Written by xrim9

5 Jun 2011

He is away for work quite often, but he tells her of all his exploits. The one M likes most is the older woman he chats up at work. M knows he likes older women, especially with big tits and inviting mouths. This one makes her horny just thinking about what could happen between this older woman and her man. Would the older woman mind letting her watch her man fuck and suck her. Would she let M feel her breasts and nipples. Could she hold her pussy lips open for her man to enter her with his huge erection.

M wished she knew the answers, but for the now the questions were making her wet. She decided to try and find out more about her mans older woman. She had been chatting on-line and found a guy that lived near where the older woman worked. So she started chatting to him and telling him about her mans activities. He was interested in helping her find out more, but also wanted to fuck M. They chatted on and off for some time. Then he found out that he had a friend who worked at the same place as the older woman. His friend was able to dig out a lot of information about her and he passed it onto M.

So what would M’s man do with this information. Will he call her, will he ask her out, will he fuck her. Will he ask if M can watch and play while he fucks her. Will he tell M to fuck her on-line friend will he fucks the older woman. Her imagination goes wild with the thoughts of watching her man fucking the older woman, and playing with the woman’s tits herself. Then her thoughts turn to watching her man fuck while she herself is being fucked. Then sucking her man clean after he comes all over the womans big tits.

M knows that her will eventually try to fuck this woman, but what if she doesn’t want to, does she still want to be fucked by her on-line man. Hell yes, she gets wet just thinking about being pounder by him and maybe having her mans cock in her mouth at the same time. Two cocks one pounding her then swapping and the other pounder her. Every time she thinks about it her hands end up in her pants.