wife's heels upon the floors, the lights of her room went off and turned it into darkness. Then the door opened and he was greeted by a kiss from his lovely wife. As no one was around, Ric pressed his lips up against Shona's soft lips, pushing the tip of his tongue between her lips. He felt his lovely wife tense up a tiny bit, possibly because of being out in a public area, but then she relaxed against him as her lips opened to admit his exploring tongue, she teased him with hers.

What Ric didn't know was that when his lovely wife had called out in response to their arrival, she had just pulled her lips off the stranger's cock that she had been lustily sucking. That during the 2 minutes Ric had stood waiting outside of her door; the stranger had wrapped his fingers into her long silky brown hair and had began a second splashing orgasm of his thick jizm into her willing mouth. Ric would certainly have been so surprised, even turned on, had he known that Shona's soft lips were extra creamy on this night due to a stranger's heaving hot explosion, into her waiting sloppy mouth and that he was getting a good strong taste of another man's thick lusty cum, fresh on her lips.

Shona could not stop thinking of the mind-shattering orgasms she had soared to as she clenched her thighs together trying to quell that lusty itch now between her legs, as she kissed Ric, locking her cream loaded tongue against his.

Some days later Shona stopped at a garage to ask directions, When the map had been opened up and spread out, covering the sexy legs from his view, the attendant smiled to himself knowing that it had been purposely done. Moving his hand toward the map that Shona was holding on her lap, he purposely brushed up against her soft hands, causing her to drop the map into her lap. He continued to move his hand forward on the pretence of pointing out where they were, his finger was now upon the map pressing it down onto her sexy thigh beneath. As the bold attendant then drew her hand back towards him, Shona sucked in her breath as her fingers came into contact with large bulge protruding from the man's overalls. This bloke had certainly some large tool at his disposal, she thought to herself. Shona panted and now rubbed her own hand over the hardening bulge and began to trace the length of his manhood. 'Oh, God …….you are so big …………you are fucking long! Shona murmured.

Shona was frozen to the driver's seat, unable to move an inch; she clenched her thighs in an attempt to stem the flow of juices that now began leaking into the gusset of her panties. Shona shuddered as she watched the man's hand before her, his finger pointing at the map as it pressed down onto her thigh. Not hearing what the man was now saying to her, Shona watched as the man's finger moved along the map, then off the edge of it.

"Ah …ah!" Shona gasped as the rough hand disappeared under the map but she could now feel it now on her bare thigh. "Please ……please ……oh, pleasee!" She shivered as the hidden hand caressed her inner thigh as it slowly moved up towards her now sopping wet panties and she felt it slip under the gusset. "Oh, God ……oh, God……..oh, Goodnessss!" she shuddered as the finger that had earlier been tracing a route on the map was now tracing a route up the length of her pulsating pussy, now under the gusset of her soaking wet panties.

A moment later, the attendant was opening her car door and assisting her out by the waist, Shona stood on her shaky heels as her legs felt like jelly.

Then he grasped Shona’s petite hand and pulled her along through the doorway leading to the service bay of the garage. He then escorted Shona, who now appeared in a sexual trance, he pulled her to the open truck bed that was filthy and covered with dirt. But he sensed that this sexy woman was not here looking for luxury but instead would much prefer being fucked senseless and “dirtied up” real hard.

Shona felt the attendant's hands lifting her at her body and sitting her up on the dirty truck bed. Then his callused hands were up under the bottom of her dress and he was pulling at her lacy white panties. Shona pressed her hands down onto the dirty truck to lift her arse up a bit, the skirt of her dress was pushed back, removed her panties, pulled down over her hips. Looking down, Shona saw her screwed up panties pulled to her knees, then allowed to fall down her shapely legs and over her heels and thrown carelessly upon the grimy garage floor.

Now with the front of her dress flipped up to her waist, baring her aching cunt to the service station attendant, Shona saw the look of lust on the man's face as he licked his lips in anticipation. Shona was also panting in anticipation, she wondered what Ric would say if could see his so-called prim and proper wife sitting here with her bared ass upon the filthy truck bed with this service station attendant leering at her bared wanting, aching pussy. The dirty bastard would probably be turned on, she grinned to herself...

As the strong callused hands now caressed her trim legs, then moved to her knees, pushing her legs wide open, the attendant's head moved down to begin his tasty treat . "Ahhh …Oh!" Shona involuntarily threw her head back and gasped with blissful relief, so loudly. Her body was lusting uncontrollably, Shona grasped the back of the man's head, she swooned and fell back flat onto the dirty truck. "Ohhhhhhhh, yesssss,....ohhhh my fucking God!" Shona moaned as the hungry man ate, teasing, licking at her cunt, drinking in the delicious fluids oozing, streaming hot, fresh from out of her horny aching cunt.

Fingers clutching wildly, Shona crossed her legs tightly over the man's head and locked her heels together , Shona arched up, pressing hard onto his face, feeding his hungry mouth more of her flowing juices. "Oh, God…oh, God……yes ……..yes…..oh, eat me …eat meeeee!" Shona cried out, desperate for that orgasmic relief. "Yesssssss………yessssss…God, yesssssss…….I’m, ....I’m....…I'm cummmmming! Fuck me, eat meeee!" Shona cried out as her body shuddered, exploding in a body-shattering orgasm.

Licking at the juices smeared over his face, the man savoured the sweet sexy honey that this pretty woman had fed him, he reached up undoing the buttons down the front of her white dress. As Shona was still coming back down to earth, after exploding in that mind-shattering orgasm, he managed all the buttons undone and he undid the belt around her waist, all as Shona lay there recovering, she was laid out, in all her naked glory, his raging cock now aimed right at her, firmly in his hand!

He then pulled at the once immaculate dress from under the bared bum Shona, lifting her arse up to remove the dress completely from under her. Reaching up, he undid the straps of her lacy bra exposing her breasts, lifting one arm and then the other to withdraw each of them from their protective covering. He licked his lips, reaching up to pull the bra cups down to reveal the twin pink capped nipples. With the bra down around her waist, He turned it about to get at the clasp and unclipped it, pulling from her and tossing the lacy expensive bra behind him, also onto the greasy floor.

Looking down at the sexy Shona lying orgasm dazed, sprawled out on the dirty truck. He reached down to pull up her left hand. He grinned with great satisfaction in seeing the sparkling diamond ring and wedding band on her pretty hand, before wrapping her fingers around his straining, rock hard cock

Moving up along the outside of the truck, the garage attendant then reached over to grasp the beauty at her upper arms and encourage her to assist "Move up sexy!" The attendant smiled down at this classy woman, this prim and proper wife, she did as he asked and moved herself up along the dirty truck bed, Shona never let go of his cock! Quickly, the attendant began ripping of his clothing and then crawled up on the bed of the old truck to stretch and press Shona’s soft succulent body.

Lowering his head, he sucked in a hard pink nipple, teasing her with his tongue to feel it immediately harden, even more, in his mouth. The harder he sucked upon it, rolling in about in his mouth, nipping it gently with his sharp teeth. Shona gripped and stroked his cock, he was rock hard and ready, he could not wait any longer to sink his raging cock into this beautiful woman. She was his prized possession and he was going to fuck her, so hard!

He watched as Shona panted in heat as he pressed the baseball bat sized cock up against her open lusting pussy lips. Seeing her, laid out waiting sexily, stealing herself for the thick reaming, the penetration that was to come. He slid his thick cock head, up and down, her sensitive slit, making Shona plead "Oh Please, oh, please ……..pleeeeeese!…….put that fucking thing inside me!

Fuck me with that monster cock, she begged! Fuck me……fuck me……….fuck meeee!"

Shona was as horny as hell, the attendant managed to hold himself back just a bit longer, wanting to taunt this sexy woman. Shona grabbed at his hips, trying frantically to encourage him to fuck her, He pressed harder his pulsating, precum leaking cockhead against her wet slit and tauntingly asked “are you looking to get yourself laid baby?" Then to his surprise, the panting Shona only responded " Please, please ……………put that cock inside me and with wild eyes, she squealed, for god’s sake, fuck me!"

He teased her tight little pussy, smiling at Shona, he pushed the tip of his swollen cockhead into her, splitting her lips, and “I’m not wearing a condom baby! But you don't care, do you? You don't care if I flood your cunt, do you?? I’m going to fuck your little pussy and fill you with cum...

"For fuck sake Shona screeched, for fuck’s sake, fuck, God………oh, God ……………please ……..……..please fuck me ………….fuck me with your big cock!" Shona begged frantically. Grabbing at his hips, arching herself up, trying to get his cock to fully penetrate her, Shona pleaded "Fuck me ………….fuck me please! You don't need a condom! I don't care …………..I don't care …………..just …………..just shove it into me ………pleeeeease!" Then, finally feeling the swollen cockhead push inside herself spreading out her cunt lips as the large head was enveloped by her juicy cunt, Shona sobbed loudly "Fuck me! Fuck me! Flood me! I don't care……….just drill the fuck out of me!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Shona squealed with delight as the service station attendant fucked her slowly, feeding her body his big fat cock. "Oh, yes……………that is so goooood, yes fuck me!" she groaned as the enormous cock filled her, ploughing deep into her fertile sweet open womb.

You are so fucking tight, baby! You are gripping my cock so tight………ahhhhhhhhhhh!" He groaned at the pleasure of the tight penetration, the slick juices aided greatly in getting his fat into cock in her. It was an impressive cunt. Feeling her trim legs wrap around his waist as Shona locked her heels over the small of his back, He reared back and thrust his big straining bone into the arching body.

Shona’s back and arse were rubbing against the dirt and tiny pebbles on the dirty truck, Shona would have found it so much more polite, if this man and taken her into a comfortable bedroom. But this is what she really wanted, what she had needed, where she wanted to be! Being taken and fucked brutally in this dirt and grime. Shona couldn't believe the prowess of this man, his pounding cock was now deeply buried in her body, giving her the fucking that she needed so badly.

Meeting this man, thrust for thrust, as he speared her with his lengthy enormous cock, Shona spurred him on with her heels, clawing frantically at his broad back with her nails. "Oh baby, fuck me good, fuck me good… fucking good!" Shona shuddered as he gave her his best fucking ever. Squeezing her cunt muscles around the big thick bone, Shona could hear the squishing sounds coming from her cunt, it turned her on, even more! And like that of a well-oiled machine, he had his way with her; she was now being slammed and hammered onto the truck's bed.

Squeezing her legs across his back, Shona pulled her heels towards her ears, trying to pull him even deeper into her body. "Ohhhhhh yes oh yes …do me deeper, deeperrrrrrrrr!" Shona moaned as this experienced fucker pumped the length of his thick cock in and out of her gushing flowing hole. "Yes yes …..Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck meeee!" she moaned as he furiously rode her body. "Yes, oh, yes, yesssssss, fuck me…..fuck me! I’m, I'm cummming!" she groaned as her body shook, wild and uncontrolled in a mind shattering, cunt pounded orgasm.

Grasping her soft arse cheeks in his hands, This man buried his thick veined bone deep into her cunt, then shuddered as his cock head swelled and he began pouring out his thick, fertile, creamy seed deeply into her wanting body. This was the best fuck that he'd had in ages; this woman was so sexy, so beautiful, and so married! The added thought of “married” was his final thought as the last ribbons of semen, flowed hotly into her....

Moments later, his cock wilting in Shona’s warm, fluid filled cunt, He lifted himself off the passed out Shona. Needing time to recover, He stepped off the back of the truck, leaving the lovely Shona cunt agape, breathing heavily, eyes closed, on the truck with legs wide open, thick cum oozing out of her well fucked cunt.

Upon returning to the service bay, he saw the sexy heels still sticking out from the open back of the truck; the lovely Shona was still sprawled out, as he had left her. Looking down and checking out at the resting, naked, dirty Shona, The attendant felt his cock rise, once again. Never had he seen such a beautiful woman wanting to be fucked in such a way, wanting to be fucked in this dirty greasy place.

Hard as a rock again, he wanted to be certain that this lovely woman got what she needed. Now back up on the truck, kneeling between those sexy legs, He smiled to himself at his new devious thought.

Scooping up some grease and dirt, He smiled as he wrapped his dirty hand around his stiff cock. Looking down, rubbing grease and dirt onto the still clean portions of his cock, He made sure it was covered thoroughly with a layer of grime. Then, sliding up between those, so sexy legs, He got back into position and lined up his thick grimy organ! This time, it would be something new for him, he was taking great pleasure, he was about to fuck Shona with his dirty, greasy cock.

"Oh …ohhh!" Shona stirred, opening her eyes, as the thick cock was reintroduced, penetrating into her sloppy fucked cunt, to her it felt of a ribbed condom that had driven her wild once before. Little did she know that the agitation she felt on the walls of her fucked sweet pussy was due to foreign filth!

This man slammed himself forward, plunging his dirty cock into Shona, causing the truck to rock. Over and over, he fucked Shona, on her belly, on her back, on her knees, until her body was covered in the grime of the filthy bed of the truck. He grinned upon hearing her sharp intake of breath each time his dirt covered cock plunged through the sensitive walls of tight, cum slopped pussy.

The wild truck fucking session, coupled with the unusual stimulation in her pussy sent Shona climbing the walls as the truck, it rocked back and forth. "Oh, God, oh, yes, fuck me …fuck me like the dirty fuck bitch I really am!" Shona moaned loudly, her fingers dug into his strong arms, she tightened her legs around his waist. "Harder …deeper…..oh, fuck me, fuck me hard!" she groaned, dragging him tighter and deeper. "Yessss ……..oh, God, ahhhh!

I... I... I'm cummmmming!" she screeched in another wild groaning orgasm as the thick cock burst another hot load, deep, directly into her womb, filling her cunt again...

Seeing fresh cum drooling down the man's cock that was streaked with dirt, Shona had then looked down upon her thighs to see the messy mixture oozing out of her hard-fucked, fuck slot, dribbling out onto her inner thighs. Realizing that the devious man had just fucked her with his cock covered in grease, Shona had shuddered initially but then, was overcome with desire, she took the filthy cock into her mouth and began licking and sucking off the dirt, grease and cum that covered it. Before she had departed the service station, the attendant had pushed her into a kneeling position in the service bay and got her to suck off his dirty cock with her mouth, the dirty bastard had even wiped his sated dick all over her sweet face!

Hours later, as she brought her car to a stop in the garage, Shona swallowed hard as she wondered just how she could slip into the house without Ric noticing her dirty dress and grease stained body. Shona smiled as memories flooded her mind, she recalled being eaten out and fucked twice on the dirty bed of the run-down truck. It was all orgasmically hot.

She slipped in, attempting to make her way to the bedroom ensuite, without drawing attention to herself.

In the privacy of the ensuite, Shona started to clean out the man's sperm and wash down her screwed soiled body, smiling at her such forbidden fucking. But it would take more fluid than just the water to wash out all the dirt and sandy particles that also coated the walls of her well fucked pussy.

But it was worth every moment!