9 Apr 2015

This fantasy always makes me come hard.

Ric, my husband, has a wild fantasy. He loves the thought of dressing me up, just the way he likes, my ass and pubes covered in sexy full lacy, see through, knickers with an extra loose gusset for his easy access, all covered in a short tight skirt, so short that I am unable to bend over without showing any casual observer a glimpse of the sexy lace barely covering my ample round full ass curves. Ric also loves a top that, embarrassingly for me, shows off my ample breasts, bulging right out, showing off even more of my luscious curves, Ric loves watching strangers ogle me as I walk with him.

The fantasy begins where Ric suggests taking me into town, a darker area, an area where women offer sexual services directly from the kerb. He fantasises that he will be able to drop me nearby the other girls. I am to stand out on the street just like one of them, a real prostitute, he will give me a sexy kiss in the car, open the door for me and drop me on the kerb, then he will drive off slowly to just go around the block, he will leave me there for quite some time and I will wait, standing there, feeling nervous, out in the open, my sexual assets so exposed, my excitement building, just as his will be (I love the thought of Ric’s cock hardening at my bravery and sexual display) I will ooze sex for sale, men walking by will be checking me out, cars will be slowing down as they complete a once over of my ample talents. He will then return, pulling up directly in front of me as though I am a professional prostitute, he will mentally undress me, checking out my curves, looking me up and down whilst asking about the services I am prepared to provide.

You only need your own imagination to know what Ric and I would normally do from there!

Where this fantasy goes into overdrive and what really drives us wild is that Ric is now held up in traffic many cars back, as he endeavours to compete the turn around the block.

Ahead of Ric, a complete, but very handsome, stranger in a really swish car likes what he sees in me and pulls into the curb ahead of Ric, Ric is unable to get anywhere near me being so far back and I can see Ric straining to see my reaction to this development in our sexy game!

At the curb directly in front of me the stranger calls me over to his car, I am sure Ric has to strain through the traffic, to watch me being called over to the stranger’s car and then watching me having to lean down into the stranger’s window. I lean into the open passenger window, breasts bulging over my top and through the window opening, knowing full well what I am doing and displaying, stunned at my bold actions but still bravely doing it, I am barely able to breathe knowing full well what I am doing, I am barely even listening to this new strangers initial requests, I am desperately trying to keep myself calm, before I finally am able to finally clear my head, look at my handsome stranger directly into his vivid blue eyes and decide on an action. I nod my head in agreement to this new man and I boldly accept this complete strangers various sexual offers. The blue eyed stranger pulls out his cash and hands it to me, I quickly look back towards Ric, waving briefly my cash payment in my hand, I count it there, right in the street, in full view of all, especially Ric, I mean after all if I am going to be a real prostitute I don't want to be short changed!

Ric who by now is about 12 cars back, smiles knowingly, he knows it is now fully on. I take one last look towards him and I shrug my shoulders, I turn back towards my first "client" and with wanton anticipation and exciting trepidation, turn to my client's car and I pull open the door, sliding into and onto the warm soft leather car seat beside him, All I can say to him is "Hi" whilst tucking the agreed fee into my bra, my mouth is right now, so dry.

Ric is 6 cars back and as we move off, I think to myself, only for a moment though “I hope Ric will keep up, ha-ha”

As we begin to chat politely, driving along, stunned at hearing my own voice say this out loud and new found boldness, I hear myself say to my stranger "can I can touch your cock"

He smiles looking towards me and reaches over taking my hand and press's it to his crotch firmly and with deliberation, I cannot believe my bold new self, I am by now beginning to feel a wanton "need sex" ache between my legs for this stranger, my head is spinning with excitement and I can feel my pussy swelling, the warm leather against my exposed lace covered ass and unbelievably, I really am driven with massive desire to see this strangers cock.

He obliges by shifting in his seat, I ask if I can use the rear view mirror, I turn it to me and I briefly see Ric in the rear view mirror keeping up but just sitting back a little in the traffic, I turn to my handsome stranger and then leaning in towards him, now fully absorbed into my role as a paid prostitute, I reach over to unzip his pants, all the while feeling the moisture building in my own lacy knickers, I push my hand deep into his trousers and I am pleasantly surprised, his cock is thick, really beginning to grow and surprisingly not circumcised, I play with his cock, gently exploring its warmth and length, feeling right down to his heavy full balls, within his trousers before my overwhelming desire to expose his manhood is out of control and I work his cock out of his trousers and into the light, all the while watching and feeling his cock growing harder and harder in my hand, I begin to gently stroke his lovely, now exposed, thick veined cock enjoying his growing hardness and playing with the long sexy foreskin.

I begin to lick my lips I know what I want to do. I want to earn my money.

He asks me to lift my skirt so he can see my underwear, I am still holding his cock but I use my left hand to expose my crotch. "Pull your knickers to one side and play gently with yourself, I would really like to watch that" he asks, I am so hot by now that I will do anything and I move my left hand down onto my pussy and as I move my hand onto my pussy and apply a little pressure, it brings a small amount of ache relief.

My strangers cock is now so beautifully hard and the large head is now fully exposed, I love the movement of his delicious foreskin as it warmly rolls through my fingers, I cannot believe I am bursting to taste his hard cock, smell closely his sexy manly cock scent and press this fresh new sex organ to my face, to feel its heat and its smooth silkiness against my cheeks, let alone when I finally get to feel it penetrate me ( I cannot wait ,by now, until my strangers excitement is too much to contain and he finally fucks me). His cock is really large now, I hope he does not want to take the one of my offers to screw my arse, I am not sure I can take this straining, thick organ up my dark tube, but I certainly want to feel this thick cock stretch my pussy, my crotch is by now, so damn wet and fuck I have an burning ache. But I am now a paid prostitute and will do what I am paid to do.

We finally pull over into a darker side street, I am now fully committed to my erotic task and there is definitely no turning back on my part. My sexy client is excited and fully erect, I know what he wants with no mistake and I am so sure I will not be disappointing him and his really hard cock. All along are mercifully closed business' and there are plenty of available parking spaces. We stop and I release his cock for a moment, pull the mirror to me on the pretence of checking my lipstick, which I am sure will be worn off shortly, and watch from the corner of my eye, Ric pulls up a quite a few spaces back and switches of his car lights, I can see his face for a second, it has the hugest, sexiest, knowing smile, I know he will really give it to me later, pumping his own thick cock into me, as I recount my sexual adventure into his ear, He will be wildly unloading pre cum into my cunt as I whisper away my encounter. I move away from the mirror turning it away and settle back into the luxurious leather, I relax into my current sexual role again in my strangers car and I know Ric will be getting out his straining cock right about now in his car.

My sexy stranger reaches across for my breasts and begins to move his hands across the material protecting my little modesty, pushing inside the material searching for and finding my nipples that harden as he finds them, he pinches them hard and I feel the effect it causes between my legs and I squirm. He pushes my top down with urgency and lifts my breasts free. I love the way he is staring so intensely at my breasts and with urgency he leans into me and begins to suck and squeeze my now free assets, my pussy pulses wildly with excitement, aches for attention, and I can feel my moisture and slickness move from within my gusset and onto the leather and my ass begins to slide around in my fluids on the luxurious leather.

One of his hands drops to my knickers, finally some attention for me, he must surely now feel my heat and my moisture, I will be soon slick on his fingers, hopefully his tongue as well, I really and desperately need some attention to and for my pussy now and I have to really push myself to grope around into his groin till I can finally grab his fat erection again, he really is now wild with lust but I really do hope he will attend to my pussy with his tongue, maybe if I can just massage his cock for a bit he will feel enough relief on his cock and concentrate his desire and tongue on me. My hand on his cock works a treat and I feel him grab and peel my lacy moist gusset aside, his strong fingers open my lips, his tongue tastes me with light flicks and his mouth and breath are so hot against my clit, he really begins in earnest and I am thrusting my cunt forward onto his face, even using my left hand to push the top of his head down harder against my swelling sex, all the while giving his cock a vigorous flogging. I finally come, I come really hard, I have his head jammed down onto my pussy, pushing him down with my hand and I come hard, I love to come with a hard cock in my hand.

The hardness, the smooth silkiness, the excitement, the sticky precum and definitely the intense anticipation of the damage he with this cock will do to my precious cunt...

My handsome client leans up, my sex fluids on his face, I pull him to me and stick my tongue down his throat, tasting my vaginal sex on his sticky fluid covered face, my desire for his cock is now out of control and I whisper into his ear “please fuck me, please, please fuck me, I need your cock to destroy my cunt, I want to feel you stretch me, I want to be positively smashed by your cock, I want to feel your heat when you blow your cream into me”

My stranger then practically throws me over the top of the seat into the back of this beautiful car, I land on my knees and he is over in a flash, his rigid cock slaps my ass, his fingers probe my sex, my knickers are then pulled aside and suddenly I am jammed full, in one fell shove, my stranger has his big hard cock buried deep into my body, my sexual excitement allows him to jam his fat cock into me in one stroke" I cannot believe the desperation I feel for this fucking" I think for a brief moment before I am back again with my handsome strangers rigid, raging cock, I am taking all the pummelling his sex organ can give me, and fuck me, he really goes wild inside me, I am skewered deeply on his raging cock. I lift my head above the seat, I am now beginning to sweat, his rhythmic pounding of my body, the intensity of this strangers lustful pounding makes it difficult to focus. I can see Ric’s car but not Ric’s face but I know he is there and I have to find a way to give him more of a show. I need him to see my sexual performance! I need him to see this stranger really fucking me, I want Ric to see my face as I orgasm on this strangers big fat cock!

I pull myself forward, all of a sudden my stretched cunt is empty, it is a big ask to go without this beautiful cock even for a moment and my cunt is aching for a refill, but Ric has to know what I am doing, he has to see my pummelling, he has to see my total fucking reaming! He has to know what I am capable of! I now push this sexy man backwards deep onto the leather backseat, I wrap my right fist around his cock as I kneel on the seat beside him and as I stroke him with lust, I ask him for a condom, he smoothly pulls one from a side pocket and I let go of his cock, grab the condom, tear off the top, shoving the rubber into my mouth and dive onto his cock, with a mouthful of condom, I dive onto and begin sucking his swollen organ whilst working the rubber down onto his amazing veined length, I would love to feel this cock’s sexy seed pumped fresh into my cunt, seeding my walls, his balls are so large and so heavy he must have quite a load to deliver, but the burning heat, the thrusting, the last glorious swelling and the strong pulsing will have to do. I have to be a professional!

I reluctantly withdraw his tasty cock from my mouth, I lean straight up, job completed; I reach my hand back onto his now sheathed cock, I lean forward kissing him hard on the lips as I swing a leg over his lap, his big cock still rigid in my hand, I aim his cock at my cunt entrance. I rub the smoothness of the head, for a moment against my aching, wet and moist pussy lips, looking straight into my strangers blue eyes, his sparking eyes are burning into me, saying " just bury it" and as I gently begin to lower myself his aching hands reach out urgently and grab my hips, he jambs my body downwards, I am instantly full, impaled, going nowhere until my stranger has had his fill and flooded my womb, our shared intense desire again is in full swing. I rock and I rock, I can feel his magnificent length high inside my body, my cervix is mashed against his cockhead, my skirt is around my waist, my breasts are in my strangers face and he again begins to grope and lick my nipples, I go wild, I am so turned on. Ric must be able to see my face by now in our low car light, he will be going crazy with lust, watching my ecstasy build and build, but right now for me it’s all about me and about this stunning thick cock, this beautiful cock that is both torturing me and driving me wild at the same moment. The beautiful cock is all I can think about and I am in animal heat, lusting over it and now as I feel my clients excitement build, and his beautiful cock finally swells, the beautiful cock buried in me that I am about to squirt over is going to unload. My handsome client groans, I feel the swelling of his sex deep within my body and I feel the exquisite heat that he is releasing into me, I unload myself, I come and I come and I come, my orgasm is so intense and it goes on for ages. I look into his eyes, his organ is buried high in my body, deep in my sex, before it finally begins to relent and soften, releasing me from my obligation to my stranger and his sexual satisfaction. I lean in and kiss him softly on the lips, he mumbles a faint breathless but very sincere "thank you" for a job well done. My body slumps against him, my forehead against his, our sweat mingling, breathless together and I am also done and from the soft, warm breathing of my client so is he.

I lift myself reluctantly from his now sticky softening cock and am amazed, even stunned at the amount of sperm that has filled the condom “you really needed that, your load is so huge” I say quietly as I begin to work the condom from his cock, being careful not to lose or spill any “mind if I keep this trophy” I boldly ask and he just smiles and nods weakly with appreciation. I now begin to tidy myself, pulling my knickers back into place, covering my battered cunt, straightening my skirt back down over my round ass and pushing my soft breasts back into their captivity.

I take the heavy, wet and very full condom in my hand and one last time kiss him on the soft lips, thanking him within the kiss for the most terrific fuck, I open the door, purposely giving him a last lacy flash of my lacy knickered arse as I climb out of his car. I close the door behind me, leaving him in a crumpled, exhausted and sticky heap on his back seat. My last view of my client is to watch him close his pleasured blue eyes and right then I knew, as I left, I had done my job well, I was a now full working prostitute, and I had worked hard to deliver him the value for money he really deserved.

I walked away, a little unsteadily after my pounding, down the street, over towards our car and the waiting, anticipating and excited Ric.

Ric comes round to my door and opens it for me “I know you are a sexy woman babe, but I never imagined you would ever give me such an amazing show” “did you have a good time, did he have a big cock, did he fuck you hard? So many questions! Ric is asking, I thrust the full wet condom and my wad of cash into his hands as I say “It was sex life changing" now get back in this car and get your cock back out of your pants for me, take me home, have I got an amazing story to tell you. He grabs me round the waist, slides his other hand under my skirt and all over my wet, sticky knickers and my glistening ass cheeks, he kisses me deeply right there in the street, he then releases me and practically pushes me into the car.

I'd say, as far as Ric is concerned, our sexual night is far from over yet!

Suggestions for Part 2:

Stranger grabs Shona by the ass or hand as she climbs out of the car and slips a business card into her hand.

All the rude stuff Shona does to Ric when she climbs into our car.

The stuff we stop and do on the way home or at home.

When Shona calls the stranger to arrange another meeting either with/without Ric knowing, or to organise a three way session.

The night out or even away on a camping trip/Holiday maybe even a few days away as three of us. Maybe overseas.