Written by Shona

6 Sep 2017

Technology is amazing, even though at the moment we are separated by hundreds of kilometres, my wife and I are still able to keep in touch. My wife is away "working" and thought it would be a great idea to FaceTime me this morning. When I answered my phone, I was greeted with, her blowing her newest Melbourne friend!

Not a bad way, for either of us, to start our conversation if you want to call it a conversation, with her mouth constantly full, haha!.

As Facetime rolled on with the wife. I got to watch her sucking and slobbering hard on his meaty cock, as she sucked on, it became very obvious she was needing more, about 7" I reckoned. I watched, fascinated, as she eagerly transitioned into feeding herself his cock, then lowering her moist pussy onto him, swallowing him whole! Then grinding her cunt lips onto his fat organ. I watched on as he eventually took control of her body, he pushed her onto her back and fucked her really hard, before grunting and blowing, what appeared, a very nice load of very thick cum, deep inside her married pussy. My wife blew me a kiss and then they closed the call.

The facetime had started off with her very nice blowjob with views of her, at that point, unused shaved married pussy. They quickly moved into some really good fucking and he delivered her up, a heavy creampie, I watched intently, their straining orgasms. My wife really seemed to enjoy his cock and fat cum load, so much so, she lay back, doing her best to keep his cum in her and not let his load run out. Her friend has always proven excellent at taking photos for me, but from this Facetime video, it looks like he’s certainly got an eye for porn as well.

At home,my wife talks about his cock, even worships his cock, she craves his cock and I know she can’t get enough of him. When she’s in Melbourne visiting him "Working" all she seems to want to do is suck, chew and fuck his veiny cock. She takes his cock in her mouth, her pussy and her arse. She always makes it her mission to drain his balls of as much cum as she can. She takes or spreads as much of his cum inside her or over her body as she can. I love my wife, she’s so dirty, such a hungry cum slut. I can’t wait to see her next facetime, later on today.

The last round of today came about 2.30pm. This Facetime video, started out with my wife sending me a video of her sucking his cock. I was still at work, so I found a quite spot to watch my wife, so I could see their action live. There she was again, still worshiping his cock with her tongue and mouth. I watched as she almost made him cum in her mouth but he stopped her, pulling her hair and raising her head. It was obvious he was raging hard and horny to fuck her married cunt. He mounted her, she was open legged flat on her back in an instant. My wife pulled him onto her and he buried his cock in the sloppy mess that used to be her cunt. She bucked hard and held him really tight, fucking him hard. It wasn’t long until he was pumping another of his loads for the day, into the deepest reaches of her pussy. I watched on as he slowly withdrew his softening sticky cock out of my wife, now moving the phone and showing me the huge mess of cum loads he had ploughed inside her pussy during their erotic day. Once again my wife blew me a final kiss, said she loved me and he hung them up. I can't wait to talk to my wife this evening, I will want to know all the sexy details.

Gentlemen, take it from me. There is nothing hotter, nothing sexier, nothing that will turn you on more than watching your wife’s cunt fucked and cum in by another man. My only regret is not being there - I just wish I was there so I could stick my own cock inside her cum mashed, messy pussy, right now!