20 Feb 2017

A "Swingers" friend up from Melbourne invited us over to his motel suite, I had not been involved much, my wife had been chatting to him for some months and they wanted to play alone for a bit, and then have me join in a bit later. I was fine with that, grabbed a key and headed for the bar. But time seems to pass very slowly when someone else is excitedly fucking your wife and I found I couldn’t wait any longer. After what felt like a reasonable head start, I made my way back to the room.

When I let myself into the motel suite, the lights were out, but the curtains to the room were wide open. I walked softly through and leant my head against the door, and quietly listened. I could make out, enthusiastic muffled slurping, gasping and many other wet sloppy, sexy sounds, all that was then randomly punctuated by vulgar words of vigorous encouragement and laughter. When I pushed open the door, they were so busy and so engrossed in their pleasure, neither of them even looked up. They were hard at it, biting, licking, sucking and fucking. There was the most delicious scent of sexual intercourse, pervading the room.

I was so impressed I left them to it.

I sat down on the couch outside the room, pulled out my own cock, and began stroking myself, listening. The noise of their vigorous fucking was music to my ears and fuel for my erection. I was soon leaking precum into my palm. Then for several long minutes I could hear very little. I stopped pulling myself off and listened, my heart rate was high, beating so heavily in my excitement

Then it started, my wife really began moaning. Softly at first and then crying out loud, her mouth full of perverse obscenities. Then more moaning. Several loud, sharp whacks, followed by high pitched squeals of delight. The mattress was being worked hard, even tortured. His deep, raspy voice, egged her on. She was begging, squealing in delight and then screaming his name, over and over. Then she went off, my sweet sexy wife was suddenly grunting, a deep guttural grunting and I could tell, she was getting desperate, I was now going to hear her cum. Finally, the dirty, familiar sounds of my wife orgasaming, resounded throughout the room, she was really going off, he must have been a great fuck. She went off for ages. She finally calmed down, she moved to a faint, happy squeal, it was so awesome to listen and hear! Now a short pause, soft sounds of shuffling, very quiet, inaudible words. Then the bed was in action again, rocking hard, faster and faster now. The headboard on the wall, louder. A huge howl erupted from him, followed by a second of abrupt silence...

“Fucking swallow it. Drink it baby. Fuck you, drink my fucking load, slut.”

Yes. That’s is a verbatim quote. My sexy, orgasmic, wife was on the other side of that door, obediently servicing his cock, eating, swallowing his semen, whatever he wanted. I had held my own orgasm in check, the whole fucking time, my hands were wet with the flood of my excited precum, throughout their long and intense fucking. I now kicked my pants across the room, spread my legs and I let go, I closed my eyes and jacked myself, furiously savoring, imagining the unseen sights and reliving the sensational pornographic sounds that had emanated from the hot fucking, in the room beside me.

On the sofa, with no towel handy, I cupped my hand under my exploding cock, catching the thick, white ribbons of my own warm, milky semen, it pooled thickly in my palm. I exhaled in my final relief. I stood and walked into the room, I walked over to the side of the ruined bed, to my sweating, splayed out wife, she had collapsed, laid out on her belly, I wiped my sticky palm all over her arse, adding, smearing her with my own creamy load, adding it, to her evening of horny fun. I leant over, I kissed my wife on the back of the neck and laid myself down with them, my exhausted wife now softly sandwiched between us...

I was going to be a long night...