19 Jun 2018

We have a new man in our lives… We invited him home…

He was eager for Shona but this first time, he wanted a run at her himself…

Shona invited him to over to have his way…

We moved to our bedroom… I set willingly myself to one side

“Oh fuck,” he smiled, shoving his fingers deep into my wife’s open pussy.

“Oh yes,” he grunted, quickly finger fucking my wife’s wet cunt before moving forward and slowing shoving his cock in and out of her hugely open, very wet hole. She was so ready for him…

He pumped his hard cock into my wife, her enthusiastic squeals only seemed to make his cock even harder.

“He pounded her… and he was so… so fucking hard” he grunted, brutally reaming her spread fuck hole.

“Don’t stop” she moaned, “hurt me, do me hard, she squealed.”

“Your… your little pussy… is so… fucking delicious,” he grunted at her. He had to be tearing her fuck hole apart, I thought. He now looked hungrily down at her battered pussy, seeing, watching how stretched her hole was on his cock, as he fucked himself, in and out of her sweating body.

“My cock is so… so hard,” he grunted again, pushing in the head hard up against her womb.

“I need your to ravage your pussy, baby,” he moaned, short stroking, holding deep inside her, feeling her womb opening, kissing and sucking at the head of his cock.

“Your sweet pussy… you feel, oh god, baby,” his hands went to her shoulders, pulling her body onto his urgent thrusts.

“I need you… Jesus, I need to… need to fuck you so hard,” he growled as the ache in his cock grew so intense and unbearable.

His whole body shook with the power of his lusty thrusting as he pulled her tightly to meet his strokes. He’d never felt so full of lust. He’d had the pills before to make sure he well fucked my wife, but I’m sure he’d never been so filled with a lusty need to fuck any woman, as he was right now.

“You make… make me feel so powerful,” he grunted, screwing deep and hard, he was relishing, feeling his cock swelling and bulging.

“Squeeze me… squeeze my meat, Baby” he groaned, sweat dripping off his face as he continued unabashedly pounding her cunt.

He roared load as his balls drew up and contracted, shooting hot steamy ribbons of cum into his my wife’s stretched hole. My wife clawed his back and reamed her cunt hard onto his cock!… It was amazing to watch her be so liberated…

He forced his cock in as far as it could go, he was wanting to feel every inch of his cock squeezed by her destroyed fuck hole as he roughly filled her with his steaming hot seed.

He finally fell on top of her, I watched them both, gasping for breath as the last of his seed leaked softly from his cock into her flooded pussy. From his previous grunting sounds, I’m sure he’d never cum so hard in his life, as the way he just did inside my baby.

Really reluctantly, he gently pulled out of her. He held her knees and spread her legs widely, watching intently as his seed eventually began to leak from her ruined pussy. Surprisingly, given the way he had really fucked her, he said he felt bad for forcing his lust on to my wife, but there was one thing he would love to do for her.

He dropped down and started licking her, cleaning and kissing her fucked sloppy pussy. I watched as, up and down his tongue moved, tasting his own cream and her horny juices that their fucking had brewed.

My wife was immediately into his attention “Oh man… mmm, what… oh god… what are you doing to me?” she asked? (Even as she spread her legs wider for him to get deeper into her sweet pussy, ha-ha!)

He moaned against her cunt, letting his experienced mouth and tongue do the talking for him. He pushed his tongue into her hot little flogged hole and he groaned as she enthusiastically fucked her slopped pussy onto his face.

God, he must have pumped a scalding torrent of cum into my wife, I thought, as his tongue kept coming out coated in his own creamy cock load.

Her hands slid into his hair, she pulled his face deeper into her pussy. He licked his way up to her clit and sucked her button between his lips, growling against her as she ground her cunt and came, one more time. Orgasmically smearing him with a fresh load of her pussy cream. The intensity of his touch, after that orgasm, was too much and she pushed him off.

Even then, he did not abate his assault upon her sweating form. He crawled up her body, kissing and licking her skin, nuzzling her breasts and sucking at her nipples. He found her mouth with his and creamily kissed her, groaning as she opened her mouth to him and took his tongue deep.

I watched as his cock, grew again. His cock was already hardening again for my wife!

His fat organ was again pressed tight against her soft, sloppy, pussy folds. He laid himself in, again positioning himself, between her spread wide legs. He couldn’t resist rubbing his hardening fat cock head against her slit.

“Do you forgive me for ruining your little pussy, baby?” he asked, kissing her and pressing his cock down hard enough to begin splitting her soft pussy lips apart and teasing her excited clit.

She gasped and he smiled, as she felt him rub up, she prepared herself for another cock-flogging onslaught, moving herself into position against his cock.

“Forgive you? She laughed, you blew an amazing hot load into me” My wife lifted her hips and rubbed her pussy against his cock, obviously ready, obviously wanting more.

“Are you gonna put another load in me, Baby?” She softly asked.

His cock twitched hard and without asking again, he lifted up and pushed his cock, deep to his balls, right up onto the womb opening. Slowly screwing her while looking deep into her eyes.

“Mmmm, she smiled and said, “Let’s make sure and put a lot more of that seed into my pussy, baby.”

He went for broke and I am sure my wife barely survived…

Now Shona lays beside me, half way softly snoring. My poor little cock loving wife is tuckered out. A busy day for my hot wife! I’ll watch her rest a few more minutes, before I spoon up behind her, and take her body yet again, pulsing yet one final load from my balls, into her magnificent well used womb.

We are both having her next week, she may then not, haha!