Written by flirttwithme

21 Dec 2012

He waited patiently on the train platform for his train to arrive, it had been a tough day due to the escapades of the night before, but still brought a rye smile to his face. 

The wheels screeched to a holt and the doors flung open. He glanced quickly through the carriage glass windows hoping to find a vacant seat, but to no avail. As the last passenger vacated the train the passengers began to board.

"Well this is going to be fun standing all the way home", he mused to himself. 

He made a bee line for the upper deck of the train hoping for an empty seat, it all looked full until he was almost at the end of the carriage. He came upon a very sexy young lady. Her feet perched upon the seat in front, displaying her beautiful pale legs in a short skirt that made the eye wonder all the way up to her… hips. A cheeky smile appeared and the disappeared as to not give away his mischievous thoughts.

She glanced up to acknowledge him as he sat down next to her. 

The perfume she wore wafted into his nostrils making his heart race for a few beats. Mmmmmmm he thought. He mind wandered into day dream and he imagined her body naked, and dreamt he had his eyes closed and smelling her every essence.

She twitched in her seat, occasionally squeezing her thighs together and squirming in her seat with blushes appearing on her cheeks. He noticed that she was hiding her screen from his gaze, which meant that the content of what she was reading was potentially of the adult kind.

She continued to move her legs up and down from the seat, looking outside dreaming or visualising the scene she had just read, then pushed her thighs together with the thought of something between them. 

His eyes continued to glance her way hoping to catch a shy naughty grin. But it wasn't to be, this time… she was buried deep in her erotic story and nothing was going to take her captivated attention away from her climactic story of pleasure. 

Her movements were deliberate and provoking because of there erotic nature. This aroused more than his attention, his pants grew firm at the thought of running his hands along her delicately exposed neck and down her pert and full breasts. His imagination began to run wild, visualising her breasts as fresh and pale as her slender legs. 

Daringly he leaned in to her neck, his lips softly and gently touching her warm skin, releasing a soft moan, which even caught her by surprise. She looked at him with a cute but luring smile. Foreplay had begun. 

She lent over and whispered a naughty message in his ear and then proceeded to run her hand along his thigh, brushing against his crotch along the way. He countered her tease by running his fingers along her inner thigh making a bee line for her panties finding them a little damp. He took his slightly wet finger, looked at her, and then slowly and seductively slid his finger into his mouth. Mmmmmm, it's nice he murmured to her.....