3 Mar 2020

My husband was chatting and found me a well-hung local guy from Swingers. I went to meet this guy and he was nice looking, well dressed and actually made me really horny. There was not to much talking before he was caressing my breasts and I had helped myself to his cock, and yes, when I pulled it out of his pants, I could not believe my eyes, it was near "coke can" thick and quite long. It took less than 20.mins to make it to his house.

Back at his house we fucked like rabbits for nearly 3 hrs before we were both done in. We lay there catching our breath, we chatted both keen, doing it all again on another day, very soon.

When I got home my husband was expecting me and he was so horny. I had to give my husband my fucked pussy within minutes of arriving home, he could not keep his hands off me. I was literally dragged to our bedroom, stripped naked and on my back in seconds. I teased my husband as he was pounding into me that I was gonna fuck this guy again, and as often as I could. I asked my husband if he was OK with it, my husband’s reply was “as long as I get your loose cunt or sloppy seconds like this” he said. And then he blew his own load into me.

So away I went off enjoying myself. After quite a few fuckings from my new lover (he could really loosen up my cunt) I couldn't wait any more and I encouraged him to cum inside me. He had blown so many thick creamy loads onto my belly and chest over the preceding weeks, but nothing feels anywhere near as good as when you have a big cock like this guy’s, being driven deep into your pussy and then you feel him finally swell up, just before he fills you up with his steamy seed load.

The joy to lay back and receive all that cum and then the joy of carrying, warmly within my pussy, that creamy load all the way home to my husband is downright sexy and hotly exquisite.

Well during sex with my husband, the dirty bastard, he suggested, as he pounded into me, that the next time I fuck my new man, I spend the entire night with him. That I should not play coy and have him fuck me all night long. Then come home in the morning with as much spunk in me as possible. I asked him if he was really OK with that and he said “Fuck yesssss” as he blew his load into me...

Well, that time had come, I had coffee with my new man and told him as we chatted of my husband’s idea. My new man nearly burst, said he was so fucking keen to make that happen. Within a week, on an unassuming Thursday night, in a cheap motel for the night, we fucked for hours, and I mean hours, my pussy was so ruined and sore from that fantastic cock. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I really lost track of all the orgasms, but I am sure he filled my pussy with cum at least 4 times before we finally fell asleep.

I was intimately conscious of his virile seed within me. After the many seminal gushes when his cock ‘drops out’ of me, I continue to leak our mixed cum for a lot longer than you might think, the more liquid pre cum easily drains out of me but the heavier creamy cum is more reluctant to go, and seeps out slowly dripping down, coating my inner thighs. Still freshly fucked, I’m reluctant to loose any of his cum, I lay pressed naked against him and sleep.

The next morning, he woke me, eating my pussy (he is an excellent lover) and after my morning orgasm, I dragged him on top of me and begged for his cock, so, we fucked once more with him filling my stretched-out hole with cum. I could just lay there, my face against my darling as I worked my muscles to massage his cock. I wanted his cum, right then that was my entire focus. My purpose in life, giving my man pleasure and to carry his seed. I needed to feel his shaft swell and throb, his big cock head expand deep inside me and his urgent pulsing, pumping me full of his delicious creamy cum. Eventually he showered and he sent me home to my waiting husband. (He showered, but I purposely wanted all the sexy smells on and in my body, so I didn't shower)

It was still early in the morning, about 8:30 AM when I walked in home. My hubby was sat up in bed, so I stripped myself and jumped up on the bed. I dragged him flat (he helped by not resisting) I knelt one knee each side over his face. I grabbed the bedhead with both my hands, and I lowered my tortured, gaping, cum filled pussy over my husband’s face. His tongue was up in me before I could even settle myself. Semen was dripping out of me before I even got to his face and in his hunger he attacked my poor red folds. I had lost heaps of semen into my knickers, but I am sure I managed to still give my man a big creamy dose of cum on his face. My husband was fully erect, his cock twitched and jerked a couple of times, I thought he was going to cum. He drove his hungry tongue all throughout my my hole, searching out all my warm fluids I had bought home for his breakfast. I heard him moan then suddenly open his mouth real wide, I squeezed my pussy tight, I delivered the final deepest cum, he sucked me out as I pushed out the cum, he wanted it all. He licked my pussy clean and kept eating my flogged and fucked pussy on his face, licking and sucking me until I ground out an orgasm, all over his face.

The dirty bastard, he pushes me to go out all the time now.

My sexy man, he loves for me to go out, get well fucked and filled by safe men, so he can eat his meals, warm and tasty, when I get home.

God I love his enthusiasm...

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