Written by Pepperberry

27 Jan 2012

She longed to feel his hands on her again, but alas he was two states away....

SMS here and there, phone sex often still didn't satisfy the hot need. 'check out swingers heaven' he said. So she did.

A photo up, her sexy leopard print clad breasts. A profile, as honest as she is.

A fun time, nsa fun. Can't stand emotional attachment!

No one over 40 please.....

Oh the responses! Hundreds of men to choose from! Young strapping young men, more athletic older ones. All so hot to look at!

One keeps messaging her, his dark eyes so alluring in his photos. Smile worth a million dollars!

I like you, wanna meet?

Yes! I do sir!

A motel is organized. Yes, mutual ground, so much more comfortable.



Let's go up stairs!

Yes let's!

His skin so dark, black eyes smoldeing, his hair black as a ravens wing his smile showed straight white teeth. Yes he was gorgeous. She stood there, bright blue eyes, surrounded by soft waving red hair, skin as white and smooth as porcelain.

They stood opposite each other at the end of the king bed, her eyes took in his tall lean frame. His eyes undressing her with lowered lids. As she breathed, her full breasts rose under her light shirt.

He suddenly moved forward and crushed her lush lips under his. His tongue pushed past and delved into her sweet hot mouth.

Tasting, tongues caressing a moan escapes her as his hands roved across her back, pulling her close so she felt his hard length against her belly. Desire swept through her. Swift fingers undid buttons and hot hands pushed the shirt of her shoulders. Her head fell back, as his hot mouth travelled down her neck and across her shoulders, hands quickly releasing her sheer lace bra. Cool air hit her now erect nipples and his hand cupped her fullness. Looking down she saw the stark contrast of his dark skin against her alabaster completion. She reached for his t shirt, lifting it quickly above his head and throwing it across the room. His fingers lightly flicking her tight nipples, a hot shiver flowed through her pooling low in her belly. Her fingers found his belt and she slid it from around him, her hands smoothing over his taut stomach. He bent his head and took a red nipple in his mouth, softly rolling his tongue over the tip, her head sharply raising in need.

His hands made light work of her jeans pushing them down over her full hips, she stepped out of them. Standing in front of him in her sheer white panties she could feel the wetness seeping. She pulled his zipper down, his long thck length free from the confines, she gasped! So big! So beautiful!

She pushed his jeans off and pushed him backwards until the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed. His hands caressing her heavy globes flicking, softly the tips. She pushed a little harder, he fell back on the bed.

A smile curved her lips, as her tongue moisten them. She batted his hands away when she knelt in between his knees.

Her small hand slowly wrapped around the base, flicking her hair over one shoulder so it hung like a curtain, she lowered her head looking up under lowered lashes at him smiling at his reaction.

Her tongue flicked out over the very tip, his body jerked up and his hands knotted in her silken hair. She squeezed lightly around his shaft, licking, flicking lightly up it. Suddenly she surrounded him, taking him as deep as she could in the back of her throat. He moan loudly and hips rose as she slowly pulled away flicking with her tongue squeezing and so softly rotating her hand around the base. Taking him again, swirling her tongue around the hard long length. In and out, swirling heat his hands gripped her hair hard but not painfully as she could feel the pressure building.

He pushed her away suddenly flipping her over on to her back. He tore off her panties before lifting her butt up and titling her hips towards him his mouth found her hot and wet for him. His tongue flickered over her tight bud of pleasure her head thrown back a soft groan slipped past her full red lips.

Flicked and sucked tasting her musky female scent. Fingers explored, pushing into her tight hot wet centre, he groaned as her body arched in pleasure. He need to be in her. He released her then licked his way up her soft creamy body, nipping the softness of her tummy, his hands finding her sensitive nipples as her kissed his way up her long neck finally taking her mouth in a hard possessive kiss. She responded, pulling him closer wanting to feel him in her. Raising himself a little, his hand guided himself to her tight opening. He opened his eyes, to look straight into her blue eyes filled with desire. He pushed forward, filling her pushing so deep.

She cried out for the size of him! He pulled back slowly and she suddenly felt empty. She pushed her hips up meeting his downwards thrust, heat flowed through her as he pulled out and drove back in. Over and over feeling the tension building. He threw his head back as he pushed forward, her body ached nd shuddered as both come together! Waves of pleasure washed over them as he colapsed on her. Breathing heavy, he rolled off her and out of her. She stretched, and rolled out of bed. Standing she stretched again, lifting her arms her breasts bounced. Smiling she watched as he fell asleep, softly snoring. She quickly dressed, pulling on her jeans over bare flesh. She gathered her things and left quietly.

Omg you were amazing! When can I see you again.

She replied, sorry but not again.

True story.....first swingers experience! xx

Thanks loud1000 for introducing me to swingers heaven! And thank you my dark gorgeous boy for an afternoon to remember!