Written by justme72

22 Feb 2016

I have arrived to visit you while you are working away. I have got a lift from the airport to the hotel where you are staying at . It has been a long few weeks and I am dying to see you and can’t wait for you to just hold me and hold me tight the time away has made me realise just how much we truly mean to each other. I wait anxiously for you to arrive back from work that evening .We kissed deeply and hold each other’s bodies and keep kissing and hugging each other nice and tight .Your cock is already very hard but contained by your work pants which is a nice visible bulge. I am standing in front of you and started to slowly undress. First taking my shirt off revealing a lacy bra and then my pants once again revealing some lacy panties. My shoes were kicked off and im standing in front of you. I put my hand onto your bulge and gently rub it. Then I continued with my strip tease removing my bra - revealing my huge breasts. I slowly remove my knickers each movement done in slow motion. Then there I am standing in front of you fully naked. I then leaned over and undid the belt of your pants and unzipped the zip. The bulge in your jocks is clearly on view and Im gently massaging it while pulling the elastic with one hand and with the other hand groping your harder aching cock and freeing it.

You have barely had time to enjoy the sensation of the first touch on your cock before it disappeared into my mouth. I lick and slurp on your cock head while moving the lubricating saliva up and down your hard shaft its been a long time since I have had your hot uncut cock in my mouth and I want to feel you so deep in my mouth I take you as deep as possible and make lots of noises and running my tongue up and down and on the tip of your cock running my tongue inside your skin . I can feel you moving your hips and telling me to take you deeper and deeper into my mouth while you are pushing on my head slightly . I have taken you pretty deep this time and gagging on your cock while I know you love a lot and want more and more. I get you to move over to the bed , I want your fingers in my juicy cunt and want you to finger me deep and hard while I am sucking on your cock nice and deep it am enjoying you finger fucking me that I start to lick your balls and suck on them gently and then move my way down to your nice juicy crack. I just want to tongue fuck you while you are fingering me making each other orgasm before we just fall on the bed in one another’s arms to have a chat before a shower and more sensational loving.