17 Jul 2017

I fucked this guy for 3 hours during the MIDDLE OF THE DAY today! I met him on the treadmills at my gym, we chatted for some kilometres, He was obviously keen, so I whispered in across the handles, "that I wanted him, I wanted his cock" He was off in seconds. I had him follow me home and as soon a we were in the door, he dropped to my groin, ripped down my tights, and ate me out, my pussy was all sweaty and moist. He soon had his fill of my pussy on his tongue, then he proceeded to fuck me, in every room of my house. Finally I found myself brutally riding his cock in OUR marital bed, he was so hard and he was so hot! I rode his cock for hours, took him in my every hole. Finally he unloaded himself, my mouth was full of his sweet CUM! He was super horny and simply an amazing shag.

I was so used, by the end, my pussy red and ruined, after this horny encounter, but I was aching to be reclaimed by my husband, I rang him and urged him home! I even sent him pics and a video clip showing what a little slut I had been!

I am definitely back to the gym tomorrow...