Written by steve69au

20 Jul 2011

This is a true story of a couple i met online a few years ago

I met Ange and Phil online and we got chatting about fantasys

they told me they were keen to meet others but had met a few guys in the past that were jerks and they were put off the idea

we exchange some photos and they sent some of ange who was pregnant at the time and she looked hot

i offered to take some photos of the with no interaction from me and they excepted

i turned up and Ange was dress in a blouse and skirt i tok some photos of her then she sat on the lounge and lifted her knee up so her panties were showing so i took a few photos of this her husband sat down next to her and lifted her skirt a bit more and pulled and panties aside to show her freshly shave pussy i started to bar up straight away and they could see this phil then started undoing anges blouse and released her tits by now i was rock hard and as i was wearing jeans very uncomfortable i had to repostion my cock to knee down and take a close up

Phil slid 4 fingers straight into ange pussy and started to work them

ange started to moan and arch back

As phil did this he released his own cock and started to rub himself

I was so hard watching them i forgot to take some photos and started rubing my own cock through my jeans

Ange said i might be more comfortable if i took my jean off to which i did my cock was so hard and clearly visiable and precum was soaking my underwear

i kept taking photods of Phil and Ange fucking until phil blow his load deep inside her

i was so hard and phil ask Ange if she want to suck me off to her releave my presure to my suprise but she said not really i would prefer to feel his cock inside me phil as if i was keen and before i could say yes i found my face down between her tighs licking her sweet pussy no even caring that phil had emptied a load into her it didnt take long to make her cum again then she return the faver to me and took my cock into her mouth she suck me for a few minutes before guilding me into her pussy i was so worked up i blow in about 5 minutes but after a short break phil and i both got stuck into her until we all cum again

after that we met 4 more times till it was close for ange to had the baby and we lost contact