Written by filthy little slut

27 Feb 2012

Summer fun with a kinky stranger.

We are laying by the pool sunbaking. All day we have been dipping in and out of the water to cool off, then laying on the deck chairs. There have been a few other people come and go, but we have been there all day.

We keep sneaking sideways glances at each other. I am wearing a particularly tiny bikini, and he is wearing his boardies so low, showing off his amazing abs and “that V” that all girls love.

I jump in the water to cool off again, floating there while he watches me. I get out of the water, and I can see him looking at me, watching the water run off my body, dripping down my breasts, running over my stomach, and down my legs.

I look around, there is no one else at the pool any more.

I lay back on my deck chair, and I can feel him looking at me. Out of the corner of my eye I see him get off his deck chair, and walk towards me.

He slides in next to me on my deck chair. His skin is warm from the sun, against my now cooled skin. I shiver a little as he touches me, and my nipples go hard, poking through my bikini top.

He trails his fingers across my stomach, encouraging the water droplets on my skin to pool in my belly button. He pressed down on my stomach just below my navel, and the cool water trickles down my stomach, and runs over my pussy. Impressive trick.

I run my hands through his wet hair. I pull his face towards me, and stop just before we touch. I linger. He pauses. Then he kisses me. His lips and skin so hot from the sun, mine so cool from the pool. It’s intense.

Our tongues meet, massaging one another. Our lips pressing together as our tongues play, like little waves crashing into each other. He tastes sweet, like pineapple.

His hands run over my skin, gently grazing against my breasts. Then I feel his finger running inside just the top of my bikini top, touching my breast, not venturing in too far, just enough that I am aware of it.

We keep kissing, as he runs his fingers under my wet bikini top, running it back and forth, back and forth.

His hand slides down my stomach, towards my hips, and his finger slides inside the top of my bikini bottoms. Again, tracing my skin back and forth, but not venturing too far in.

I want him.

He slides his hand down to the side of my bikini bottoms, and traces the edge of the fabric, towards my now aching pussy. His finger brushes lightly against the lips of my pussy, but just teasing the edge. He is teasing me, playfully, but I’m loving every second of it.

He stops kissing me, only to move to my neck. He passionately kisses my neck, licking it, kissing it softly. His finger still exploring my bikini line. His tongue exploring my neck. I tip my head back so he knows I’m enjoying it. Then I feel him slowly kiss down my neck, over my collar bone, over my shoulder, down my chest. Using his free hand he cheekily unties my bikini top, and it falls away. He takes my nipple in his mouth, and teases it will his tongue. Tracing circles around it. Biting it gently.

I moan, I don’t mean to, but I’m just so turned on the sound escapes my lips. He smiles. He knows exactly what he is doing to my body, and I’m happy to keep letting him do it.

He leans over me for a moment, then moves his mouth back to my nipple. He has a piece of ice from his drink in his mouth. He licks my nipple, pushing the ice onto it. It is so cold, and his tongue is so warm. The mixture of sensations feels amazing.

He brings his head back up and kisses me with the last of the ice, before it melts on my tongue.

He gets another piece, this time in his hands, and he traces my nipple. The melting ice trickles water down my stomach. He runs the ice over my stomach, and traces the top of my bikini bottoms. The ice teasing me. Making me want more.

He looks at me as he melts the ice on my skin, I nod, willing him to keep going. I’m speechless.

He moves down the deck chair. He puts another piece of ice in his mouth, sliding my bikini bottoms off with his teeth. He then runs his tongue and the ice back up my leg towards my aching pussy. Using his warm hands he slowly parts my legs.

He takes another piece of ice out of his drink, and slides it inside my pussy. It is so cold, and my pussy is warm and wet. Then he kisses my pussy, passionately. Melting the ice inside me, licking me, lapping up the melting ice as it runs out of my warm pussy. He is really enjoying it. I have never felt anything like it.

He keeps licking me until all the ice has melted.

He unties his board shorts, and slides them off. His body is tanned, but like all surfie guys he has a perfect white ass.

His cock is hard.

He lays on top of me, and slides his cock inside me. It goes in deep. I’m tight against his cock. The ice has made my pussy muscles contract, and they are gripping him so tight.

He pauses for a moment, takes a quick look around to make sure we are still alone, then he starts slowly sliding his cock in and out, kissing me passionately as he does.

It is so tender, so passionate, so intense. It feels like making love, but I know nothing about him.

His warm body pressing against me, as he fucks me so slowly, so deliberately. I can’t believe I’m having sex by the pool, but it’s too good not to!

He keeps pushing into me, kissing me tenderly. His tongue gently parting my lips, his cock sliding slowly in and out of me.

My body starts to go tense. I can feel my pussy quiver. I cum.

I moan into his kiss, my body shaking with desire. I keep cumming over and over, as he continues to slowly slide his cock in and out of my wet pussy.

I feel his body go tense, and he pushes deeper into me, really deep inside me. I know he is about to cum. He pulls out and cums all over my stomach. Staring me deep in my eyes as he does.

He looks around again, relieved we are still alone, then he cheekily drapes a towel over me, and jumps in the pool to cool off, still naked!

I clean myself off, and jump in the pool for a skinny dip too.

As soon as I’m in the water, he smiles at me and says in the sexiest deep voice “I’m Matt by the way”. Then he winks, and gets out of the pool.

Never to be seen again!