22 Apr 2018

On the weekend i was up at airlie beach. Which is situated in the whitsundays qld. Was at the local bar where i met this beautiful young lady from Germany she had just turned 19. So we got talking amd found out we where on the same tour to whitehaven beach the next day. But before things could go any further her friends dragged her away. So anyway the next day come and there she was on the same boat as me. We got talking again found out she was leaving in the next couple of days we spent the whole day together went to the look out went down to the beach. Where she asked me if i would like to go for a walk so i was like sure. We went back up to the look out where we found this little track that looked like it hadn't been walked on in years so we followed it and it bought us to this massive rock with an opening that you could see the beautiful island. We sat and chatted some more. Next thing i know we are making out and getting out clothes off we fucked for a good hour she was so quiet untill the fucking come out and she turned into a freak fucking while over looking the beautiful beach and inlet. In her mouth in her ass fucking on this rock like there was no tomorrrow untill she squirted all over me and couldn't walk so she told me to blow my load all over her face. Which i did and she loved it. She had to sit for a while but then we walked back down to the boat and went back to airlie and went out seperate ways. Lets just say ill never look at the hill inlet the same again. What a beast