15 Jul 2018

Her coy smile is quickly interrupted by his urgent need, even desperation. The scent of my wife’s wet and oozing sex fills the air within our room. He and I can both smell her, it is like a drug to both us men.. Like a mare “on heat” she raises her arse high, displaying her excited sexual wares, even wiggling back onto him, feeling the broad cock head slide along, teasing her needy cunt. She still wasn’t sure if she could fit him in, but she was dying to find out. “Mmmhh ohhh I need you baby, I need that beast soooo bad.” she coos, then rocks herself backwards… Her hips are continually wiggling, she is offering herself to him. He is a pure stallion, aching for his mare. I am stunned at the magnificence of his cock, He is already so hard, even straining, the veins along his cock length bulging. My wife softly moans as at t last she feels the bulging cock head push against her wanton, very wet, pussy entrance, then finally, in one swift motion, he easily drive in deep. She gasps as he totally penetrates her, invades her, punching through her cunt folds and now stretching out her sweet pussy, she grimaces for one second at his invasion, but then lets out the loudest moan. “Oohhh, ohhh my god!” she moans out loud. Then, being the hungry sexual woman she is, she takes charge, beginning to push backwards, bucking her hips, trying now to greedily take even more and more of his delicious big cock… inch after inch of magnificent erection, spearing into her exquisite cunt…stretching out her eager pussy lips across his impressive veiny girth. “Mmhh…ohh. I love this cock baby!“ She pants out to me...

I was obvious he was enjoying being inside such a horny pussy. His cock convulsed and twitched as he continued to ride her. His thick veins, I could actually watch then pulsing against the firm walls of her cunt as he plunged inward. He flexed his hips, feeling himself pulsate and thicken with each building thrust, his shaft continually teasing her whorey wild cunt. He intently watched her arse as she ground him onto her womb, squirming backwards on his fat dick. I intently watched them both, stroking my own cock watching their magnificent performance. Suddenly he took over, he clutched urgently at her hips, jamming forward, leaning onto my wife’s slutty arse. He pulled her hips back hard as he quite brutally sunk length after length of his cock deep inside my wife. “OOooh…fuck…you are such a tidy fuck” Your pussy is sensational around my cock.” he says. He reached forward, clutching, yanking her hair in his fist and pulling it back like she is on a leash. He is now her master… He pulled her head back, forcing his cock in really fucking hard and as he does, he starts thrusting into her, in short bursts, in and out of her wet pussy, but now leaving the bulk of his cock completely enveloped within her sweating body as he pistoned in and out of her. In a fucking load roar, he cums. His orgasmic release is obviously intense, an intense flooding and very hot release, seems to hit my wife.. My beautiful and very sexy wife is deliciously well seeded by his fat balls and she now also groans out as she is hotly filled, in her own sweet, cock clenching, orgasm.

He watches her exhaustedly collapse onto our bed, he touches his cock, watching her slick and sweet cunt fluids dripping down onto his balls.

He looks over at me a smiles, he knows I loved the show as much as he enjoyed the fuck.

He moves over my wife’s face and looking down at her, wipes his, very wet, sex covered cock all over her face. My wife lazily laps at his cock with her tongue as he cleans himself on her face.

He grins over at me and says… “Your turn”