Written by Shonaric

29 Aug 2017

My wife walked into our bedroom. Before saying a word, reached under her business suit skirt and pulled down her pink lace panties. Her legs were bare despite the cold weather. I noticed as I watched the flimsy garment slide down her thighs.

She stepped out of the panties and left them on the bedroom floor, right next to my side of the bed. The cum-soaked gusset was impossible to miss and I lifted them to my nose, inhaling deeply, whilst my wife continued to strip herself naked.

My cock had been hard, I had edged myself all evening, knowing that my wife was meeting up with one of her regular sexy guys, after work. She likes to get over the mid week hump with a good fucking! My cock was making a massive tent for her, really noticeable even under the thicker winter bed covers.

My wife climbed into bed and snuggled up against me. Her hand reached under and found my stiff cock, sticky under the sheets, which by now had a rather large wet spot. She pulled my cock out and dived under the covers to have a taste. She ran her tongue over my cock head thoroughly cleaning my precum, before coming back up.

“I always like to taste your sticky excitement after my night out,” she said, her hand back, wrapped tight around my cock.

“Who did you meet up tonight?” She didn’t tell me beforehand.

“Just someone I know!,” my wife pulled back the covers and swung her leg over me then guided my cock, easily, into her soggy, flogged, but very liquid silky pussy.

He, according to my wife, had a nice, pretty average length cock, much like mine. What she liked about him was that his cock was really thick and he could easily "Cum" two to three times each meeting. To me, my wife certainly always felt like had been royally fucked by him as I always found her pussy was way loose.

“He fucked me so good" she continued. "I love how his cock stretches me open” She put her hands next to my shoulders and started grinding down onto me, rhythmic and slow. I could feel my cock slopping about inside her sweet, used pussy. I stared, admiring her swaying tits. Her juices and the gallons left of his thick cum, coating her cunt walls, lathered my cock.

My wife's pussy was very hot, very wet, and very, very, loose, exactly how I love her.

“I made him fuck me in the motel car park, just before I headed home, I wanted to have fresh cream for you.” Her tits continued to swing in front of my face. Up close, I could see her nipples were inflamed. I sucked on one and it sent a sexy tremble through her body.

“He wanted to cum on my tits tonight but I told him in my pussy or nothing.” I sucked the other nipple as she spoke. “So he sucked and bit them instead, just like you are doing now...” Her eyes were closed.

“Have him next time.” I was really getting close to cuming. The sexual contractions from her pussy, massaged my engorged organ. I continued toying with her nipple, she felt delicious on my cock. “I want to see your tits covered in his cum.” I continued.

“Hmmm,” my wife, eyes still closed, groaned at the thought. She is big into being cum on and as she rode me, contemplating it, that actually being turned me on and excited me. My hands were now holding her hips, controlling how fast she rode me, as I fast approached my orgasm.

The images, in my mind, my wife walking through the motel with still warm cum all over her breasts, for anyone to see, triggered my flooding orgasm. I thrust as deep and as hard up inside her as I could, adding my own jets of thick cum to her already slushy, filled, pussy.

My wife rode until my cock stopped twitching inside her before getting off and laying down next to me. She had come close, but was sexily worn out and didn’t come. While I enjoyed my post-orgasm recovery, she scooped up our cum, that was now leaking, no running, out from her well-fucked pussy. She rubbed it all onto her clit and massaged softly as she lay back. Eyes closed, she exploded into her own sweet orgasm in no time.

I love it. I absolutely love knowing my wife is out fucking. Knowing she is out have orgasm after orgasm, as I lay back and stroke my cock, edging myself to ecstasy. Knowing her married cunt is being smashed and flooded with other men’s silky thick loads, but knowing well that she will be home soon and that I will have her myself, I’ll be filling her to overflowing.

Every man should share his wife.