Written by essexmix

8 May 2012

there i was doing the last laundry in australia before returning 2 the uk

depression, the thought, real life was to return

the clothes were nearly dry ok last leg

Then the laundrette door opened, what a lovely guy walked in..

shorts, hairy legs, t_shirt (ripped), expoxing a very hairy chest & to top it a hat, no corks..

he was the rough coke man, word search somehow lost it's appeal

he strided over to me and asked if could help him with the washing machine

what i could say, i am sure he saw my enlarging cock in my shorts

i dropped my word search booklet trying to compose myself

i rose and there was his hand on my cock, that caused the blood to pump

then I noticed his cock pointing to the sky hard ready to be sucked

what can you do in a laundrette ?? ideas another time lol

we stroked each others cocks through the shorts and he suggested we take a trip to an "out_of_town " area

i accepted the invitation and we drove for sum time into the o_o_t area

finally we had arrived and he throw down a blanket lube condoms and poppers

we removed all our clothes as quickily as possible and assumed a 69 position laying on the blanket

what a nice cock and balls combination and after a period of licking sucking balls and sucking our cocks to our balls

we explored more into our likes

very nicely we agreed condoms for one cock lube for the other

the cheeks were parted and a deep slow rim session started licking round the arse slowly licking probing deeper

the lube being applied slowly deeper one finger then two for a well lubed arse

then the arse was ready for sum deep heat, the cocked was sheathed for safe only action

the fucking dog postion very slowly sliding deeper with more poppers getting faster deeper

all positions were explored but the mounting dog position was the most fully engaging

the fucking lasted long enough to get a sun burn

after Fab sex in the bush we drove back to the laundrettes and retrieved our clothes

mine all dry ready to pack and his washed

what a good bye we parted at the laundrette door

best last day ever