Written by mr giggly

12 Oct 2010

It was about three am and so hot I found I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned and tried to wake my partner for some fun but she was way past it and just mumbled the usual “go back to sleep and bugger off”

Rather than lay on the sheet sweating and waiting for the dawn I thought I would go downstairs and make a cup of tea and wrap some xmas presents while the house was quiet. Slipped on a tee shirt and didn’t bother with my track pants as it must have still been 25 degrees and I was warm enough to just wear my boxers.

Anyway down in the kitchen area of the house I was quietly drinking tea, wrapping a few pressies and had the internet on the laptop with some short porno clips being downloaded and thinking it was at least getting a few things done as I fantasised about what I glanced at on the screen.

Didn’t really think too much at the time but after I went to the downstairs loo I reprimanded myself as I listened to the noise it made. My partner’s oldest daughter was staying overnight as she often does after she comes over. She is 21, a cutie, with huge bee sting red lips, she always enjoys a laugh with us and we often have a drink and smoke all together. I guess the noise of the toilet must have woken her as shortly after I heard a little giggle from behind me and turning around there she was standing in the door way looking at the computer screen. On it was a session of two guys giving some little chick a fair old seeing to and they were all having a good time.

Her eyes smiled at me as she wandered past on her way to the kettle and she asked me if that was where I got the ideas for what me and her mum got up to ?

I was stunned to say the least, not sure if she knew what her mum and I did, had her mum told her ? I knew they had a pretty good relationship that way, or was she just testing the water ?

Anyway I was a bit embarrassed, two fold now because here I was caught by my lovers daughter watching a porno and as a result of that was here in the kitchen with a semi hard on. Now the hardest part. Here was a 21 year old cutie in a singlet top and very loose tracky pants that always seemed to fall down her bum (something I had often asked her mum to fix please as I found it very distracting) and it was quite obvious she had decided to remove her knickers to sleep as well.

She asked sweetly what I was doing but at the same time as I was explaining I couldn’t sleep and decided to wrap presents she was leaning over to watch the action on the computer. I didn’t know what to do, say or where to look so just watched her as her eyes took in the scene on the screen. Those eyes seemed to grow in size as she leaned over even more and I noticed she began biting her lower lip as she toyed with the cup of tea. “They do seem to be having a good time don’t they?” she murmured as she placed the tea on the table and ever so discreetly ran her fingers inside her pants to what I presume was a moistening pussy.

Ok, I was stuffed. I had been horny in bed before all this started and my partner had been on late shift for days so we had not had a bonk for what seemed like forever. The chat last night as we all got drunk and more was just a tease and I had so badly wanted some release but it wasn’t going to happen then. Now I was watching a porno at 3 am with a sexy little 21 year old who had her hands down her pants and was beginning to show signs she was getting very hot and bothered herself.

Yes, stuffed; with a hard on that was no longer semi but very very hard and making my shorts into a tent any circus would have been proud of.

I know she must have seen it but she never said a word, just quietly reached behind her and began to run her fingers around the front of my shorts feeling my cock through the fabric. Once she had given it a few tentative rubs she moved so her legs were spread further and I noticed her other hand was deep down in the cleft of her cunt and I swear I could her the noise of her fingers as they slipped into her puss and massaged her clit.

She then slipped her hand inside the waistband of my shorts and wrapped them firmly around my cock and began a slow rocking motion causing me to press against her nice little round arse each time. Next she began to moan so softly, first a little noise but gradually she built up to a series of deep grunts as she frigged herself to orgasm in front of me. With a flushed face she turned and looked at me with a huge smile on her face and lifted her hand to my nose to smell her wetness. “Do I smell like my mum?” she said ?

Shit ! they had talked. I had always said to my partner that she smelt so soft and neutral as I had never before experienced. Then she gently pushed her fingers into my mouth and made me lick them. Oh dear, what a little tease. I was busting out and so wanted to turn this little cutie around and bend her over the table and slam into her from behind, but I couldn’t.

She sensed I was exercising constraint and asked me “could I see if I can fit you in my mouth ? you seem quite a bit thicker than my boyfriend” And with that she dropped down and took the tip of my cock into her soft warm mouth. For a kid she was good, there had been some serious practise for sure I thought as she ran her tongue around the tip and then began to bob back and forth on my cock.

I could not believe it as her head was pressed up against my body and her mouth worked magic for sure, my hands were pressing on her head now forcing her hard onto my cock deep into her throat. She gagged and then relaxed and swirled her tongue again and began to really suck me in. I could feel her fingers under my balls and knew I was going to come and muttered for her to watch out but all she did was put her hands around my waist onto my butt and pull me into her mouth as hard as she could. I was caught by surprise by that and just gave in to the feelings of wetness and warmth and exploded into her mouth. She gulped and gulped and swallowed it all and continued to suck as hard as she could literally draining me of my cum.

Then with the look of a mischievous elf she jumped up, wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and smiled at me. “now that was fun” she said and still smiling at me took up her cup of tea and made her way back to her bedroom and closed the door.

So there I was, now 3.30am in the morning, no hard on anymore, very satisfied and completely blown away by the last 15 minutes and still with presents to wrap.

I figure Santa Claus must have a great time doing his presents run.