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Years ago...

The very, very early days...


12 minute read

Years ago we had been out for a bite of dinner and when we got home, we were chatting whilst having a nightcap. Being a bit cheeky I raised my favorite naughty topic of conversation and I asked Shona "Would you prefer a threesome or to share as couples?" Shona thought about this for only a moment and quickly said " a threesome, but only if it was you and another guy - not just two randoms. I nearly burst and my cock immediately responded, as did my heart rate. I had to ask, "is this our drinks talking or do you really think you could take on two of us?" Shona said to me that this was a stupid conversation, but she began to go along with the play and even laid out some ground rules. "If we did it" she said smiling at me, "I would like other guy to have a long, skinny cock so he could do my bum" she continued "It has been ages since I have opened that door and I am not about to start again with your meaty fucker. It has always made me so wet in the past to be anally taken by you but after all this time my arse is way tighter now. I was keen for something like that again" she finished. But Shona also added that if She said "no" to something that either of us wanted to do with her, no would mean no. "Of course" I said" I thought to myself however, "it seemed to me that she might have actually given this subject a little more thought prior to our talk than I thought she would ever have, so I was beginning to think that this might have the promise of some serious fun" When we went to bed that night I devoured her pussy, Shona gave me some great head. I could tell by her vigorous head action that she was as turned on, talking about a threesome (and opening her back passage) as much as I was! We fucked like rabbits on heat that night. The next morning we continued our chat and I asked "if we were to have this "experience" where would we find the guy?" To my utter amazement, Shona said that "she had already seen a man she was attracted too at her gym" and that "he would be a very promising choice if he were not married or gay" she laughed. I was surprised and amazed at her forward thoughts! After taking in all of this new information I asked her, "now what, my sweet?" My conservative wife then told me that "she would bite the bullet and approach this man next time she saw him" Once again, I was stunned by her bold response, her interest, even her apparent urgency; but especially her obvious excitement. Two days later, after working out at her gym, Shona came home in a sweat. Her eyes however were sparkling in excitement as she told me "that she'd spoken with him, Ryen was his name, and that he was interested in her proposal, he fancied her too. He easily understood the rules, was aware that I would also be part of the fun; and, that it would only be a one-time thing" In just one week's time Shona and I had gone from planning a threesome with a total stranger, to actually doing it! Get ready to cross another thing off our sex bucket list! Those two texted (sexted) each other for a couple of days and eventually set a date for the following Thursday night. Thursday afternoon Shona had me flush her back passage and even push a little lube up her tube to help with a possible entry to her passage. What a sexy woman... Ryen arrived at our home at 8PM sharp, Shona was still getting dressed so I answered the door, I mixed drinks and he and I sat down and chatted. He was a very nice looking guy, 46 years old, a divorced professional, well built, tanned, taller than I and he had a wicked sense of humor, I could see why Shona fancied him. As we were chatting, Shona made her entrance and was wearing an off the shoulder, very low cut soft top that, for her, was very revealing. Her breasts were exposed from above the nipple, and, with 34Ds that's a lot of breast to show! She had to be wearing a push-up bra. We had a couple of drinks each. Shona was sitting very close to Ryen on the couch and we were all laughing, they were touching each other's legs and getting very acquainted. Shona and he were definitely not getting cold feet, then our guest casually leaned in and softly kissed my wife on the lips and began fondling her breasts. Let the games begin! I thought... Shona passionately kissed him back and while in his embrace she waved to me to come over to the lounge and sit right beside her. I knew what was coming next but it still felt strange, even for a self-proclaimed pervert like myself, to actually sit there and watch another man kissing and feeling up my wife, and then watching her relish the attention. Ryen and Shona were not holding back and were getting right into it. It was fucking exciting to watch the action unfold. We soon all stood up and we guys began to take off our clothes. Shona watched as Ryen and I removed everything and stood there in front of her naked - she seemed flustered for a moment but never took her eyes off Ryen's body. He was sexy with a modestly muscular body, a hairy chest and strong arms but Shona (and I) were both drawn to his penis and if I was interested, she had to be awestruck. Ryen's cock was at least 8 inches long, was not circumcised and he was not too thick, I on the other hand, am shorter, 7 inches and circumcised but luckily very meaty. It was now Shona's turn to undress. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse showing us a new very sexy bra, she then removed her shoes and then unzipped and pushed her denim skirt to the floor, wriggling out of it, revealing she was wearing no panties. For a woman who has not been nude in front of another man in ages, Shona seemed right in her element. We adjourned to the bedroom with Shona leading the way. Shona was now in full control at this point. She climbed onto the bed and had Ryen and I lay on either side of her. She was sitting crossed-legged in the middle of our bed with Ryen and I lying down. She began by kissing our lips and faces, one at a time and while doing this she was rubbing each of our cocks in turn. In no time Ryen and I had full on erections - Shona was fascinated with her erect toys and couldn't seemingly get over Ryen's long, thin cock with the extra skin on the tip. Shona began to tickle with her tongue the extra skin, sucking and playing with his foreskin before hungrily, full blowing him, all the while, simultaneously, giving me a vigorous hand job. We men both played with her, both our hands fingering her very excited vagina... After a short while, Shona removed her bra and thrust herself up to Ryen. She was keen and really wanted to see if she could tolerate Ryen's cock entering her anal tube without too much pain; so, he laid on his back and Shona sat up on his lap. She raised her hips and she prepared to mount him. Shona held his cock and aimed it backwards at her dark channel, her tight little opening and using her body weight she began to methodically insert his cock mm by mm up her own arse. To my surprise, and to Shona's delight, there was absolutely no pain. And with the help of the added rectal lube, in seconds he was fully deep up inside her back passage. Shona grinned at me in pure pleasure. Now he was fully buried she began to slowly move, grinding her hips, then sliding up and down and even wiggling sideways, all the while never letting my cock go. As her rocking and grinding continued I could tell by her speed and facial expressions that she was getting more and more aroused - hell, we all were! Shona was now really being anally fucked by Ryen. As she leaned over him, each of her grinding thrusts had her breasts rubbing over Ryen's hairy chest making her nipples hard as rocks against his skin. While she was doing this, somehow she was still able to turn to me. I was now standing on the bed next to her so that my cock was right in front of her face and she swallowed my cock into her mouth. I caught sight of the three of us in our dresser mirror, what a friggin' sight was in our mirror, it was unbelievable to see the three of us fucking. After a while, it seemed that we all understood at the same moment that we needed to change positions. Shona extracted Ryen's cock from her arse then sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide open, inviting Ryen to kneel on the floor and eat her very sticky pussy, fuck she was so horny for an orgasm as she ground onto his face. She and Ryen alternately took turns mashing her clitoris, the sloshing sounds and heady scent of her excited pussy was out of this world. I began to suck on her nipples and massage her soft breasts. It didn't take Shona many minutes before she had her first exploding orgasm on his tongue. Her whole body was shaking, she was both moaning and screaming at the same time, her pussy was soaking the sheets with the combination of her sexy juices and Ryen's saliva. Shona continued on too have a second orgasm, then she fell back onto the bed with her legs still dangling over the edge. When she fell back Ryen could stand no more and stood up between her legs. He jacked off over Shona's body and shot a very impressive heavy volley of long spunk shots over her. His cum sprayed out in long blasts, landing thickly and painting her pale skin from her pussy mound to her breasts. Shona beamed the biggest smile at him as he towered above her, shooting his spunk all over her body. Shona was covered with his spunk, then as he finished firing she then looked over at me. She was clearly relishing his spunky attention. I was so excited at the spunk lathered sight of Shona before me I immediately lifted her legs wide apart and mounted her. Her body was sticky with Ryen's cum and it was so erotic to grind and slide over Shona's body as we fucked. The scent of his spunk was so strong and the sensation of the sticky spunk goo glueing us together was wonderful as we fucked each other. I ploughed her pussy, Shona fucked and bucked on me like a woman possesed. I wasn't far behind Ryen and I pulled out and spunked all over her belly and chest myself. I mixed my cum with Ryen's, running my hands over her sticky skin, spreading our spunk. Shona's body was literally plastered in our dripping cum, she certainly did not look disappointed as she lay back panting. We all took a few minutes to catch our breath but none of us really wanted to stop. Shona teased us, continuing on playing in our spunk, even while no one was touching her! Ryen and I went "back to work". We flipped Shona onto her stomach and Ryen began to touch her very sensitive used arse hole. Ryen was able to get Shona into a position so that he could screw her anally from behind and I began to lightly stroke and kneed her arse cheeks. I kissed her back and inserted a finger into her anus. She loved this and the shaking started all over again. I pulled out my finger and spread open her cheeks. I invited Ryen back inside her dark passage. Ryen then lined up and buried himself in her anus again. He screwed her anally for ages, I pushed my cock down her hungry throat. Shona had an orgasm with Ryen's cock cock in her arse and mine in her throat. Not long after, Ryen and I had our own orgasms, Ryen filling Shona's rectum and I her belly. To know, as we lay there in bed together recovering, that Shona's rectum was full of Ryen's spunk and her throat and belly had mine, it was all very hot. Our second round of lovemaking didn't last as long as the first but it was enough to totally satisfy all of us. We three went into the shower, continued the touching, kissing and caressing while soaping one another and then we dried off. We went back into the lounge, sat around completely nude, and recapped the night's activities. We all agreed that it was a truly memorable, very hot experience. Ryen got erect one last time and Shona sucked off Ryen as he jacked a load into her mouth. He eventually dressed, said goodbye and I walked him out. Shona remained naked on the couch. I walked back to her, led her to bed, we held each other and crashed out. It's been nearly a month since that night with Ryen. Shona still bumps into him occasionally at the gym and she says they smile, but don't talk of the encounter at all. Shona wanted our secret evening to remain our secret. We however, talk about it almost non-stop in bed and invariably that night has led to many great conversations and some serious, sexy lovemaking, right through to the life we live now. Although we've said that we should do it again with Ryen it never happened, as we know that just like the way we remember the first time Shona and I fucked, we'll always remember the first time we had a threesome with Ryen. First times are always the most memorable, regardless of who or what "cums" later.

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