Written by pjb

20 Dec 2010

After my last adventure I wrote about I got serious with Kelly. She was my high school sweet heart & things were just great & I had no need to look else were. We had a very healthy sex life. An average of 10 times a week. Pretty good for not living together .I was a very happy man!

This all turned around 4 weeks before Kelly & myself were supposed to get married. She flipped out & ran away with no real explanation. I was shattered! I did not go out for 6months after this & had no dressier for sex at all!

I was siting at home playing cars when I'm sexually frustrated, lol ( I must not get enough with the amount I have built. lol. ) when a saw an add in a local paper. It was in the personals section which I had just placed over a window to stop over spray from a repair I was doing. The title was the LOVE FACTORY!. Meet with many sexy woman looking to play outside the square!

I continued working on the car & this ad was right in my face.It was a Friday around 2pm. I decided to ring the number & find out what it was all about. I was surprised to find out it was a club of married woman looking to expand there sexual desires. Each woman liked to meet up in a hotel of there choice & ring you when they are ready. No money passes hands & you go from there. The Love Factory charges an annual free off $200 for your registration.

I decided to go & take a look at this place called the love factory. It was in a block of factory units near Mount Druit. Set up like home loan office with 4 desks, one in each corner of the room. Sally meet me at the door & explained how there system worked. She was all excited with me being there & told me that she will Handel all my meetings if I go ahead & wanted feed back from all my meetings. This sounded like it could be a bit fun !

They had 10's of photo albums full of women looking for someone like me!. I got to pick out 10 women I liked & 10 women got to pick me too! It was funny looking a picking . It felt like it was like a mail order catalogue! lol

My first meet up was Monday afternoon at 3pm at the Brighton Le sands Novitel. Her name was LINDA! lol

Mother of 2 & very pretty & extremely nervous. I waited for 1hr & was about to leave when my phone rang. She was ready for me to come up. I went up to the room & she meet me at the door wearing only a towel. She invited me in & handed me glass of champagne & suggested we get to know each other in the spa which was in the bath room. We jumped in & she had to top body! My appreciation was very evident & she was blushing heavily! We polished of 2 bottles of champagne , talked & started kissing. Wow , what a kisser. I could have kissed for hrs!This was something I had been missing out on!

We moved from the spa to the bed . She bent over the bed & i took her from behind. She had long dark hair , nearly down her bum. I was playing with her hair will still pumping away when she said you can pull o it if you want! I had never done this so I did give a little pull. her head came back & her pussy tightened! . I let go. She said non, no keep doing it . You can pull as hard as you want. I ask are you sure. She said please do! so I did. Every time I would pull her back Her pussy would tighten up, nearly to the point it felt like she could cut of my cock!

We fucked in this position for 15mins! I was getting tied & pulled out off her & spun her around. Still holding her head I positioned her to suck on my cock. She started licking up & down my shaft & again said this time you hold me down on your cock if you like. KEEP ME THERE AS LONG AS YOU WANT . I LIKE TO GAG! well that was just to much. she swallowed all my cock & was pulling herself into me. I didn't have to do anything . She was chocking herself on my cock. every time she gaged it felt like my cock got bigger!

I told her I was about to come & she pulled away & told me to blow all over her chest. Well a few seconds later I let go. I flooded her. I think it would have filled an egg cup! She started rubbing it in & asked if I had ever tasted my own come. i said no & she said well why don't you know as she was liking her fingers that had just been spreading it around. Lick my nipples she said . I straddled her on the bed & started licking her nipples. It tasted pretty good! She loved my reaction & I was still hard very hard. I slide down her come laden body to find her pussy open for me.

I had not seen her from the front up close yet & was surprised to find a giant clit.It was about 4-5 cm's long! i had to start sucking on it! i was sucking for less than a minute & she came . Her hole body shaking & pussy convulsing! I had to start fucking her again whilst she was still coming . Wow i think I nearly came again straight away.

We were both exhausted! Wow what a great fuck she was. Nothing to out there but just great! I left her around 10pm 7 went home.

The next day Sally rang me told me that Linda had rang her last night & told her that I was out of this world! Sally told me that Linda was the boss of the Love Factory & when she saw my profile she had to try me out! They wanted to place me with all there top women!

The next 5 meetings were all duds, Sally didn't understand why the women didn't want to do anything. i told her I didn't want to part of there club anymore. She said i have one lady her you have to meet before you leave! I agreed & meet up with her at the Rooty Hill resort. I had no idea how she was.

It was a Friday. i arrived around 5pm. I got a call right away & went up to the room. A black women poened the door. she was 6' , long slender legs , c cup breast. Very exotic looking!. In fact had a look a Naomi

Chambel about her!

I went inside to find she had a twin sister sanding behind the door & another girlfriend. The girl friend had pure white skin. No Marks at all. The sisters had pure black skin. what a contrast!. The girls sat me down & explained what the wanted to do. I was amassed! They wanted me to sit & watch while they all play together & they will grab me when they want me. I felt like a toy! its to hard to explain what happened next , but all I can say this man was in heaven for 2 hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left the love factory after this & settled down for a while. Only a while but ! lol.