13 Jul 2019

I was extremely horny as I walked along the beach and thinking about Jenny’s amazing boobs and her sweet tasting pussy.

I was heading to the same spot that we met at the day before and this time I had my own towel!!!

When I got there I was disappointed that Jenny was not laying topless catching the sun. In fact she was not there full stop....

It’s okay I thought we did not really set out a time and it was only 10am.

I set out my towel, stripped down to my jocks and lathered up the sun screen. I then just laid back and waited watching all the joggers and walkers go by.....

After about an hour I started to question my sanity thinking that this hot and horny married lady would actually want to meet with me.

I started to doze off as the sun was beautiful on my near naked body .

I took a look to my left and I saw her walking slowly towards me. I was instantly aroused. Was it the white bikini contrasting against her deep tan, or the sexy walk she had. It was the whole package !!!!!!

I was intrigued that she had her hubby Ben with her. Also a little nervous to be honest. I had just given his wife an orgasm that had sent her through the roof!!!

My nerves disappeared as Jenny gets about 10 meters away and undies the bikini top and keeps walking tome slowly showing me her beautiful firm boobs. She is horny as her nipples are like bullets. She is in control!! She grabs my hand and leads me into the dunes with Ben not far behind.

“ I want Ben to see what you did to me yesterday” Jenny purrs, whilst pushing me down on my knees. Ben comes from behind her and pulls her g string off. He runs a hand over her breasts and slaps her tight arse as she steps forward and raises her leg over my shoulder and looks me directly in the eyes and commands me to eat her!!!

I cannot wait and immediately can taste how horny she is. I start slowly and gently licking and nibbling at her small smooth flaps. I push my finger in as she is already soaking wet. She gasps slightly and this is my key to start sucking and licking her clit. As her breathing gets faster I see out of the corner of my eye literally only 1m away Ben is stroking his cock.

Jenny forced my head hard into her and tells me to fuck get harder and faster with my finger!! As she gets closer to cumming I slowly slid my other hand around to her arse and rub her hole . She screams as she tells me she is cumming so I push my finger into her arse and she explodes !!!!

Ben looks like he is about to blow! Jenny drops to her knees and looks even straight in the eyes as she takes Bens cock and swallows it. I am harder than granite and start to pull my cock while Jenny looks at me and sucks her husbands cock.

Ben grunts and says that he is going t blow. Jenny pulls his cock out of her mouth and jerks him of until Ben unloads all over those amazing tits!

Jenny then tells me to stand and starts to lick my shaft from my balls up to the helmet. It is amazing! Her younger is so strong but still so wet.

She looks at Ben while she swallows my head and sucks hard. She starts to massage my balls and tells me she wants more cum on her body.

I do not need any more encouragement then that. My load is huge as it flies out across her chest, tits and some actually goes over her shoulder. I am done and weak I. The legs to be honest. I drop to my knees and Jenny kisses me deep and hard then simply stands and walks of towards the water with Ben and calls “see you tomorrow!!”