Written by fun night in

12 Apr 2013

Surprising my wife.

Having only been married for a couple of years our sex life was pretty good, my wife being open minded to most of my requests, even on one occasion at the nude beach allowing guys, who were wanking themselves, to watch me play with her boobs, so I was planning something well out there for her 30th birthday. I had put a few ads on contact sites for a well hung young guy to join us in a 3some, and had seen some pictures from a few, today I had just received a new one and it looked good, I made arrangement to meet him alone, and chatted about what I was planning, he said he was in for it and would only do what my wife was ok with if lucky to be picked. I also got him to show me his member wow that will do her justice. So I told him I would email all the details and for him to look forward to a great night.

On the day before her birthday, I told her we would be having a night in to play, and for her to make sure she was set to receive my cock that night. Know she would prepare herself for anal sex too, and shave her pussy clean.

When I got home she met me with a big kiss and showed me her new outfit, very sexy I told her and to get ready, one quick sms and I was set to go, she likes to do all sorts of things, so we started with a message and a quick licking, my cock ready to blow thinking of what we might be doing later, as time went on, I knew I had to be ready at 8 pm for Luke’s arrival, so just before 8, I put a pair of handcuffs on her and a blindfold , locking her to the bed too, she likes this and gets very wet, then some back ground music to hide the door opening, as arranged Luke arrived and let himself in, I indicated to him to strip off, he did and walked towards our bedroom, as he came in I motioned to stay quiet and went down licking Lin’s pussy, as normal she wriggled around, and soon had her first orgasm, I kept licking her clit and by now she was well and truly hot, orgasms rolling out fast now, so I moved over and got Luke to start licking her clit for her, she seemed to realise some thing was different, but after her first orgasm again, went with the flow, Luke fingered her pussy as orgasms shot though her, it was then I went for it, moving quietly to her mouth, my cock eased in, she jumped trying to see who was licking her and trying to fuck her mouth, but with the hand cuffs and mask could see nothing, she then took my cock in her mouth and began sucking me, excepting the fact that she had 2 guys with her, with no verbal acknowledgement of what was happening to her, she went wild on my cock, Luke’s face now wet with pussy juices. Lin knew she had a second cock, so I told Luke to let her feel his manhood, he moved up, she smiled at me as his cock pressed against her wet lips, slowly going in as her body moved to take his huge cock, as more went in she spoke for the first time, saying “ you’ve done me proud ,he feels big,,” they both moved around as her pussy took more and more of him, finally fully home he began to make love to my beautiful wife, she took him and a momentous orgasm rang out as she began the night of her life, my cock still in her mouth was receiving her full attention too, as her pussy got more accustomed to the size of the member in her, I released the handcuffs and face mask, Lin seeing her new lover for the first time, I sat back for awhile watching them both enjoy his fucking her pussy hard, she was having lots of orgasms, Luke’s face showing signs of a guy holding back, I moved over and said fill her pussy for me, he didn’t need telling twice, his strokes speeding up as they both worked towards a huge finish, Lin began to grip his arms, just about drawing blood, his hips now moving so fast the sound of his balls hitting her arse was a constant noise, his face gleamed as he began to pump gallon after gallon of hot cum in Lin’s pussy, they both fell quite as he slowed, laying beside her cuddling up to her, I went down licking and sucking his juices from her sending her over the top again, and again, then without warning slammed my cock home balls deep in her cum soaked pussy, fucking hard with my new lust for her, I did not last long, my balls ready to explode all too soon, as my cum joined his in her cunt, I too fell off to the side as we all lay resting.

Luke said that was one hell of a blast and how much he loved her pussy and was glad to be part of our fun, I said my wife is still able to go longer and can get kinky if we want, his face lit up, as Lin gabbed his cock and sucked him hard once more, she got him nice and hard, saying how much she had enjoyed his cock in her pussy, and did he want to try her butt, oh boy you could see by the smile he wanted to, so with Lin kneeling over him his cock disappeared deep in her wanton arse. He pushed up meeting her strokes and sped up as they got in thyme, I told her to turn around, with her pussy facing me, my cock joined him but in her pussy, she was going wild, orgasms flowing fast now, I know what she’s able to do, so once warmed up, I eased my cock in her arse too, Luke looked surprised as she’s tight, but opened for both of us to fuck her wild, we took turns changing positions and holes fucking her for an hour or so, then Luke’s face told me he was holding back, so I got us both in her arse once more, and worked up speed, he couldn’t hold back, I felt his cock pulsing as his cum built up in his ball’s, then the warmth as he shot gallons inside her butt, my cock soaked in cum, as his cock slowed, my orgasm hit and I too flooded her butt, as our cock slipped out cum run ever where, Luke looked at it then surprised us both going down licking her arse and swallowing the cum, Lin kissed him as he moved back saying she loved that, sucking both our cocks in pure lust. It was then I went down sucking Luke’s cock with her, he pushed further in my mouth, letting me know he was ok with it, so I continued sucking his soft manhood, making his squirm being so tender after just cuming so hard, but I love the resilience’s of the young, as his cock once more began to grow, well we continued well into the night, with the sex getting kinkier and kinkier as we got to know each other more. Maybe I’ll write about our next meet too.