22 Jul 2019

To say I was horny when I was walking along the beach to my now favorite location was the understatement of the decade!

I could not wait to find out what Jenny had in store for me today!

I wondered if Ben would be there like yesterday .

This time I wasn’t surprised or worried that Jenny was not there when I got to the secluded little alcove. I laid my towel down and stripped off everything this time and laid down in my back and waited.

The combination of the warm sun on my skin and the memories of the last two days made my cock hard and stand to attention.

I heard squeaking footsteps in the sand and was about to roll over when I heard Jenny’s sexy voice tell me to stay still and to keep my eyes closed. Holy shit what a turn on!!

The next thing I felt was a set of soft wet lips wrapped smoothly over the tip of my cock. Then the amazingly strong but gentle tongue sliding up and down the back of my shaft and teasing the underside of my helmet. I nearly came then and there! Jenny senses it and stopped but slowly ran her finger nails from my cock up my chest and flicked my nipples. She then whispered in my ear that she wanted my to fill every hole she had with cum. I was still not allowed to open my eyes and just sensed her stand. The next thing I heard was her telling me that she was taking off her bikini top and g string. I wanted to look so badly and she knew it so she blindfolded me using her bikini top. She then straddled my face and told me to eat her !

She was soaking wet and took less than a minute to climax . I was amazed it took so little effort. She immediately moved and straddled my rock hard cock. I felt her hot wet pussy slowly slide over the tip of my cock and then tense like she was nearly ready to cum again.

I have been waiting for this for months she whispered huskily and removed my blindfold.

The first thing I saw was Ben standing beside his Jenny and she was sucking his cock whilst playing with her clit with the head of my cock inside her tight pussy.

It was amazing!!!!

Jenny then lowered herself down the full length of my cock and started to grind harder whilst still sucking and wanking Bens cock!

Ben grunted and came like a fountain in her mouth. It was massive! Jenny moaned as some cum spilled from her lips and ran down her chin and onto her firm tanned tits. That was more than I could take and my cock started to pulse as Jenny gyrated harder and faster and started to really bounce up and down on the full length of my cock and I exploded into her. Bens load was huge but mine was massive. My orgasm seemed to take forever to end.

Jenny was not finished and my cock was still hard so she slid off and told me to fuck her ass as she kneeled in front of me. Jenny rubbed my cum and her juices over her hole and guided my cock into that beautiful toned and tanned ass.

This obviously worked for Ben as he placed his hard cock into his wife’s mouth again.

I felt Jenny push back slowly against my cock until it was buried deep inside her. Her ass was spasming and she was gagging on Bens cock!

I could not believe it. I had fantasized about this scene for ages.

Jenny took bens cock out of her mouth and commanded me to fuck her and cum in her ass. I started to increase my pace and also fuck her harder as I did so. Pretty soon my balls were slapping against her arse and sending her and me crazy. I came harder but for shorter time and when I opened my eyes from my state of ecstasy I saw more cum dribbling from Jenny’s mouth.

Jenny rubbed the excess cum into her tits and slowly stood up and walked into the ocean to clean up.

She came back and said that she was certainly full and could not wait to fulfill her next fantasy !

See ya next week she said as she sauntered off sexily down the beach!!!